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Court Rejects Request To Stop East Hampton From Accepting FAA Funds For Airport

Absolute nonsense. There is no requirement for expansion, doomsday scenario or not. Your voice gets more quiet the farther you get from reality." Mar 9, 12 11:36 PM

Residents Turn Out To Protest Overcrowding In Springs

Come on Chief, which is it that is the problem? The "hispanics" you talk about or "illegal aliens"? Do you just assume that they are one and the same? Irish and Italian immigrants are different than "the baloney that is going on now" - how so? HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT PERSON IS HERE ILLEGALLY? Why focus on hispanics?" Mar 9, 12 11:48 PM

Suffolk County May Face $500 Million Deficit

The student enrolled at Georgetown just to set this up? You can not be serious. Where do you get this nonsense? Are one of Limbaugh's last stand? Oh yeah, "...that's the dumbest thing ever posted on the internet."" Mar 12, 12 11:37 PM

"Obama is a Muslim." No. He is not. Where does your "information" come from? His "secret embrace of Islam...third world being given the wealth of the west" is just plain asinine but some charlatan has you convinced - shame on you...putz." Mar 13, 12 12:01 AM

New Canoe Place Inn Application Filed With Town

You are truly the voice of ignorance or intentionally trying to alarm people. The nightclub has not been open for almost two years and there has never been a shooting there - but don't let facts get in the way of a good rant.

On the other hand I agree that this development plan can be an asset to Hampton Bays, unfortunately at the expense of Tiderunner's and One North." Mar 16, 12 6:35 PM

Southampton Town PBA Requests Whereabouts Of Personnel Records In Light of DA Investigation

Did you ever have a job, Chief? The drones don't usually get to be guardians of their own personnel files, just like the rank and file cops don't get to keep theirs. The job of record keeping is assigned to department management and the way that job has been done recently has been brought under question by the District Attorney.

Would you have the PBA just take it on faith that nothing nefarious has taken place with their personnel (and personal) information? The recent promotion of one of the old guard insiders certainly would not add to my sense of security. These questions are rightfully being asked; there are a lot of ways this material could be misused." Mar 16, 12 11:38 PM

Minor Injury Reported After Tractor-Trailer Overturns On Sunrise

Looks to me like the story was updated at 5:47 PM on the 16th saying "the accident was cleared shortly after 4 p.m."- what's the beef?" Mar 17, 12 11:57 PM

New Canoe Place Inn Application Filed With Town

Hey Call - What's with you? You "liked" my comment then read things into that weren't there to come up with your own little rant. I strenuously object to those trying to make their own feeble point by creating fiction as Tay has. CPI is neither a danger (except to a possible trespasser) nor a disturbance since it is closed, never to reopen. Are you saying it disturbs you when you look at it? Of course it's an eyesore - that's the way the owners want it until they get their approvals and I suppose it could be a crime scene just like your own backyard could.

On the other hand, shutting off the water and thereby the sprinkler system; turning off the power and simultaneously the alarm system does little to safeguard the building for a renovation. I'm sure the people of Hampton Bays are so happy to have your endorsement of their "locales" (sic) as "mostly well mannered adults" but even I take issue with your condescending "drunken bus station of a town" comment." Mar 20, 12 12:03 AM

Southampton Town Attorney To Respond To PBA Letter, Grievance Possible

"...vouchsafes permission to my elected government to continue to govern provided that it receives ever more massive pay and perks and is given license to operate free of council members' control or criticism."

What you describe is more commonly called a collective bargaining agreement. The PBA has a fiduciary responsibility to its members to attain the best contract possible for those members. The Town Board also has a fiduciary duty to the residents of the town to attain the best contract possible for the people. You have no standing on the labor side but your standing as a resident can be exercised in the voting booth.

I see you are back to advocating the abandonment of current labor contracts (yeah, no legal problems there!) and the formation of a mercenary "police" force. The thought of "rent-a-cops" providing our security would be laughable if it wasn't so frightening. Who would you select for the Chief's position, Richard Jewell perhaps, or possibly George Zimmerman?

" Mar 22, 12 2:03 PM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

Sounds like when all those cheery cashiers wish you to "have a nice day" when you had set out to be perfectly miserable. Perhaps it would be easier to accept the challenge not as an affront but in the spirit in which it was intended." Mar 26, 12 1:06 AM

New Canoe Place Inn Application Filed With Town

$11.7 million, not $2 million. They are building a sewage treatment plant, not a septic cystem. Read the article or are you intentionally trying to spread false information? " Mar 26, 12 11:55 PM

Southampton Town Board Unanimously Appoints New Comptroller

Would those of you who purport to be "in the know" please let us know how many "white collar" workers are employed by the town now as opposed to five, ten, and fifteen years ago before computers were widely used to assist them in doing their jobs?" Mar 29, 12 11:48 PM

State Offers Sales Tax Holiday Next Week On Clothes And Footwear

Have any of your local politicians sent phone messages or postcards to tell you how they plan to replace the lost funds or are they just bragging on cutting this tax while they increase borrowing?" Mar 29, 12 11:55 PM

Survey Shows Increase In South Fork Gas Prices

When will Thiele introduce legislation to cap state taxes on gasoline rather than allow them to increase as petroleum product prices increase?" Apr 1, 12 11:39 PM

Public Calls For Simpler Solutions To Make Noyac Road Curve Safer

Regardless of the complaints by some in the area about the plan, the free-for-all of cars and trucks pulling in and out of the entire length of the parking lot is a major problem, especially when they are backing out. Do some road straightening to provide more space on the north side but put in some kind of curbing to limit ingress and egress points to the stores." Apr 1, 12 11:52 PM

Southampton Police Chief May Face New Challenge

Still beating the "Rent-a-cop" horse Hatman? In spite of your tiresome rantings you still seem too intelligent to actually believe a mercenary force is a wise idea, even if it was legal. Oh, and George Zimmerman will not be available to be the chief of your "contract officers" for quite a while - so much for a "first-rate service"." Apr 11, 12 11:30 PM

Montauk Highway Speed Limit Lowered To 35 mph On Stretch Near Smoke Shops

Maybe the Shinnecocks can get their casino backers to finance a big gas station with a dozen "cottages" surrounding it to sell the food and goods. Improve the appearance, control ingress and egress to improve safety and get us some untaxed gas like the tribes upstate do." Apr 11, 12 11:40 PM

Bishop Campaign Touts Early Lead In Polls Over Altschuler

Only property owners get to run for office? Maybe we can take the right to vote away also - back to the feudal system!

I think the only thing you should be complaining about is the failure of the educational system to adequately prepare you for life as an adult as evidenced by your post." Apr 16, 12 11:00 PM

North Haven Mayor Charged With DWI

"Where there is no crime to speak of, it is the only path to promotion and has transmuted the force into a one-trick pony..."

The only path to promotion is the required test...except in Hatworld." Apr 16, 12 11:18 PM

Sag Harbor ZBA Says 'Legs' Must Come Down

"Those legs are totally out of character with the historical sense of the village."

So are electricity and hot and cold running water - shall we forego all change? Please tell us to what date we should set our clocks back. Looks like we'll need to send a huge fleet of trucks to the Parrish. Or just maybe we allow the village to grow with the times." Apr 18, 12 12:05 PM

Sag Harbor School Board Holds Off On Changes To Nutrition Policy

And the chemical difference between cane sugar, beet sugar, and corn sugar is...what?" Apr 20, 12 11:44 PM

"Processed" is just a word that has no nutritional consequences. Can anyone here specifically and scientifically make a case for any of this concern without relying on alarmist buzzwords?" Apr 21, 12 11:19 PM

Enzymes are used in the body to digest food - it is a perfectly natural, and necessary, process. Do you have ANYTHING specific and scientific?" Apr 23, 12 8:56 PM

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