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Eleanor Tritt To Retire As Superintendent Of Amagansett School

Time to ask the same old question....why does Amagansett have to have a principal and a superintendent? " Jan 26, 18 3:38 PM

East Hampton To Spend $850K To Restore Artists' Studio And Home In Springs

Time for CPF to end. No more extensions. Mission accomplished as there are few open spaces to buy.

Funding historic preservation, septic systems, housing were not the intended scope. The CPF was never to be a "piggy bank" to randomly funding Town projects.

Spending $2 million of funds on this project illustrates how far off the mark the program has gone. Other comments are correct that other functioning organizations should handle this project, if sound.

" Feb 3, 18 9:54 AM

Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming Wants Ride-Sharing Tax To Go To County, Not State

How much money is spent on Suffolk county bus program? How many people are served by that program? What is projected growth? How rigid is this structure to change and meeting needs of low income riders?

What could Uber and Lyft offer in contrast to bus program? Would money be better spent subsidizing rides through them?

Work the problem!" Feb 9, 18 8:51 AM

Plans For Future East Hampton Senior Citizens Center Presented To Town Board

What is the new estimate of cost on 18,730 sq ft?

Double the parking? Plenty of buses and taxis now.

Shouldn't encourage senior driving.
" Feb 13, 18 5:43 PM

Septic Replacements Slowed By Costs And Logistics

Correct me, if I'm wrong, but isn't the immediate to goal to upgrade or replace the 100s of truly harmful septic systems leaching into watersheds, ponds and coast lines. The rebate system is for those systems, not all 12,000 septic systems!" Mar 16, 18 2:26 PM

Westhampton Beach Could Break From East Hampton and Southampton School Resource Officer Funding Model

Interesting that WHB will pay $55,000 plus benefits for each SRO. They are looking at three SROs at each school.

East Hampton is spending $145,000 plus benefits for each SROs.

Think about it. " Mar 26, 18 1:24 PM

Federal Agency To Study Effects Of Electric Pulses From Proposed Wind Farm On Fish

Another bs article that panders to locals with no brains. The energy plant system footprint is less than 1/100,000 of viable fish environment with no effect.

Real question is whether spending $x/kwh makes any sense versus alternatives such as natural gas.

Wind is useful energy, let's use it!" Mar 27, 18 10:00 PM

Costly Montauk Dune Reconstruction To Start Next Week

$1 million now out of general Town funds with no assurance it will not wash away next year. More realistic approach needed then simply pulling out checkbook.

Everyone knows the ocean is going to win, cut our losses and move businesses to higher ground and make the entire beachfront area a park.

Same goes with Gerard Drive....money spent over last ten years is absurd." Apr 3, 18 8:08 AM

Swap out with other park land on higher ground for the shoreline disaster area here. The Town, County and State should step in to facilitate before the next major hurricane collapses the shoreline and floods entire downtown area. It will take planning and low interest loans.

NONE of this is news. All the businesses know this risk. The risk is already reflected in their values or will be. Unless there is a viable plan soon, the next flooding event will likely destroy everything and the cesspools will leach more crap into the waterways." Apr 3, 18 1:30 PM

Water Authority Will Rethink Amagansett Storage Tank Plans After Objections From Neighbors

First they dig wells and install the pumps to remove Amagansett water for Montauk.

Now a 900,000 gal storage tank. They had these plans from beginning.

BIGGER question is how much water should they be allowed to pump out of the aquifer.

All the homes around pump house and the planned tank have wells. What is the long term impact on the their wells?" Apr 11, 18 2:45 PM

Georgica Seeing Some Benefit From Cleanup Effort; Three Mile Harbor Could, Too

TIME to flush out Fresh Pond!!!!!!!! " Apr 25, 18 8:48 AM

State Will Fund Long-Planned Lighthouse Erosion Protection Improvements

Would it be cheaper and smarter long term to move it? " Apr 25, 18 8:50 AM

Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Susan Ralph Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

Systematic problem that cost taxpayers of SH over $420,000. Who is held responsible for this fiasco?" May 2, 18 8:42 AM

East Hampton Had $6 Million In Surpluses From 2017

Bernard had done a fantastic job.

Lower taxes and put the some of surplus towards unfunded liabilities." Jul 25, 18 9:24 AM

East Hampton Town Plans To Consolidate Shellfish Hatchery Operations

What are the economics of the project with and without subsidy?" Aug 8, 18 10:20 AM

Erosion Exposes Montauk Sandbags In Summer For First Time

Town should move the hotel district to much higher ground. Only long term solution.

Swap parkland for beach front with state.

Stops beach hotel erosion issue, stops septic nightmare, stops wasting money, creates a natural beach park for all with ample parking!" Sep 13, 18 8:05 AM

Some Concern About Low Turnout For Town-Run Septic Rebates In Southampton And East Hampton

"state, county and town funding, a homeowner could receive up to $36,000"

Where do you think this money comes from----the taxpayer of course!!!!!

Just like the all wonderful solar projects ----rate payers and taxpayers foot the bill.

Eventually someone has to pay----NO FREE LUNCH.

" Nov 27, 18 5:51 PM

Town Governments Urged To Pursue Program To Bargain With Different Electricity Suppliers

Wish they also find another cable provider!" Dec 27, 18 8:06 AM

South Fork Commuter Connection To Kick Off In March

Nice program but traffic unlikely to change as trade parade dominates.

Everyone needs to face the real issue is that the existing roads from Sunrise to Montauk are totally inadequate. Real solutions needed such as wider roads, smart lights, pedestrian walkways, am/pm one way roads, etc.

COUNTY and TOWNS need to address this issue from now until resolved!

The fools who voted against the by-pass years ago should sit in year round traffic, but most have left the area." Feb 2, 19 12:15 PM

East Hampton Town Fortifies Gerard Drive In Springs

How much money has the town spent over the past twenty years on Gerard Drive? Seems like $500,000 plus every few years. Must be the most expensive road in county (country) to maintain." Feb 20, 19 10:13 AM

South Fork Commuter Connection Launches Monday Despite Morning Storm Delays

Hope it works, but doubt it will have any real impact on traffic.

It will likely be an expensive experiment.

Time will tell and along with a proper public analysis of cost/benefit.

Real solutions like smart lights, wider roads, etc should not be ignored.

" Mar 4, 19 1:50 PM

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