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Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

I've read about every comment associated with this case. As emotionally charged as this forum has been, and with what's at stake for both families involved, the conduct of some members of this juror is beyond comprehension. Is it easy to be on a jury like this? Of course not. But to disobey instructions that they have received more than once is despicable. " Dec 11, 09 8:30 PM

East Hampton's Gload signs with Phillies

I'm very happy for Ross. Great opportunity for him and I hope he takes advantage of that band box down in Philly. Only downside is for us Mets fans. I can really see Ross hitting a walk-off against the Amazins' this year." Dec 11, 09 8:34 PM

A Joyful Noise

Cailin, read this comment. That was awesome." Mar 13, 12 8:49 AM

Southampton School District Officials Do Away With Val And Sal

He just wants to continue ranting about "all the teachers and administrators in this overpaid district" and doesn't seem to care who proposed the change.

Based on his typing skills, he has a point. His keyboarding teacher WAS overpaid.

" Dec 8, 12 2:31 PM