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2012 Southampton Town Budget Will Include Staff Cuts

I'm sure that labor law requires granting paid time and an appropriate location for employees to change clothes if they are precluded from wearing their work clothes in public when not on duty. Are you really advocating such a change, or should there simply be selective enforcement of such prohibition?

Isn't it time that you revealed why you ar SO intimidated by off duty uniformed police and why, in your mind, they present such a "chilling effect"? I, for one, do not want to incur significant additional taxpayer expense to assuage your paranoia." Sep 22, 11 2:22 PM

I don't know "Nature" or anything about him. I am not a cop. I have never been a cop. I have no relatives who are cops. I have been a resident of Southampton Town for 35 years. I have attended Town Board meetings and watched them on television for years. I have never been arrested but have gotten a few traffic tickets. So, apparently you are not as Obbservant (sic) as you think you are.

Your characterization of past events is exaggerated to the point of ridicule and your statements have caused the invoking of Godwin's law, not once but twice, and has completely destroyed any shred of credibility you may have aspired to. Are you, perhaps, related to someone who was passed over for a certain position in the Police Department? Has your radically partisan view of the machinations at Town Hall blinded you to reality? There must be some reason for your paranoia and vitriol (all caps at that!) that has driven you so tangentially from the matter at hand - would you care to share?

Do YOU want the board to arbitrarily and selectively enforce a law that past practice has ignored for at least twenty years? Do YOU want to pay for the sure to ensue legal battle? Or do YOU have a particular suggestion for a solution. No need to shout.

" Sep 23, 11 3:28 AM

First, like you, I do not know the specifics of the retirement packages; we'll let others speak to that.

As to what you call "p.d. patronage" and extortion, I find THAT characterization repugnant and possibly libelous. These people are working under the terms of a legal contract; if the Town Board (not Council) chooses to ignore decades of past practice and pursue the folly of selective enforcement of certain terms of said contract they will be the party exposing all of us to great expense, not the PBA, unless you suggest those workers cede their legal rights. Further, the Board members may be elected officials but that certainly does not make them "superiors" to anyone.

I believe (and certainly hope) your assumption that police officers change into their uniforms in a "p.d. locker room" is dead wrong. I think you've watched too many reruns of "Car 54 Where Are You?". To do so would require shift changes at police headquarters in Hampton Bays which would effectively remove all protection from the entire town three times a day at shift changes. It is my understanding that officers report directly to relief points in their duty areas suited up and ready to go, negating the requirement to abandon large areas of the town and pay police for "locker room time". Perhaps you'd like to pay for that inefficiency?

Why must there be a "constitutional right" for something to make sense. Why do you fear the presence of uniformed officers? Perhaps you, and that one other poster invoking parallels to Nazi Germany who find uniformed police officers so threatening have put yourselves on the wrong side of the law a time or two. The giant chip weighing on your shoulder is not easily transferred; I see no reason to believe a similar one will befall any police officers regardless of the certainty you ascribe the situation. You are mistaken in so many ways." Sep 24, 11 1:50 AM

Superior in civil authority is a far cry from "their superiors".

As the cops go to and from work in uniform would it be acceptable for them to get a haircut? Go to church? Buy groceries? Go to a Little League game? Get gas? Pick up their kids from school? Where does the line get drawn? Is it up to you to decide? I make no allusions in any paragraph - please tell us WHY uniformed peace officers frighten you so much. And how did that become something that is characteristic of democrats?

And there are no personal attacks of any kind in my post, perhaps your fears cause you to see things that aren't really there." Sep 24, 11 11:28 AM

Oh, stop! Talk about silliness? The town code is not going to be changed to restrict cops from wearing their uniforms. Fear of cops in uniform here does not pass the "reasonable man" test. There was no coercion in 2008, simply a show of solidarity. There has been no conspiracy. There is no Democratic party policy opposing cops in uniform anywhere (or NTiger didn't get the memo). You don't speak for anyone but yourself; If you have fears, they are yours alone. You won't tell us where your paranoia developed, I have only asked if it was from previous experience on the wrong side of the law.

You, on the other hand, have accused me of lying. You cite no "outright falsehoods", simply make vague sweeping charges a la Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh. Look in the mirror. Perhaps you should be wearing a much smaller hat, this one seems to be blocking your vision.
" Sep 25, 11 12:30 AM

Businesses Fear Giant Wage Jump For Seasonal Workers

Here's the plan - allow supply and demand to determine wages. That is the open market speaking, with the minimal protection of minimum wage laws. Do not allow the supply of workers to be artificially inflated by "seasonal guest workers". Do not allow the supply of workers to be inflated by illegal workers.

The employer doesn't get to arbitrarily decide what a certain task is worth. That is determined by the marketplace of the workforce being willing to participate at a given rate just as the value of the product or service is determined by the competitive forces of supply and demand. If the employer must pay more for help then the employer must decide to pass on that expense to the customer or save elsewhere - possibly keeping a smaller share himself, possibly moving the business, possibly closing or maybe even running the business more efficiently.

Those are the challenges of business - why should the business owner expect the government to continue to disturb the balance
of supply and demand by artificially expanding the workforce at the expense of the unemployed? " Sep 30, 11 1:09 AM

Police: Woman Dies Following Car Accident In Hampton Bays

I hate the proliferation of stop signs and traffic lights. This intersection, however, has sorely needed a light for years." Oct 7, 11 3:28 PM

Republicans Challenge Forced Police Retirements In Southampton Budget As Political

"If I say something about grammar, diction, or spelling, it is because I ABHOR it's (sic) slaughter so."

Oh, how I love to snicker at the holier than thou!" Oct 11, 11 10:50 PM

Developers Ready To Submit Application For Canoe Place Inn Project

"Perhaps the town should stop catering to the ridiculous night life of the summer..."

You've got to be kidding. The Town has succeeded in putting all but one or two nightlife places out of business. The Town also required Neptune, in an historical building, to eliminate the most historically significant part of the building. There was a lively summer business in Hampton Bays at one time, longer than 22 years ago. Now there are empty buildings year round. The summer businesses brought people into town who supported every other type of store and business. What is it that you are looking for? " Oct 16, 11 5:48 PM

Kabot: Throne-Holst Contributions Violated New York State Election Law


The people have repeatedly spoken that they detest the posting of campaign signs and the childish "capture the flag" type games played by the political "insiders". Instead of hanging their political hats (whether red or blue) on a politically engineered loophole in our sign ordinances, competent candidates would respect the wishes of the people and forego this archaic exercise and spend their money elsewhere." Oct 16, 11 10:33 PM

"She really does not care about the tax payers, she is not even a home owner she rents."

So you think that means she doesn't pay taxes? Ridiculous! Renters pay taxes through their landlords, they just don't get the tax deductions for doing so. Or are you of the opinion that landlords don't calculate the cost of real estate taxes in determining rental rates? What a fool!
" Oct 21, 11 12:27 AM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program May Strain Waste Management Department

1. Put mulching blade on mower.
2. Mow lawn.

That's it. Nothing else needed." Oct 23, 11 1:14 AM

Camp Developer Files $65 Million Lawsuit Against Project Critics

The NIMBYs have certainly escalated and probably exaggerated the purported impact of a ten week day camp in their area. The key to the matter at hand, however, is whether this is indeed a frivolous SLAPP lawsuit or a well founded case of defamation of character. Without citations from the alleged LFPA flyers and some fact checking we have nothing but conclusion leaping with the normal dose of partisan BS here. Unfortunately, I don't suppose we could get Snopes to chime in." Oct 25, 11 1:01 AM

Kabot: Throne-Holst Contributions Violated New York State Election Law

"All Anna cares about is Anna."

Without debating the merit of your statement I suppose you think this somehow makes her different than your candidate? I didn't realize we had gone back in time to the aristocratic notion that only the landed gentry should have an interest in their community. What a disgusting elitist attitude! Will this be a new plank in the party platform you espouse?" Oct 25, 11 11:16 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

IF (and I stress IF), as his attorney says, the gun was inoperative, is it still a gun, or simply an assembly of wood and metal?" Oct 31, 11 5:24 PM

As does a lacrosse stick. Shall we ban sporting goods from students" vehicles?

By the way, bayonets NEVER fire. Do you have a point? A clue?" Oct 31, 11 5:48 PM

Anna Throne-Holst Unopposed For Second Term As Southampton Town Supervisor

"I hold the distinction of being the last Southampton Democratic Committee Chairman to elect an enrolled Democrat as Town Supervisor.and its first female Supervisor."

You didn't elect her, the people did. You are a perfect example of those partisan hacks who think you represent the populace. You don't. Red hat, or blue the partisans are losers." Nov 2, 11 12:00 AM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

You mean like in Colorado where law enforcement at Columbine retreated for an hour or so while victims slowly bled to death?

You continue to talk out of that oversized hat of yours, or is it more a matter of a pinhead than a large hat? Your statements are totally unfounded and ignorant; if you had anything concrete on which to base your assertions you would have done so. Once, just once, explain your anti-police paranoia or give it a long overdue rest. " Nov 2, 11 12:12 AM

Fleming, Scalera Win Southampton Board Race; Throne-Holst Reelected

What election are all you people talking about? The tone here sounds like the day after a middle school student council vote. GROW UP! Your nothing but partisan babble simply reinforces the fact that the major political parties are clueless as to what THE PEOPLE really want. The minor parties get their kicks out of some idea they can act as spoilers and gain some power or respect they will neither get nor deserve.

A true grassroots campaign by a group of true independents interested in the welfare of the town rather than their own inflated egos would sweep the polls and herald the beginning of progress and effective economic government. Meanwhile the red and blue hats will continue their pointless, childish bickering." Nov 10, 11 4:03 AM

Residents Irate Over Proposed Hangars In Westhampton

Totally ridiculous. MacArthur has all that, has terminals and other infrastructure in place plus a million more people within driving distance and is barely getting by while searching for more tenants. Your alarmist prognostications diminish any decent argument some may have." Nov 10, 11 5:08 PM

Westhampton Beach Mayor Won't Check Out Supermarket Proposal

The people of Westhampton, Westhampton Beach, Quogue and Remsenberg deserve a real supermarket. Waldbaum's does not even qualify as a poor substitute and with A&P's bankruptcy never will, even after forcing out National. Teller acts like a despot and calls on historical (hysterical?) zoning decisions to curtail dialogue. Maybe he'd like to kick out RiteAid and put Bohack's back?

What influence makes him back Waldbaum's? Who does his shopping? Reminds me of when a recent president did a photo op in a supermarket and was awed by the checkout scanners. GET IN TOUCH, MR. MAYOR!!! Lead, follow, or get out of the way!" Nov 17, 11 11:07 PM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

DeGennaro hurts his own business by failing to stock it, staff it, and light it adequately. Neither he nor any other businessman deserves protectionism. Bring on the competition!" Nov 22, 11 11:33 PM

Southampton Town Board Adopts 2012 Budget With $63.8 Tax Levy

Obbservant could not care less about facts." Nov 22, 11 11:36 PM

Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

Every year the county auctions off its "Surplus Property". Many of these parcels are single family homes that the county has acquired title to due to unpaid taxes and owners who die without heirs. The county makes some money on selling these and some flipper makes a profit but perhaps the bigger picture would prove these are small benefits that are far outweighed by the county's expenses in warehousing the homeless in places like Hidden Cove.

Why not keep the county's surplus properties to use for the homeless? These parcels are randomly situated throughout the county avoiding a concentration in any one area and would keep some homeless closer to "home". Of course no (probably well connected) developer would be reaping obscene profits but now is a time for even them to sacrifice." Nov 23, 11 10:31 PM

North Sea Neighbors To Countersue Jacobs

Both suits will come down to what was printed in the fliers. Was Jacobs defamed by false statements? If yes, he wins. If there was no slander or libel the neighbors win. I haven't seen anything here or elsewhere that says exactly what was alleged - why not?" Nov 29, 11 2:33 PM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

Hey, luvr, it's not all about you. Please don't let this proposal interfere with your sense of entitlement." Nov 30, 11 1:31 AM

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