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Defense seeks mistrial; Judge rejects motion

I'm coming in late but have read the articles. one thing that I feel important is whether Mr Oddone was trained in law enforcement or any martial arts. And, i can't find a clear timeline. Someone trained can render their opponent unconcious in less than 30 seconds. If not trained, this can take a while, in this instance is where death is more likely.

Another important issue that i missed is how big is Mr. Oddone? It can take a little guy longer to subdue someone thereby increasing the risk." Dec 4, 09 2:58 PM

This alone makes this case not cut and dry. I have no training, and if i tried to subdue someone without hurting or killing them, I may not know when to stop, when the threat is neutralized. That is of course if Mr. Oddone felt threatened by Mr. Reister.

I do not know either party and am just throwing this out there. " Dec 4, 09 3:20 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

This case is certainly not muder, not murder 1 and from what i've read, not murder 2, murder 2 also requires intent. I'm not a lawyer but it doesn't sound like Mr. Oddone intended to kill Mr. Reister. That doesn't, in my mind, absolve Mr. Oddone, I feel he is guilty of Involuntary manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide (depending how they coin it).

It is reasonable to conclude that Mr. Oddone saw Mr. Reister as a threat and did in fact defend himself. He went too far though, and that is what makes him guilty in my eyes.

Again, i am not a lawyer and do not know either party, so if i'm wrong on the laws or facts, please correct me without flaming. It's getting pretty crazy in here." Dec 8, 09 4:56 PM