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Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

Can some please explain to me what our elected officials do? Albany is a wreck! We have some of the highest taxes in the country! Our cost of living is through the roof! The only thing our local politicians do is bicker and point fingers at each other! Deficits and scandals... And now this! You've got people from all over the country BEGGING for a collage education.... All elected officials should be paid "Pro bono" until the job is done. This just disgraceful and sad so very sad..." Apr 7, 10 8:49 AM

Gumbs returned to Shinnecock Nation leadership role by vote

Anyone intersested should read:


Link: http://govinfo.library.unt.edu/ngisc/reports/ecoimprpt.pdf

Here's a sample...

The majority of jobs are relatively low-skilled, low-paying
service types...

One of the most measurable negative impacts is the drain on public services, such as sewers and road maintenance. More controversial are the costs of increased crime and crime prevention in casino neighborhoods and even in adjacent communities (Friedman et al., 1989). The cost of criminal activity or its prevention are significant...

Casinos are often put forth as a good example of what is wrong with job creation in the country today. Their jobs have been characterized by Grinols (1995) and others as low-skill, low-paying service opportunities. For example, a WEFA (1997) study indicated that only 12% of the jobs at Foxwoods were executive/managerial, and the remainder were in the service worker category...

It goes on..." Apr 9, 10 3:45 PM

Southampton Town to host flood forum

Hope they don't know something we don't know..." Apr 15, 10 3:43 PM

Music Review: New CD from Victoria Bond

As a resident of HB and professional musician. I just don't get this article? One small reference to the east end... Am I missing something? Please help. With all of the fantastic resident musicians out here. You rarely see any articles about "Local" talent. There are some truly great artist on the east end. Lets give them a little pat on the back." Apr 19, 10 5:42 PM

Oddone attorney files appeal

Two lives directly, and countless others destroyed in the wake... Such a tragedy. And for what?" Apr 21, 10 1:22 PM

Former Quogue mayor will be sentenced on April 28

David from HB may have some of his facts wrong but I think the sentiment still stands. Our system is falling! That fact is, it happened on both mayors watch. Your as good as the company you keep. Our culture has become so desensitized by the overwhelming amount of spin that is bombarding us on a minute by minute basis. We don't know what to think. And with that, the blurred recognition of what is true and what has become fabricated is so grey, we can barely keep track. People(s) with an agenda (politicians) have us accepting and disregarding principles and values, that in days gone by, would have had men like Maddoff and Motz hanging from a tree. Sorry...
There are people serving 25 to life on the "three strike" law for marijuana related and petty crimes... I'm just getting sick and tiered of these white collar allowances' in politics and crime. Accountability, accountability, accountability.
" Apr 21, 10 2:52 PM

Property values increase by $2 billion in Southampton Town after latest assessment

So my house is worth less... My services are being cut... My taxes are going up... My insurance rate is up because of potential hurricanes... Every municipality in the area is in the red, and politicians are being carted away to jail left and right.... Wow I'm exhausted! " May 5, 10 5:31 PM

Adding extras to draw more attention to art openings

What no shot girls... No offense to any of the "Masters" who died penny-less. We can in retrospect see their error. " Jul 14, 10 12:15 PM

Montauk man accused of 1992 murder of sailor in South Carolina

This story would be A LOT more interesting if you could add some back story. Was Mr Horton Robbed? Love triangle? Business deal gone bad? How was he killed? The name of the paper is Southampton "Press" not "Bullet Point"" Jul 15, 10 10:09 AM

Connecticut casino employees file 11th-hour challenge to Shinnecock recognition


A financial feasibility report contracted for a previous tribe investor showed that a casino on Long Island had the potential to grow into a multibillion-dollar annual business and one of the largest casinos in the world.

"...grow into a multibillion-dollar annual business and ONE OF THE LARGEST CASINOS IN THE WORLD."

Now explain the impact to the "East End" Be it Calverton, Riverhead or god forbid Hampton Bays. Have you seen some of the smaller casinos in the world. Their massive compounds that grow year after year.

The irony here is, American indians have a long history of kinship and respect for the land they live on. Now they want to destroy an entire region socially and ecologically for profit. Please explain?

" Jul 16, 10 12:46 PM

Not for nothing, Mohegan sun gets over 11 visitors million a year!
That's over 200 thousand every weekend... 200 thousand! You think we have the resources to deal with those numbers? That just the tip of the iceberg. Are you paying attention...
"...grow into a multibillion-dollar annual business and ONE OF THE LARGEST CASINOS IN THE WORLD."
I'm just curious, who is denying the Shinnecocks a living? Lastly you live here (I assume) Do you drive around during the weekends? Let's you and I go for a ride down Mntk Hwy on a sunny sat. From the Middle of HB to EQ 45+ mins. To travel 5 miles...
" Jul 16, 10 6:04 PM

Challenges to recognition may not cause much delay

My question is...If "they" know their Shinnecocks. Why do they need the governments recognition? I know who I am.

Somebody be honest. It's all about the cash isn't it?" Jul 23, 10 3:14 PM

TD Bank will open Hampton Bays branch Saturday

What an eye-sore... They took a quaint little lot on Montauk Hwy and destroyed it!
Literally paved over the entire lot! Absurd! Don't we have two empty banks in HB already. OMG! If HB keeps destroying the charm and beauty of its town and surrounding areas we'll end up looking like any old suburban spawn... So sad." Aug 10, 10 10:21 AM

Shinnecocks want three casinos on Long Island

The $hinnecock nations true colors are beginning to shine. As far as compensation is concerned... Aren't they living on some of the most expensive land in america TAX FREE! And thats been going on for decades! My ancestors were also hunted down like dogs murdered, plundered and driven off their land. And that happened less than 100 yrs. ago. I'm over it. NO ONE IS COMPENSATING ME!
THIS ALL ABOUT A SLICK WAY FOR A HANDFUL OF PEOPLE TO MAKE BUCKETS OF MONEY! The $HINNECOCKS are willing to destroy one of the last beautiful places on LI to make a little (ALOT) of CASH! DO NOT GET FOOLED! LOOK @ AC, VEGAS and so on. The economic growth angle is BS! Casinos will destroy this Island! We are the only ones that can stop it.
" Oct 1, 10 1:38 PM

Don't be so gentle..Quiogue will be swallowed up by the same beast we're all afraid of...An east end casino...IT WILL BE THE END of our lifestyle(s) as we know it.
That is the only fact that can be guaranteed." Oct 1, 10 1:43 PM

Mr Suffolk please don't be vague... Any casino east of the Pine Barrens will ruin both forks. Please do some research on the projected numbers of people(s) they expect to come to these establishments. It will stop your heart....Unless you'd like to see the "East End" (both forks) become something between AC and queens. (no offense to Queens) PS I'd like to know why Casinos specifically are Indians right?" Oct 1, 10 1:52 PM

One at a time? That's like saying "Just give me one bullet to the temple" one at a time.
One of the more accurate numbers for a cute little casino on the east end is 8 million visitors a year. Thats just a cute 150 thousand +/- visitors a weekend!. Yeah thats a start. NEVER!
" Oct 1, 10 1:57 PM

Possibly on a pile of money so high, he wont see the damage an east end casino will do to the area he claims is so precious to him and his people." Oct 1, 10 2:01 PM

Joe, you seem like a smart man. Please do some real research. All that you love here will be gone...That is irrevocable." Oct 1, 10 2:06 PM

Joe, Please, the demographics are totally different...Your aviator is a book. I imagine you read. Do some research...Please. I have a lot of respect for your point of view...But your beginning to sound like like a derelict on a box in Time square. Just because you "feel" an opinion doesn't always mean you should say it." Oct 1, 10 2:30 PM

Huh?" Oct 1, 10 2:32 PM

Early estimates are 8 MILLION visitors a year. That's about 153 THOUSAND cars every week end! Who do you think is going to pay for all of that maintenance? Please don't say the casino...That would just show how little research you've actually done. If this is a joke to you...Well SH must be a 2nd or 3rd home. Look at Atlantic City. Find some quotes from the boys from Chicago who are backing this project (If they're still on the web) It'll send chills down your spine. That's if you actually live here and care about our future." Oct 1, 10 2:50 PM

Mohegan Sun has 22 restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, buffets, two multi-station food courts, nine lounges and bars, and 41 retail and specialty shops. Mohegan Sun also has a 1,200 room luxury hotel with a private high limit table games suite on the 36th floor. The hotel includes 100,000 square feet of convention space and a 20,000 square foot spa. The facility includes a 10,000-seat Arena, a 410-seat lounge, and a 300-seat cabaret. There is also a child care facility and video arcade. It has parking for 13,000 automobiles, valet parking, a parking area for large vehicles and tour buses, and a 20- pump gasoline station and convenience center. The facility is open 365 days per year and 24 hours a day.


DO SOME RESEARCH! Then tell me the impact on the east end!" Oct 6, 10 10:43 AM


Please watch... And then read some of the comments...Quite an education.
Also note I said earlier the backers were from Chicago. Sorry, they're from Detroit. Also The EST on visitors has climbed considerable over the last few years. Some have said possibly 8 million a year. Divide that by 52 weeks a year...

I'm listening if someone can tell me how we can sustain this w/o severe damage to the area?" Oct 6, 10 10:59 AM

Shinnecocks get final word, become 565th recognized tribe

Takes one to know one... Please define WHITE? Does that include Irish? Because they were the N____rs of the world for a long time. Italians, same thing. Maybe Croatians? Norwegians? The Scottish. I hope you don't have a degree in PR... If some made the same comment about...." Oct 6, 10 11:33 AM

Debate over Jewish religious boundary begins to heat up

Sir do some reading...Please. Your spewing ignorant generalizations..." Oct 6, 10 2:50 PM

A Brief History Of The Canoe Place Inn

Dear BB
You must be related to the Rechlers? Reckson associates "a success for the community" These guys don't play around. If it's not profitable
for them...This has nothing to do with the community. This is about profit. Plain and simple. " Dec 1, 10 5:42 PM

Link works fine...Nature's on the money..." Dec 1, 10 5:46 PM

Ponds At Southampton Village Expected To Receive Variances In January

Is that true? The "developer" is the Mayor father-in-law? Please tell me thats a joke." Dec 29, 10 7:47 AM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

Drunk as a skunk!" Feb 2, 11 4:43 PM

Cabin Fever Festival Brings Together Local Music Scene

Can't wait to hear "Easy money". Rumor has it the "East Quogue" open mic band will be at the Puplic House on the 12th. Those guys "ROCK" It's gonna be a great night!" Feb 2, 11 5:56 PM

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