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Changes in PILOT payments in the works

two things: land value tends to be much more cyclical than house value, so if housing prices in the Hamtpons have just started going down, land prices will go down much harder. Land prices will be lower next year, and the year after that!!
Also, if we were to use 10% of the CPF since the the change to pay operating expenses from the CPF in 2002, won't we run the CPF down very quickly? Isn't that kind of what East Hampton did?? Have the auditors figured out what happened there yet?" Oct 30, 08 12:03 PM

Town Board poised to restore funding for PILOTs

So, it seems like it would be nice to know how much land has been taken off the tax rolls in each town. Does anyone know that? No one seems to be claiming that Riverhead was the place where most CPF funds were used....or is the CPF just a slush fund to be spread around as one pleases?" Nov 12, 08 3:58 PM

Dead fawn served as reminder of cost of hunting

for all you deer feeders, have any of you had that incurable nerve disease/pathology known as lyme disease? have your children? (lyme is TREATABLE, not curable, you'll always be a carrier). deer are such cute parasitic hosts!" Jan 17, 09 8:11 AM

Sag Harbor School District asks entire staff to consider pay freeze

3 points for clarification: 1)Isn't the (required) state pension contribution increasing over $1million this year, and isn't that one of if not THE single largest increase in costs? and 2)When Mr. Gratto asks for a pay freeze from teachers, would they still get their "STEP" increase of a few percent a year? and 3)If Salaries account for 60% of costs, what is the TOTAL labor percentage, including benefits, social security and the HUGE pension increase?" Apr 6, 10 8:33 PM

Congressman Bishop prepares for difficult race but remains hopeful for outcome

Perhaps this is a new thread: Could someone provide a definition of "neo-con" and "teabagger"? " Apr 13, 10 6:21 PM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

Just STOP it! Stop borrowing money. The CPF was not supposed to be a slush fund. I don't think anyone originally thought that the CPF would not provide enough money, and that we would leverage it up at high rates through more borrowing. Our reps talk as if bonds are free...by the way, has anyone seen a balance sheet for Southampton town recently? I didn't think so....and if you had seen one, with the various missing and unaccounted for funds, you probably wouldn't put any credibility in it.
Here's another idea: Let's see if any of our school budgets pass this spring, then we'll see if the populace wants to borrow more money......" Apr 23, 10 11:54 AM

Grand jury details financial disarray and disaster in East Hampton

Does anyone know if a copy of the grand jury report can be obtained? Its about time towns on the east end publish their financial statements, instead of requiring freedom of information act requests to get them. Of course, you would also have to get the statements for school districts, library districts, the CPF, and god knows what else to fully understand how much debt the towns have put us on the hook for. Oh, for those who arent' following, the Greek crisis is happening because the Greeks have a lot of debt to refinance, everyone just assumed you could always refinance debt at 4% long term...Sound familiar?" Jun 23, 10 9:23 PM

Bridgehampton Board Agrees To Present Same Budget To Voters

But don't forget the $925,000 of post-retirement health care costs that are not paid for.
From the 2013 financial report, "as of July 1, 2012, the most recent actuarial valuation date, the Plan was 0% funded. The actuarial accrued liability for benefits was $13,489,762" (page 45)
But it is all about the kids. Uh-huh." May 29, 14 10:56 AM