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View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

Drunk as a skunk!" Feb 2, 11 4:43 PM

Cabin Fever Festival Brings Together Local Music Scene

Can't wait to hear "Easy money". Rumor has it the "East Quogue" open mic band will be at the Puplic House on the 12th. Those guys "ROCK" It's gonna be a great night!" Feb 2, 11 5:56 PM

Polar Bear Sculpture Draws Some Gasps

Woof Woof" Feb 10, 11 5:50 PM

Southampton Village Nears Decisions on Parrish Future

Funny, I've been enjoying the grounds of the museum for some twenty years. I've never had any problem "accessing" the grounds. I'm not sure what that even means. You walk up the steps and turn right, go in. Turn left, go in. What is the problem exactly? Sit on the grass! If you can;t do that. Bring a blanket! There are so many more worthy items to be concerned with. The ground are quaint and have plenty of charm. Can anyone in Southampton's municipality not spend any money?
Ironically, when I have guest from out of town visit. One of the first place's I take them, if we go into town is, the museums grounds. I've never had one complaint.
" Feb 21, 11 11:51 PM

Man Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Murder Case

Hey Archie and Edith!

Have some respect for the poor girl who lost her life... This is a story about a young woman who lost her life. I'm sure if you added up all the homicide's in this country most are committed by lawful "citizens". Save you bigotry for the next Clan meeting. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Using her death as a platform for any kind of opinion.

" May 17, 12 2:28 PM

Music Festival To Rock Montauk

What a scam! You wont see any "Local" musicians playing this festival...OK technically a few, but most of the acts play for free as they're promised the chance of a gig..." May 23, 12 5:00 PM

Homeless Sex Offender Trailers At Center Of Controversy

As a taxpayer who is paying for they're logging, you have my permission to wake them at whatever hour you want..." May 23, 12 5:50 PM

Waterfront Homes Will Always Be King In Hamptons

No (expletive)! Is this really news?" Jun 7, 12 12:51 PM

A History Lesson On A Bay Beach In Hampton Bays

Don't mess with Mother Nature..." Jul 12, 12 10:52 AM

Amagansett Resident Decries Clearing Of Lot Near Ancient Tree

That's an "anarchy" symbol on one of those pics..." Aug 15, 12 1:56 PM

Southampton Secures $400,000 For Repaving Of Springville Road In Hampton Bays

Anyone who uses Springville knows what that road needs is a shoulder wide enough for pedestrians to walk on." Oct 2, 12 5:19 PM

Beach Bakery No Longer Supported As Kosher By Hampton Synagogue

I couldn't imagine WH W/O the Beach Backery... Mr Jorna's place is one of the best family features of WH, not to mention the beauty of the building and the wonderful music he brings in in the summer. Good luck Mr J!!!" Oct 17, 12 5:07 PM

Cops Called To Westhampton Beach Village Hall After Bakery Owner Refuses To Leave Without Permits

To 5-0
I must disagree... I've been dealing with Simon for years and he's always been courteous and friendly. I will say this, I deal with a lot of Europeans. Many times people mistake their interpretation of the english language as rude or off-putting. Simon is straightforward and respectful... Look at the crowds at his place in the summer. He picked the wrong business if he didnt want to be around people." Nov 15, 12 10:04 AM

Hampton Bays Civic Renews Talks Of Incorporation

Bull-Dunk! That's all we need... Another layer of Gov. to deal with... not to mention the taxes! HB is BEAUTIFUL! IMO... Have you seen the rest of LI lately? Some one is trying to make a buck here..." Jan 24, 13 2:25 PM

Town Board Rejects First Draft Of Canoe Place Inn Report

Not for nothing... At least I can afford to shop in my own town... I cannot shop in W. Hamp, S. Hamp, E. Hamp... Downtown HB looks just fine... " Jan 24, 13 4:55 PM

Casino Development Company Cuts Off Payments To Shinnecock Tribe

You wanna see dregs... Yeah, put in a Casino. Don't forget Foxwoods is in the middle of the woods. You want to see what a Casino does to a small seaside town. You go drive down to Atlantic City... It was once very much like HB at one time." Feb 4, 13 3:08 PM

Respectfully UD, that's exactly my point... ACs Casinos have quite a Police presents. When you travel outside the safe zone is when the ugliness of a casino presents is felt. The fact is, most of the surrounding areas in AC are residential. When you mention retail zones. What about downtown HBs? What happens there?
Read some state reports regarding casinos effects on surrounding areas. It's never pretty." Feb 4, 13 4:41 PM

Fishermen Eagerly Await Repairs At Commercial Dock In Hampton Bays

Sure that'd be great... They could probably do some of the repairs themselves and forget the town... Only to have the town make them redo it because they didn't have a permit." Feb 20, 13 4:44 PM

FBI Agents Search Shinnecock Indian Reservation As Part of Criminal Investigation

Oh yeah, now lets build one in our backyard and see what happens next..." May 3, 13 5:24 PM

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