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Eastport South Manor school officials prepare for bond vote Tuesday

I think it is totally irresponsible for the ESM school district to expect the taxpayers of this district to approve an additional $60+ million dollars in renovation spending in these tough economic times. The sup. Mr. Nocero and asst sup. for bus. Mr. Snyder (both earning in excess of $200k per year definitely have their heads in the sand......they can NOT relate to the average taxpayer earning $49k per year. This is an outrage......I urge ALL taxpayers to vote NO!!! There are approx. 59+ homes in Manorville currently in foreclosure.....are Mr. Nocero and Mr. Snyder going to help these people keep their homes ??? I urge Mr. Levy to step in and eliminate superintendent positions and reduce salaries and cut spending!!!" Dec 7, 09 4:06 PM

Eastport South Manor voters approve $61 million school building project

The people that voted yes for this project were led down the wrong path. New York State is in terrible economic shape and simply put.....does NOT have the money!! When are the school administrators going to "get it"?? The taxpayers are stretched to the limit financially.....working 2 jobs, trying to save their homes from foreclosure and their concerned about spending an additional $63 million. It doesn't make any sense.......taxpayers please wake up !!!!" Dec 14, 09 8:42 PM

Taxpayers Reject $6.7 Million Bond Vote in Sag Harbor

The taxpayers of Sag Harbor were smart to reject this bond proposal.......the taxpayers of the ESM district should have followed your lead. This is NOT the time to spend money the taxpayers do not have. Everyone needs to tighen their belts to get thru this economic downturn. Once again i applaud your voting response to this senseless money spending proposal that is unnecessary." Dec 14, 09 8:49 PM

East Hampton School District postpones $4.5 million bond vote

All spending by any school district should be examined very carefully in these tough economic times. Taxpayers are stretched to the limit and NO needs to be in everyones vocabulary when it comes to increased spending that can be delayed a year or two. Lets pull together and face these tough decisions together. School administrators need to "get it"........there is NO money coming from New York State. The state is BROKE!!!!" Dec 14, 09 8:56 PM

Twenty-Eight Positions Could Be Cut At Eastport South Manor School District

Lets see Mr.Nocero......$81 million for 3,700 students.......WOW, are you kidding me?? Is this Harvard ?? Yale ?? This translates to almost $22,000 PER student!!!! When will the madness end??? I urge ALL members of the ESM school board to stay true to the taxpayers and vote NO9 for the upcoming budget and ask for union give-backs, salary freezes and a reduction in salaries for ALL administrators!!" Mar 11, 11 10:21 PM

Eastport South Manor Theater Group Raising Money To Revive Spring Musical

I would ask that in these tough times certain teachers in the music dept. take salary reductions........say how about Mr. J. Robson @$140k per yr. or his brother @$120k per yr.. How about a salary freeze for about 2-3 yrs????? I find it amazing that there is so much GREED in our community." Sep 14, 11 9:34 PM