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Randy Altschuler Unveils Jobs Plan

Is there a big difference between empty storefronts in Southampton and empty offices all over the US? I'm talking about the offices emptied by your favorite carpetbagging tiger when he set up shop in Asia to "put people to work"." May 8, 12 10:01 PM

Southampton Planning Board Rules Flouted Routinely

A better question is what is the necessity for the time, money and aggravation for the businessman and the board in establishing a vehicle showroom in a building that was...a vehicle showroom?" May 8, 12 10:21 PM

D.A.'s Government Corruption Bureau Seizes Southampton Police Records

Think what you're saying man, think! The rank and file cops weren't in the office rummaging through the files. Any irregularities with police records in the last few days of the previous chief's tenure were directly attributable to the police hierarchy at that time. One of those people has just been suspended and the DA is investigating. The rot here starts at the top." May 10, 12 7:35 PM

"Town corruption is complex and systemic."

Quite a broad charge to make with no substantiation whatsoever. You don't state this as a matter of opinion but as fact yet offer nothing in support. You seem to be putting everyone on the "force" on equal footing in regard to these implications, yet fail to even make allegations with any specificity. Are you of the opinion that your (trite) "Blue Wall of Silence" encircles all, from the newest recruit to the recently retired senior officers?

It seems to me that there certainly has not been that kind of unity in the department in many years as evidenced by a story relayed about the previous chief's encounter with one of his officers at headquarters and not knowing who the officer was; and this nearly a year after the officer transferred in from the NYPD.

But don't let the need for facts get in the way of a good rant or some personal bitterness over an encounter, possibly years ago, and quite probably by someone just doing his job.

" May 10, 12 11:55 PM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

If you are truly aware of wasteful spending in other areas don't you feel, as a teacher and taxpayer, that you have an obligation to report these things appropriately rather than just whining about them here? Step up and be a responsible citizen, isn't that what you'd teach your students?" May 16, 12 1:11 AM

Hampton Bays Man Charged With Threatening Another Man With Chainsaw

The specialty drink of the Fishing Station is now "the Chainsaw" - kind of like a screwdriver, but with more "buzz" in it!" May 23, 12 10:22 PM

National Parties Take Interest In Bishop and Altschuler

"Full fledged "Young Gun" status"..."Frontline Democrat"..."fundraising support"..."Renaissance Technologies"...Goldman Sachs"..."MCB Consulting"..."Chris Russell Consulting LLC".

Fifteen paragraphs and not a word about what either of these guys bring to the table or will do for the people. Millions spent on both sides by and for the national parties to try to become more powerful, less cooperative, and less responsive to the community. Where are the true independents? Who will lead us out of the partisan abyss?" May 24, 12 12:01 PM

Immigration Outreach Group Celebrates 10th Anniversary In Hampton Bays

What are you doing, looking for Eastern Europeans sneaking over the border from Water Mill?" May 24, 12 11:34 PM

National Parties Take Interest In Bishop and Altschuler

As I said: "Millions spent on both sides by and for the national parties to try to become more powerful, less cooperative, and less responsive to the community. Who will lead us out of the partisan abyss?"

You, HB Voter, are a big part of the problem - unfortunately there are untold numbers just like you who not only follow the BS foisted upon us but repeat it." May 29, 12 12:54 AM

UPDATE: Hearing for Cellphone Antenna In Clock Tower Postponed

The article appears to accept the speculation by the video maker that should the antenna project go forward, the clock is doomed but references no statements from MetroPCS or the church that such is the case. What is the real story? Why were the principals involved not interviewed? Minimal sheathing changes, invisible from the exterior would not be a concern to many if the clock itself were untouched. Is there reason for real concern here, or much ado about nothing?" May 29, 12 1:59 PM

Police Union Calls For Investigation Into Leaks

Give it a rest, Hat - get back to reality! Do you really want mercenaries out there doing such an important job? Is there another municipality anywhere in the US doing this? Would such a scheme be legal in the state of New York? What about existing contracts? What about the expense of fighting the sure-to-be-filed lawsuits? What do you see as the obvious outcome of those suits?" Jun 2, 12 11:43 AM

Shinnecock Inlet Will Be Dredged This Winter

Shinnecock Inlet is the gateway to a port engaged in interstate commerce; boats from the entire east coast use the inlet to get to fish packing facilities and to fuel and provision their boats. Anything that can be done to continue and grow this interstate commerce is indeed a federal matter." Jun 3, 12 11:38 PM

Police Union Calls For Investigation Into Leaks

I believe you are mistaken. Officers are hired individually by the town to seasonal or year round positions; the year round positions are permanent. The annual contract between the PBA and the town may regulate working conditions but does not limit employment to one year increments. You say "the state PBA at the very least" would challenge any elimination of the Police Department in favor of mercenaries - there is no such organization other than one representing officers employed by the state itself.

Instead of continuing your habit of making sweeping empty charges against the men and women of the Southampton Town Police Department and specifically the town PBA please deal with facts and specifics. What about the status quo bothers you? Where is the corruption you claim? Flesh out your scheme...we're waiting. Or stop." Jun 4, 12 12:04 AM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

Once upon a time there was a councilperson (also an attorney, I believe) in the Town of Southampton who went off on someone speaking at a town board meeting for using the word "niggardly". After quite a red-faced rant she was informed that she was uninformed but instead of an Emily Latella moment ("never mind") she continued until her tirade turned into flustered mumbling." Jun 5, 12 12:54 PM

Razza, sometimes when you're wrong it's better to just take a "mea culpa". You and yours, whose ignorance is YOUR problem, not ours.
1. He didn't say it - he posted a quote over 100 years old.
2. He censored it because he was also ignorant of a word that dates back 600 - 700 years.
3. Education will set us free - and it's not the "wiki definition", it's the DEFINITION. Check Oxford, check Merriam-Webster.

Check what you're trying to prove." Jun 6, 12 1:36 PM

Police Union Calls For Investigation Into Leaks

Yes, we've done this before and you never change your broad brush technique of smearing an entire organization any chance you think you have. Insubordination? Where? Unprofessional? How? Corrupt? Premature, but I'll concede it appears a small handful, or less may have embarrassed us. But they have certainly hurt the other members of the department more as many people, certainly like you seem to be unable to differentiate between the few and the many. It certainly seems that the new chief has his eye on the ball.

And you can go on and on about the "uniformed mobbing", "insulting behavior", WHB conspiracy and whether certain traffic stops (yours, perhaps?) have merit, but no one, not even you, has made a case for any impropriety or illegality in any of those instances." Jun 7, 12 1:49 PM

Hampton Bays Students Urge School Board To Keep Spanish Teacher

First, the "like" was hit by accident
Second, who do you think you are to tell this person that their "perspective doesn't count"? You're entitled to your opinion, your avarice, and even your bitterness but we're not turning the clocks back to the time when children should be seen and not heard. Your message seems to come from someone working within the school system; if that's the case you should consider a career change with your attitude." Jun 16, 12 11:21 PM

Opponents And Supporters Of CPI Proposal Sound Off At Public Hearing

So, you're saying we shouldn't do things to improve the economy because the economy is in the dumper? Come on Z, let's put people to work and improve the town. Chief is wrong as far as what Main St looks like - it has none of the vigor of a bazaar, but this proposal can;t help but work to solve that." Jun 19, 12 11:52 PM

My main concern is that the town put safeguards in to ensure that the Rechslers complete the project and don't suddenly "discover" that there are structural or other problems that can not be overcome.

Much of the eastern portion of the building has no foundation and is built on piers. Much of the western portion is constructed of clay building blocks that have been crumbling for forty years. The third floor hallway looks like a roller coaster track due to settling. There are a lot of people who live in the town who know this.

The Rechslers must know this, but they must also know that we know it and won't allow it to be used as an excuse to not complete the project after getting approvals for the rest of the project." Jun 19, 12 11:59 PM

Campaign Diary: Altschuler Outraises Bishop For Third Filing In A Row

Renaissance is an investment company created by an educator who devised a way to utilize technology to analyze data to become one of the most successful funds in the investment community. It is not a "special interest lobbyist group", but don't let a good rant get in the way of the facts." Jun 20, 12 11:34 AM

Altschuler Secures Fishing Endorsements

When all those stones and snowballs sent rolling downhill get stopped or hit bottom the ones responsible get off the hook." Jun 21, 12 7:06 PM

Federal Court Tosses Injunction Preventing Shinnecocks From Building Hampton Bays Casino

Actually the people who moved near the reservation don't have a dog in this fight. The property in question is the "Westwoods" tract in Hampton Bays. This, of course, was once Shinnecock property then was sold by the tribe before they reclaimed it. It is not connected to the reservation and is about one tenth the size of the reservation. In all reality the property is way too small for a casino and its requisite parking and the tribe's financiers would not be interested in pursuing such a development.

That said, the tribe may have improved their bargaining position with the state in light of this ruling. The state is looking to get in the casino business, the Shinnecocks are too and if the state were to negotiate with them now rather than continuing a long expensive legal battle a profitable solution might be reached. Belmont Park looks like the front running location but it would certainly be advantageous to people here if a Suffolk County location could be found.

How about a casino, arena and air traffic control complex. Keep the gaming revenue in Suffolk. Keep the Islanders on Long Island. And keep 1,000 FAA jobs from going upstateor to Newark with their hundred million dollar annual payroll." Jun 26, 12 7:57 PM

Update: Police Chief Calls Amagansett Death A 'Terrible Accident'

Unfortunately, this might be the time to remind people that pedestrians (including joggers), unlike motorists and cyclists, should walk on the left, facing oncoming traffic." Jun 27, 12 12:47 AM

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