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Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

In her campaign ads Ms. Fleming says her husband is a local contractor. Now Ms. Fleming,for the record, does your husband use illegals in his business (which I guess is also yours)? Is this why you cannot answer
this "difficult question" about a Town-funded hiring hall?" Feb 25, 10 7:25 PM

It really says nothing. One cannot expect Bishop or Thiele to support anyone but a Dem. To many who question Hughes' police background no endorsement from STPBA should be a comfort. Frankly, this is the worst candidate choice in years." Feb 25, 10 8:15 PM

Former Quogue mayor will return to court on April 14

When is the Village of Quogue going to build the Motz Monument (funded with speeding tickets)? Boy, did he fool you." Feb 25, 10 8:20 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

good question" Feb 25, 10 8:27 PM

Another sad example of the west dictating the east end's destiny. Sounds like the time for a Peconic Conservative Party has come. " Feb 25, 10 9:18 PM

Bridgehampton Historical Society moves forward with renovations to Rogers House

BHHS, Please set a reasonable timeline for this noble undertaking. We all know that funds are scarce in this economy. Whatever architectural merit this structure has will be gone if we have to look at the disrepair for another 20 years (like the beverage center across the street). If it can't be done in a reasonable time SHT will need to step in to protect this gateway to our Town but what will that cost?" Feb 25, 10 9:26 PM

Proposal for a new 7-Eleven on County Road 39

Walmart, thats the answer, Walmart....why drive to Riverhead. While getting a variance why not get one to knock down the building and build a real "big box" store. The new County Road 39 can now handle more traffic (slower of course when SHPD is around).....maybe a new cinema too...10 screens????
Seldenhampton USA." Feb 25, 10 9:34 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

Not my guy. I don't like either candidate. Fleming and Hughes are the worse choice of candidates in years. " Feb 25, 10 10:19 PM

Southampton Village asks attorney for opinion on releasing cops' secondary employment information

Although I don not live in SHV I agree that if the taxpayers of the municipality want to pay for a Village PD, that is their right. Westhmpton Beach PD problem is a different situation. It has been spiraling out of control well before the current crisis. In fact, the way SHV is handling this problem should be an example to the WHBV Trustees of how to resolve their current problem utilizing sound legal advice." Feb 26, 10 9:09 PM

Westhampton Beach Mayor refuses to return two previously suspended officers back to active duty

To WHB Villagers upset about the Village trustees....boycott "Holey Moses " cheesecake until this is resolved. Hit "em where it hurts." Feb 27, 10 6:38 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

No more NYC attorneys,. Didn't we learn from "Trust Sally" Pope who was one of the most inept Board members in years?" Feb 27, 10 6:53 PM

Suffolk County official urges state not to close parks

SHAME ON YOU." Feb 28, 10 5:34 PM

Proposal for a new 7-Eleven on County Road 39

How about bad investment guys. Sorry...foreclosure than Community Preservation Fund Purchase...demolish building and restore vista." Feb 28, 10 5:53 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

Why the mystery? You do not need to wait for this weeks paper. Use this forum and tell us now so at least this aspect of the arguments concerning this endorsement can be resolved or enhanced." Mar 1, 10 9:43 PM

Moody's downgrades Southampton Town's bond rating

Unfortunately, both candidates don't have the qualifications to resolve this mess. Taxpayers lose again." Mar 1, 10 11:26 PM

Southampton Town Board tables hiring of sustainability coordinator

Yes, it will bite them for using fiscal common sense. Nothing is FREE." Mar 1, 10 11:39 PM

Local politicians consider congressional campaign

Mr. Nuzzi, please don't "think" by letting this go to your head. Accomplish something first as a Town Board member before you "think" about representing us in DC . " Mar 3, 10 7:15 PM

Westhampton Beach Village police officers file notices of claim

Not that it's important but the wildfires pictured on the mural behind the Village Board (not shown in the SP photo but obvious in tthe elevised record of the meeting) seem quite appropriate. Nero?" Mar 5, 10 6:09 PM

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