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Extra police patrols for Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade

HOPE ALL WENT WELL, ALL WERE SAFE AND HAD A GREAT TIME. Then back to reality. Your local government is imploding." Mar 27, 10 6:10 PM

Southampton Town Board considers joining lawsuit against MTA

Can we use the funds from the MTA tax to pay for the lawsuit?" Mar 27, 10 6:32 PM

WLIU back on the air in new studios

Good idea but must of us already do..if not, send in your $$$ now!" Mar 27, 10 6:33 PM

Do it ....you won't regret it!!!! There are very few things today where you CAN make a difference and this is one of them. We love Ed German "The King of Jazz" on WLIU!!!!" Mar 27, 10 10:18 PM

Southampton Town leaf collection policy forums scheduled

Before you say "good work" let's watch the spring road fix. Our local roads are now a mess. All my leaves were picked up before the snowstorm in December with a Highway Super on the golf course. I agree that the transfer stations should take leaves all year but I cannot imagine how that will benefit senior citizens and others who don't own a pick-up truck. " Mar 27, 10 10:39 PM

Southampton Village mayor and police chief at odds over officers' secondary employment applications

Compared to Police departments elsewhere these salaries are unbelievable. Just go south of Wash. DC and see for yourself. The entire system in NY and vicinity is out of control and it is up to the taxpayers to control these costs even if it means disbanding something that has become a luxury like a Village PD. This State is so crazy that it passed anti-taxpayer laws such as the Taylor Law to protect such atrocities. It is time that our elected leaders repeal these crazy laws and bring sanity back to this state....However, it won't happen because people like Sheldon Silver "The Boss" of the State Assembly will never let it pass. Has anyone wondered why so many New Yorkers have left?" Mar 27, 10 10:51 PM

Sag Harbor schools hoping for more savings from employees


Southampton Town leaf collection policy forums scheduled

27 Dan...give us your address so we can all send you our bills for removal of our leaves. I didn't hear anyone say they were going to reduce my taxes if I did it myself. " Mar 29, 10 6:43 PM

Southampton Town supervisor prepares 'State of the Town' address

Sounds like Zappone has some doubts when he says "we hope." I'm sure he meant "it will."" Mar 29, 10 8:15 PM

Attorney for couple says that the razing of oceanfront home in Quogue was a mistake

Maybe he should check the building permit application...He is the building inspector. Makes you wonder." Mar 29, 10 8:25 PM

Seven towns to sue MTA over payroll tax

After all the grandstanding is done our NYS legislators need to meet with "The Boss" Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the Assembly to see what can be done. If they don't....nothing will ever happen to change what is going on. It actually might be easier for us all to chip in and buy him a house in the Hamptons so he could finally understand what is going out here. Or will he? " Mar 30, 10 6:05 PM

County Road 39 to see minor widening project in the fall

Good suggestion..Boy, Glennon Buick Cadillac...Brought back a lot of memories. I miss Peter Glennon and the gang...Hull Chevrolet in SHV too. " Mar 30, 10 9:56 PM

Herrick Hardware manager celebrates 50 years on the job

In the crazy world of Walmart, Mr. Topping, you are an icon. May God bless you." Mar 30, 10 9:59 PM

Fairway Restaurant closed after 20 years

Love those pancakes!" Mar 30, 10 10:03 PM

Poxabogue manager to meet with Southampton lawmakers about Fairway future

Tell us more about the history of this "political animal."" Mar 30, 10 10:05 PM

Seven towns to sue MTA over payroll tax

But, unfortunately for the east end, Sheldon Silver remains in office." Mar 30, 10 10:08 PM

Bridgehampton residents speak out against Bull's Head Inn

Well the former tobacco devil paid a lot of money for that nice looking model. I guess he thinks he will get his way." Mar 30, 10 10:12 PM

Attorney for couple says that the razing of oceanfront home in Quogue was a mistake

No surprise...The former mayor is on his way to jail, maybe this is another little scandal waiting to explode. I always wondered about a Village that is funded by speeding tickets." Mar 30, 10 10:18 PM

Local stationery and office supply shops react to Staples planned for Bridgehampton Commons

.....gotta get that ink boys...have you tried on line? Don't even have to leave the house. Oops, Gotta go.... my on line groceries are being delivered. I guess the King is going to be upset! The big box store is no longer the enemy." Mar 30, 10 10:31 PM

Press News Group has strong showing in New York Press Association contest

Congratulations to the Press and thank you....When I leave this world I want to appear in that "best obituairies" catagory in the Easthampton Press." Mar 30, 10 10:37 PM

County Road 39 to see minor widening project in the fall

Or Healey's drive in (well before McD's)..I used to love that Bohack's potato salad with my sandwich after clamming all day on dune road with my dad. That was when we thought it was a park, not a place to land your helicopter. Those were the days." Mar 30, 10 11:01 PM

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