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Southampton Town Board Holds Off On Plastic Bag Ban

The idea is NOTHING has to litter the community! Demanding that every shopper carries their own bag is ridiculous and will do nothing to stop littering. But it will make some very smug in their own Kumbaya way." Dec 14, 11 11:59 PM

Shinnecocks Reject Casino Partner Contract

A marina in Calverton? It looks like you put an awful lot of thought into your proposal. Next." Dec 17, 11 11:37 PM

Our drinking water comes from deep underground reservoirs - not from the water table. You are entitled your own opinion, not your own facts." Dec 18, 11 12:56 PM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Still Confuses Many

He was elected. Oh, you didn't vote? Too bad.

He's the highway superintendent, not the leaf czar. There is no reason the town highway department should be involved in waste disposal of any kind. If you consider leaves something you must remove from your property, do it yourself and pay for it yourself. Keep your leaves out of our roadways. " Dec 18, 11 5:34 PM

Pope Names Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Roman Catholic Church A Basilica

With discretion being the better part of valor, it would follow that intrusiveness is the better part of cowardice.

If the hat fits..." Dec 23, 11 7:31 PM

Southampton Town Board Holds Off On Plastic Bag Ban

If you are so sure the "overwhelming majority" of the people want to see this ban enacted why then must a "flat-out ban" be necessary?

Reusable bags are in every grocery store, some have paper bags available, yet the overwhelming majority want their purchases in plastic bags. That, in and of itself, is no problem; if the plastic bags become a problem down the road, deal appropriately with the cause of the problem, not the device.

And, to the writer above who claims 10% of all the plastic bags end up in the ocean, I simply reply: BS." Dec 24, 11 12:36 AM

Sandpebble Wins A Round Against The East Hampton School District

The article says they didn't lose the bid, they won it. The lawsuit is about the job being improperly taken from them and so far, the judges seem to agree. What would you have the contractor do?" Jan 4, 12 11:32 PM

Developer Seeks Change To Westhampton Beach Zoning Code To Allow For New Supermarket

“The court of a public opinion on zoning matters is not the way to go.”

Mayor Teller should have learned by now that the court of public opinion is exactly what he is responsible to. Does this mean he will not seek reelection?" Jan 9, 12 9:43 PM

Hey, Pippi Longstockings - come back to the world of nonfiction. You can't just "make" a private enterprise update and improve. Economics, on the other hand, can. Six Waldbaums on Long Island are closing and A&P is in bankruptcy; what you see is all you're gonna get from them for a long time.

Modern grocery stores need at least 40-50,000 square feet to be successful; you can't find that on Sunset or Main Street. Let this guy build by the station or get the town to let a developer build one at the Pastor Chevrolet site - or have an area with NO grocery store by October." Jan 11, 12 5:28 PM

Sag Harbor Considers Using Dogs To Deter Drugs At School

Do you think the dogs will change that "laid back attitude" or should the school deal with the problems that exist today? The administration needs to step up and face the problem head on rather than making a splashy, intrusive statement with an occasional sniff session.

"Hey kids, this is school - leave your right to privacy at the door because we can't deal with a few miscreants!"" Jan 12, 12 11:04 PM

Developer Seeks Change To Westhampton Beach Zoning Code To Allow For New Supermarket

Your owning a business explains it all. You and yours have convinced enough people that protecting a dozen or so provincial shopkeepers is more important than the entirety of the population having the types of stores they need and deserve. The politicians for some unknown reason feel they must grease those noisy wheels and act as dams in the river of progress.

The businesses you claim were forced out (and many others) were victims of their own unprofessional management and mercenary landlords, not poor planning. Times change, villages must too, or the only thing in business will be the cannon shooting down Main Street. At least there will be no one around to get hurt.

" Jan 15, 12 11:01 PM

Z, you really either don't "get it" or don't want to. Mismanagement by so many of these business owners who want to be protected against viable competition is a prime reason for their ultimate demise. Let's not continue to reward mediocrity, or worse - why do you want to?

WHB's equivalents to your list of Southampton "success stories": Magic's Pub - around forever, owner retired, new owner mismanaged (and that's not all!). The Patio - open, no closed, wait - it's open again...but not tonight - bad management. Dora's - owner lost interest/retired - new owner changed everything, lasted less than a year, vacant since - bad management. Johnny Chih's - see Dora's. Sandwich Club? Hah!

By the way, two of the three places you mentioned are a lot closer to the proposed site of the new supermarket than they are to Main St. The third is about equidistant. You really don't know anything about WHB at all, do you? " Jan 19, 12 2:13 PM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

Who says he got all the development rights back yet? The last time he was going to sell it (to some long time loyal employees) the buyers found out at the last minute that, contrary to what the seller purported, the surviving development rights for the property across the street were limited to that of an herb/butterfly farm." Jan 29, 12 10:34 PM

You had your chance to outbid the buyers - why didn't you? Now you'd rather B and moan on someone else's dime. What do you think you have a right to claim next - Ponquogue Beach?" Jan 31, 12 11:05 PM

Large Water Mill House Demolished In Fire


There was a small fire in the house across the street from me and the adjusters called my house to get information before we even knew anything was going on and at least two minutes before the first fire truck arrived. This was in the pre-computer age - all they needed was a police scanner and a reverse phone book. " Jan 31, 12 11:11 PM

Pell Refuses To Recuse Himself From East Quogue Dock Application

Actually, as an elected official Pell should treat each case before him fairly by considering all pertinent information currently available. That may mean contradicting what he stated based on earlier proposals and different information. His statements refusing to EVER grant ANY approval at that location are improper and open the trustees to possible legal action.

There have been docks at that location for forty years and there was also an active launching ramp and a gas pump until Dockers discontinued their use. Hoffman is not looking to replace all that, just some dockage - sounds reasonable to me. " Feb 3, 12 1:07 PM

East Hampton's Diana Weir To Lead Altschuler Campaign For Congress

"...getting Republicans and Democrats to work together, which is something Obama has failed miserably at."

That gate was firmly locked and chained shut by the Senate's leading Republican, or do you choose to disregard "the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." - Mitch McConnell. How does one overcome such a partisan stick-it-to-the-people attitude? Who is responsible for the miserable failure you cite?

" Feb 6, 12 10:53 PM

Your truncation of the quote takes all the meaning out of it, but you knew that, I'll bet.

"we can't have special interests sitting shotgun. We gotta have middle class families up in front. We don't mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back."

So, yes there was some divisiveness - it took the Republicans and their unbreakable links to special interests and divided them from the interests of the majority of Americans.

A little honesty, please.

" Feb 7, 12 2:27 AM

Pedestal? What pedestal? I simply supplied a more complete version of a quote that had been taken out of context in an intentional manner to distort its meaning. The quote itself was in response to who could create cooperation between the two major parties; kind of ironic that it was used to promote divisiveness.

The problem with you and all the other foolish partisan zealots here, as in Washington, is that no one wants to give credit where credit is due or scorn where it is well deserved. Infantile stubborness and posturing is not what these people are elected for. The constant distortion and total fiction so often presented leads us further and further from any possibility of the necessary compromise that will take us forward. Four years from now if there is no sea change in attitude in our capitol, someone a little less goofy than Perot might be the only hope we have.

A little honesty, please." Feb 7, 12 4:25 PM

Tim Bishop Given Environmental Steward Award

It seems like they ALL have to go. Yesterday a survey was released that shows 40% of Americans approve of the job being done by the IRS. The same survey showed only 10% approve of the job being done by Congress.

To paraphrase Pogo: First, kill all the partisans." Feb 9, 12 12:24 PM

Glennon Shares Perspective On Proposed Supermarket Law

YOU may not need it; that does not mean there is no need for it. If mediocrity is all you require, feel free to never shop in the new store - some of us have different tastes and want more healthy competition.

Don't let the "chorus of opposition" keep you from hearing the silent majority. The empty barrels make the most noise." Feb 9, 12 10:51 PM

East End Moms Launch The Whoopsiee

Do they come in adult sizes so the helicopter moms can dress just like the rugrats?" Feb 13, 12 7:48 PM

Race For Congressional Seat Warms Up

Your post brings nothing of substance to the debate; it is sweepingly vague and platitude filled - I would like to know more of what you speak. You have charged "abysmal performance" by Bishop; please tell us specifically what you are talking about.

You talk of outsourcing "talking points" but fail to address the charges that the challenger made a thriving business of contracting with American companies to perform functions overseas that American workers had been performing. Generalities are no help here; show us the "record" that net jobs have been increased in the US by Altschuler. " Feb 16, 12 7:23 PM

East Quogue Residents Vote In Favor Of Purchasing Property Adjacent To Elementary School

No doubt thinking that their reading comprehension is better than yours. Funds set aside for demolition are $150,000 not $250,000 and that is solely to allow for unknown additional expense such as any asbestos remediation. Barring extra expenses, renovation should only be about $50,000. There is nothing "extravagant" about the purchase and 70% of those voting, those who read better than you do, don't believe they were "dupped"(sic) but believe this is a wise investment in the future.

Perhaps you don't believe any spending is worthwhile, but to sign in here for the first time to insult your neighbors seems a bit over the top. Maybe you've been here too long, move on." Feb 29, 12 4:27 PM

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