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Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

Here's my take on this:
Young guy from up the island gets job working with some of the wealthiest men in the Northeast, watching millionaires drive up to a chic new exclusive golf club in their Maseratis and Range Rovers.
Young guy wishes he led that lifestyle.
Young guy partys in Southampton, feels great, has fun, has some cocktails, and can party like a true Hamptonite.
Young guy begins to actually take on the arrogant "I'm better than you" attitude which is prevelant in the Hamptons, and usually stems from the osmosis of being around extremely wealthy people who spend more on one dinner party than mot of us will spend on food the entire year.
Young guy goes to Public House, a fun Hamptons watering hole to unwind, have fun and let loose.
Young guy gets tanked which is more the norm than the exception late night at the Public House especially during the summer on ladies night, where all the young men ruffle their feathers to attract a nice hen for the night.
Young guy gets up on table to dance, holler, and get extra attention.
Publick House employee/bouncer sees patron breaking house rules, and humbly asks that he get down.
Young guys refuses, seeing bouncer as a hurdle and detriment to his fun night out. Young guy isn't going to let some bouncer stop HIM from having fun.
Bouncer, attempting to do the job he's hired to do, asks again for him to get down (after all, this is a family restaurant, not Rehab Sundays at the Vegas Hard Rock Pool with 50 Cent)
Young guy refuses again.
Bouncer proceeds to pull patron down.
Young guy / Patron snaps in a violent drunken rage, and without thinking, attacks bouncer and put him in a choke hold for over 2 minutes. Patron was having fun in the Hamptons and he'll be damned if some employee is is gonna tell HIM what to do.
Patron Kills bouncer and flees scene." Dec 14, 09 12:25 PM

I wouldn't say Murder.
In my humble opinion, those who revert into momentary lapses of pathological rage, accentuated by adrenalin, alcohol or drugs, don't necessarily intend on ending the life of the victim. I believe they are in altered state, and raw primitive instinct takes over.
Murder is the planned death of another person.
This case seems more like 1st degree manslaughter.
"Unlawful killings without malice or intent are considered manslaughter"

Choking your victim for 2 minutes, and holding that choke even after the victim goes unconscious seems to have "malice and intent."

Anyone agree ?
OR am I being obtuse ?" Dec 14, 09 4:46 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

Best Post here.... by FAR. Thanks for your wisdom." Dec 16, 09 10:38 PM

East End perfect for 'Design Inspiration'

Amazing stylish and smart design segments for the masses... a thousand steps up from the mediocre content on tv and online these days. I'm tired of seeing drama... " Apr 7, 10 7:08 PM

Whale beached in East Hampton survives first attempt at euthanization

I was down there for a bit, and watched the helpless suffering calf gingerly flail in the surf while about a dozen people in their VIP human section were hanging out, eating, text-messaging and basically doing nothing.... I guess killing time until the whale died.
All the girls in the red shirts looked like they were right out of college, and had that lola-granola marine biologist look about them, but didn't appear to have that cool, Ivy League activist look about them. They looked more like the girls who hang out at Smith Haven Mall eating ice cream all day.
The whole thing is tragic to say the least. What if the calf simply got separated from the pod and ended up in shallow water? Was it 100% without a doubt severely ill? Because I feel the right thing to do would have been to make ONE major effort to tow the calf out to sea, to give it a chance to swim out into deep water where perhaps the Mother could help it.
If the calf drifted back to shore with the same listless, sick, no-will-to-live vibe, then it should have been euthanized immediately and properly.

I don't know anyone at this Riverhead organization, so I shouldn't judge, however I did chat with a friend of mine who has a major position at an environmental organization, and he said the Riverhead Foundation was "An small exclusive group of elitist amateurs, who are reading the map upside down... they just don't get it.... and since they're apparently funded by Federal funds, they are more comfortable in their Ivory tower, and have no interest in getting their hands dirty, or doing any REAL good for the Ocean and its inhabitants."

I hope this incident will bring about change. The entire coast of Long Island is under the control of around 7 people at this Riverhead Group, and this exclusive arrangement has given them carte blanche to sway from the higher good.

On the flip side, I'm Happy beyond words that we don't hunt whales any longer. As a whole, we as a country have come a LONG way in the treatment and preservation of sea life, and we should be proud. After all, studies have shown whales and dolphins are EXTREMELY intelligent... and thank GOD we don't slaughter them like Japan does." Apr 9, 10 12:06 PM

I'd like to add the following thoughts:
1. I feel bad for criticizing those who volunteer their time for -any- animal or nature cause, your time and efforts are to be commended and applauded for you do more than most of us do.
It was wrong of me to belittle members of the Riverhead team who may or may not have any authority.

2. It continues to be my understanding that the Riverhead foundation actually does have 100% complete authority of the entire coast line of Long Island when it comes to any Marine life "situation" and they have such authority that they can have local authorities up to the state police protect their interests in situations governing marine life situations on our coasts.
This being said, it troubles me as a NY state resident and animal lover that no member of this governing body is a marine biologist nor does any team member have tried and true real-life humane experience dealing with critical marine life situations such as this recent heart-wrenching whale occurrence.

3. I respect and acknowledge the authority and experience of any and all nature preserve governing bodies and realize they put in more time in these issues than I do. That being said, this does not condone a small elitist group of un-credentialed amateurs to have ultimate authority over 250 miles of critical North Atlantic coastline and its inhabitants which don;t belong to us, but to OUR boss, the Man Above.

Beach Muse
-Hardcore animal activist, HSUS donor ($1,000+) and PADI Master Scuba Diver." Apr 12, 10 12:20 AM

Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled

100% correct. I know of at least 7 people who volunteered to don wetsuits and get nylon straps and attempt to pull this gentle giant out into deeper waters.
Like when Jack Nicholson tried to lift the sink up in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" . . His response to his vain attempt was, "Well at least I tried..."

At least he tried." Apr 12, 10 12:28 AM

Yep." Apr 12, 10 12:29 AM