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Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial

Some people are so hard to understand. defending ones self in a bar fight is now murder? it is the publick house that should be on trail for muder as they employed a sick man with many ailments to work in the position of bouncer." Dec 5, 09 10:37 AM

I am just curious as to what planet you come from?" Dec 5, 09 10:41 AM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

Mr. Reister attacked Mr. Oddone from behind. Music blaring, alchol involved, Mr. Oddone probably did not hear Mr. Reister. Was Mr. Reister easily identifiable as a person in charge? Did he have on a Security shirt? If you are attacked anywhere you automatically respond - if you are attacked in a bar by someone who is bigger, stronger and a complete stranger without any identifiable uniform you respond with everything you have AS YOU ARE fighting for your life.

" Dec 8, 09 8:15 PM

It is not laughable - it is tragic - Mr. Reister should not have been in that position - is it even legal for a correction officer to work as a bouncer?

" Dec 8, 09 8:19 PM

No PBR is not insane. He is rationally thinking. if you attack someone from behind what would you expect?" Dec 8, 09 8:28 PM

A shove from behind off a table by someone you don't know, in a bar with blaring music - what planet do you come from?" Dec 8, 09 8:30 PM

I will ask you the same question, i.e., what planet do you come from?" Dec 8, 09 8:33 PM

username 1 you are spot on. Mr. Reister was not a trained bouncer, as you say bouncers are employed to difuse not incite.

Furthermore, i am still waiting to hear if it even legal for a correction officer to work in such a position as bouncer. I would think not!

" Dec 8, 09 8:38 PM

elliott you make a good point - Oddone is a political prisoner - he fought back after being attacked BUT because Reister was a correction officer all of Reister's incitement of the situation is overlooked." Dec 8, 09 8:42 PM

Alwayslocal - Mr. Reister was the bully - i wonder who else was dancing on that table - Oddone is about 180 lbs - Reister about 285 lbs. Why pick on Oddone, someone a lot smaller. - Reister as a correction officer was use to people obeying him - Oddone didn't know who he was, bouncer or drunk.

" Dec 8, 09 8:47 PM


do not believe everything you read - or were you never told that before?

what happened is a tragedy - Reister did not use his head - he incited instead of defusing.

and again i ask - is it legal for a correction officer to moonlight as a bouncer?" Dec 8, 09 10:51 PM


what planet do you live on. the first physical move justifies defense. " Dec 8, 09 10:53 PM


to much salt water to the brain?" Dec 8, 09 11:00 PM


Think - in a bar setting would you push or nudge? i think push is the answer." Dec 8, 09 11:06 PM


no nudge - it was a push, a shove from someone Oddone didn't know, didn't id as a bouncer.

the question is: should Reister as a correction officer, with all his training, with all his experience known not to provoke? but as i said before Reister was use to people doing as he told them - unfortunately Oddone didn't know that Reister was a bouncer and a correction officer. I imagine he thought he was some perp starting trouble in a bar." Dec 8, 09 11:12 PM

open mind

you are so correct.

" Dec 8, 09 11:17 PM

Time for some hard truth. Reister was 6'4" - 285 lbs., a moutain of a man. Oddone is 6' - about 180 lbs - small compared to Reister.

Reister was a Correction Officer (probably not permitted to work anywhere as a bouncer) who was most likely use to people doing as he told them. Oddone didn't know Reister was a Correction Officer nor that he was the bouncer.

Reister pushes Oddone off the table - Oddone mostly likely thinking if this guy (Reister) get the better of me I am dead. So Oddone fights for his life.... murder or self defense?

People reportedly standing around yelling get off - get off you are killing him. most likely they were all drunk - yelling & screaming. music blaring - Oddone not knowing what end was up - just knowing that if that mountain of a man got on top of him he (Oddone) would be dead.

Why didn't one of those yelling, screaming people pull the plug on the music? why didn't one of them get a bucket of water and throw it on the fighting men? You know why - they were too drunk to think rationally - but now that all is said and done they have fantastic recollection. Shame on all.

Why did a 285 lb, 6'4" man, a trained Correction Officer, think it was necessary to use physical force? Was he trying to impress someone? All he had to do was pull the plug on the music and all would have gotten off the table - no muss, no fuss, no fight, NO TRAGEDY. Reister, for whatever reason was the agressor. This is a case of self defense, nothing more, nothing less.God be with the Reister and Oddone families." Dec 9, 09 11:00 PM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

Reister is working as a bouncer, he is 6'4" tall and weighs 285 lbs. He is a trained correction officer and probably not permitted to work anywhere as a bouncer, especially in close proximity to where he works as a guard. He knows how to calm a situation as he has been trained to do so. He chooses to incite rather than calm. It is clear - the person Reister incited fought for his life. Now all the arm chair quarterbacks come forth with what should have happened & how Oddone should have acted.

From start to finish this is a tragedy for all involved. I do not believe that Oddone should be punished for defending himself. " Dec 12, 09 2:27 PM

Simple disgusted? Yes very simple, if Reister used all his training as a correction officer he would have deflated the situation rather than excalate it." Dec 12, 09 2:30 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

Unfortunately 'and justice for all' did not ring true today. A man was found guilty of 1st degree manslaughter for defending himself against a 285 lbs 6'4" mountain of a man.

Juror #2, a 45-55 year old burned out looking tomato appeared to rule the jury. had she sat any closer to the forman she would have been in his pocket or perhaps on his lap. she lrepeatedly lied to the judge and divulged confidential information to the alternate jurors. She should have been removed as soon as the judge became aware of her behavior. Why wasn't she?

It was revealed that following this trial #2 will be working for the Suffolk County Police Department ... not surprised ... she appears to be a badge bunny. how could she start her new position without first voting guilty?

The judge allowed many inproprieties to go unchecked. Did he forget to leave behind his prosecutor days when he put his robe on?" Dec 14, 09 9:44 PM

Defense seeks mistrial; Judge rejects motion

this just keeps going and going. Oddone felt threatened - no one at anytime had on identifying Security garb.

Reister was a trained gurad he knew how to difuse and how to incite. he chose to incite - why - we will never know. maybe he was trying to impress someone at the bar - maybe he had a bad day at work - maybe he was a bully.
he was 6'4", 285lbs - picked out a 6' 170 lbs target.

as a prison guard i am 99% sure he was prohibited from working as a bouncer. all the witnesses never really said, to my recollection, how much they had to drink before the tragedy. they didn't know what to do to stop the fight, but all of a sudden they have crystal clear memory of what happened.

Juror #2 was totally biased from day one - just read her above comments. she had the foreman in her pocket as she was practically sitting in his! she lied to the judge, was 'keeping her eye on the ball' rather than listening and keeping an open mind. this was a clear case of self-defense. " Dec 18, 09 6:26 PM

Oddone sentenced to 22 years in prison

This whole incident has been tragic for all concerned.

Mr. Reister certainly did not deserve to lose his life, but neither does Anthony Oddone.

I feel sorry for Staci Reiser & her children and also for the Oddone family.

This was a barroom brawl, nothing intentional, nothing premeditated. Mr. Reister should not have, under any circumstances, been working in any capacity at a bar especially in such close promity to his job as a correction officer. I am sure that this is in the Correction Officer's manual and i am also sure that the presiding judge is/was aware of this.

The presiding judge allowed the inference of a line of duty incident to permeate the court room; he allowed juror misconduct; he had several opportunities to right the wrong but he didn't avail himself of any of the opportunities afforded to him by Ms. Kedia. The judge's 20 years of service in the DA's office came through loud & clear,

Now people are threatening Mr. Oddone's life in prison. Is this an example of correction officer behavior?

I read the above comments by Truth Prevails, pvtchf, etc. and all i can do is shake my head.

" May 10, 10 5:01 PM