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Earthquake Reported Tuesday Morning Offshore Near East End

The Atlantic Ocean is never 300 metres deep near Long Island...you need to be thousands of miles east of here to get that kind of depth. 1000 feet, maybe." Dec 1, 10 12:56 AM

Judge Orders That 161 Ballots Be Counted, Prepares Ruling On 1st District Race

Get back to us when you have something to show he manipulated the climate." Dec 6, 10 7:07 PM

Precisely how many people were paid to count those 80 ballots? Even in these temperatures they must have been working up quite a sweat. No doubt we'll see disability claims coming in soon for PTSD.

It's good that all the politicos are so focused on saving money." Dec 6, 10 7:12 PM

Magic's Pub In Westhampton Beach Closes After Liquor License Is Denied

They were closed last winter...is that what they "were looking forward to" this year? Looks like they got it.

Bring Billy back.

(Sounds like a bumper sticker.)" Dec 6, 10 7:26 PM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Would Rent District-Owned Home Following $95,000 Renovations

The market rate for renting a freshly remodeled house in that area would be at least $2500 a month. The $95,000 could be amortized in under four years, and replaced in seven.

That speaks to a 10% plus interest rate; where else can the school district get that type of return? " Dec 8, 10 11:05 AM

An Open Letter From Gregg and Mitchell Rechler

The alterrnative would be for the politicos to actually do their jobs and decide what is best for the community and negotiate an agreement that would be beneficial to all involved.

That means people who need work, people who need housing, people who view well-planned development as progress, people who respect history but deplore decay.

That doesn't require rubber stamping of PROPOSALS by investors but also doesn't require denials simply for the sake of satisfying those who translate their own preferences into a perceived voice of the community at large." Dec 8, 10 11:18 AM

New Sag Harbor Teachers Contract Pays More But Bumps Up Health Care Contribution

An awful lot of low-flying rhetoric around here. Of course there aren't $40K teachers here, but $100K is certainly common. Contracts limit teachers' work days and their duties. They all get free periods for lesson prep and grading papers - if they choose to do those tasks on the weekends that's up to them.

There are huge numbers of people in other fields who also have to do work at home nights or weekends and only rarely are they compensated - it comes with the territory. Sick days are taken at will. It's a shame they have to fit their vacations into the 175 or so days a year they're not working.

Yes, they need advanced degrees. Yes, it's important work that should be well paid, but it's not unlike many other professions.

Now let's talk about the overabundance of administrators in our school systems; in business they are classified as "overhead"." Dec 13, 10 8:16 PM

State Probes Quogue Village Over Oceanfront Development

Spelling is important here. Do you mean "raised" as in elevated, or "razed" as in destroyed?

How will the land be returned to public use? Bought from the owners or simply confiscated? Can you flesh out your position a bit, please?" Dec 14, 10 11:18 PM

Baykeeper Wants State To Revoke Quogue's Authority To Approve Dune Road Projects

"Shoreline...encroached upon...spill over the dunes."

Where precisely are these incursions? Looks like the reporter has been duped. Find me a single house that has been permitted to to this. Just because some (over)activist makes a claim doesn't mean it should be repeated as fact in an opening paragraph.

Neither personal observation nor prior reporting of the story makes these claims." Dec 16, 10 12:57 PM

Southampton Town Unveils Long Anticipated Study For Hampton Bays

The Comprehensive Plan is itself a waste of paper. When it was being researched the surveys were said to be advisory only and were extremely simplistic; now it is supposedly the law of the land.

Asking for preferences between a picture of a dumpster and a picture of a beachscape leads to a conclusion dumpsters should be outlawed. Nobody was given the choice between a garbage collection area and a beach strewn with debris. Who picked a gas station over a cutesy boutique? No one, but we need to gas up and most of those shops go out of business in a season.

The creation of the plan was flawed, the publicity surrounding the survey was flawed, the input was severely limited, the price was too high and the results a failure. Each subsequent study has only expanded on the original problems." Dec 16, 10 1:27 PM

Baykeeper Wants State To Revoke Quogue's Authority To Approve Dune Road Projects

There is a substantial difference between a dune and a shoreline. A small deck atop the dune is substantially different than mansions spilling over the dunes. My concern is this report is written without regard to the facts that exist and seems to echo the rhetoric of a man who needs to constantly justify his livelihood." Dec 17, 10 3:21 AM

WPPB-FM Now Officially On The Air

People should finance their own hobbies without looking for handouts from an overextended government." Dec 19, 10 5:13 PM

HCB To Bring In More MLB Draft Picks This Season

The Spencer Davis Group - classic!" Dec 22, 10 2:25 AM

County Road 39 Named For Edwin "Buzz" Schwenk; Town Takes Ownership Of North Sea And Noyac Roads

I'm missing something, right? The county used to maintain the road - it's been in good shape. Now the town will have to plow, pave, etc. - this is a benefit...how? Oh, the town MAY be able to seek funds for maintenance.

Sounds like another money pit; the town always floats bonds for road maintenance. Another great job by our town board to save us money. Sheesh." Dec 22, 10 10:44 PM

Town Clears Way For Music Festival In Amagansett

Wouldn't it be great if people got together to make this thing really work instead of getting together to whine and nitpick it to death?" Dec 22, 10 10:55 PM

Stranded Whale Wasn't Sick

Actually, the "experts" were far away at a conference and made their decisions based on flawed information fed to them by unqualified people on the scene. This was suspected at the time and now appears to have been proven.

The real problem is that since the incident we have seen absolutely nothing to indicate that any of these "experts" has questioned the response and done anything to prevent this from happening in the future. That's arrogance." Dec 25, 10 10:58 PM

Blizzard Blankets East End; Dozens Are Still Without Power

Z - If these boards are any indication, there will never be a shortage of either hot air or methane." Dec 27, 10 1:35 PM

Just pay your bill, it'll come back on." Dec 27, 10 1:37 PM

Erosion, Not Snowfall, Is Blizzard's Main Impact In East Hampton

Really? Should they send you a bill to process an accident report? A lost child? A burglary? A noisy neighbor?

The owner gets a bill every year for police services - his tax bill." Dec 28, 10 11:37 AM

Read much, Slim? An officer "stationed in the area" is not the same as a cop guarding someone's private property." Dec 29, 10 12:35 AM

Town Clears Way For Music Festival In Amagansett

You are absolutely correct - it is "THREE days". Not likely to tip the earth on its axis, but has the possibility to inject some cash and fun into the local scene.

Some of your beloved "high end tenants" might even enjoy it." Jan 1, 11 12:55 PM

Federal Aid Possible After Holiday Storm Wreaks Havoc On East End

Read the story, if you can.

Yes, if a tree fell and did damage you CAN ask FEMA to pay - if there are enough people asking for help federal aid may be possible. Even for whiners." Jan 4, 11 1:33 AM

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