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Two Westhampton Men Charged In Sexual Assault Of 14-Year-Old Girl

yeah they should go to jail no doubt, and i agree that there should be a picture of both, but to be honest, lots of girls now lie about thier age. its to the point friend of mine who is single i.d.s people before he makes a move (needless to say he doesnt get far). if she lied about her age, she should be locked up to. get her help sure. but if they prove she lied, she ruined their lifes, there should be a consequence for that. if a 14 year old gets cought with cocaine, he/she goes to juvie. if they do something help knowingly help commit a crime (in this case is rape) they should go to jail too. guarantee if you start locking up little punks who lie about their age, this would happend alot less." Apr 21, 16 7:23 PM