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Second Tuckahoe School Budget Proposal Fails To Muster Enough Voter Support

It's actually a man who used to go to a lot of board meetings but doesn't live here full time anymore." Jun 23, 16 11:29 AM

If the budget not passing is what it took for people to figure out who Obbservant is, then it was worth it. Years of putrid lies. Slick Rick!" Jun 24, 16 5:20 AM

RS" Jun 24, 16 5:21 AM

If you don't mind, he is most certainly not. Let me explain:

dare not dive into tiny motels style or "crowded housing" with large population heading to school with little contribution to the system .....
By Jay Tuckahoe (6), Southampton on Jun 21, 16 10:56 PM

try following a school bus going to tuckahoe school and look where the students come from , many of these properties are paying minimal in taxes while burdening the rest of the tax payers

Blame the Government for allowing many illegal immigrants to come to our country, then adding costly regulations, (without any funding), providing very little state aid and then placing a tax cap

The root of the problem is the multiple families living in one house, with many children. An absolute population nightmare. " Jun 26, 16 9:35 AM

Oh c'mon. I'm an informed Independent voter who knows that Tuckahoe School is roughly 60% Latino. Those aren't French families in those homes to which you are referring. Save it." Jun 27, 16 8:04 AM

South Fork Community Members Stand In Solidarity With Victims And Families Of Orlando Nightclub Shooting

Nothing says ''Presidential'' quite like an ongoing FBI investigation." Jun 27, 16 10:35 AM

Southampton Town Trustee Files Workplace Complaint Against Another Trustee After Back Slaps

I think you meant to say, those are serious, unsubstantiated, unsourced allegations with no reference, no proof and likely opening the poster to personal injury litigation. Because without any proof or back up, he's just a dime-a-dozen poster talking out of his a$$." Jun 28, 16 6:52 AM

If you're not getting workplace complaints filed against you, you're not working hard enough." Jun 28, 16 7:30 AM

Democratic Primary In Limbo After Tight Vote

Lovely. Just because obama made it cool to be an anti semitic moron, doesn't mean you actually have to go and be one." Jun 29, 16 3:35 PM

You can take the hood off, the Grand Wizard has left the building, the coffee is cold and the meeting is over." Jun 29, 16 6:05 PM

$1 Billion Army Corps Coastal Resiliency Plan Does Not Include Major Beach Rebuilding In Montauk

The fed just bought the local politicians. This is part of the scheme of the elite to seize their beach front property from the pitchfork bearing masses. The camping sites eliminated, beach entries blocked, limitations on trucks, lawsuits en masse from WHB to Montauk and now they come with their corrupt agents and $1,000,000,000 of funny money. The End" Jun 30, 16 7:49 AM

Democratic Primary In Limbo After Tight Vote

The Honorable Lee will be reelected only if voting rights are extended to his Tel Avivian constituents. Otherwise - - - not.

Residents of the 1st district will not overlook the profound indifference that he has shown to THEIR concerns.
By highhatsize (2755), East Quogue on Jun 29, 16 10:43 AM" Jun 30, 16 12:00 PM

Toxic Algae Bloom Forces Closure Of Georgica Pond To Crabbing, Swimming

What do people expect when landscapers are spewing poison over every inch of the Hamptons 7 days a week, 12 hours per day for the next 10 weeks. " Jul 1, 16 1:25 PM

Democratic Primary In Limbo After Tight Vote

Remember when libs would lament a court system that would simply toss the poor minorities into prison while letting rich, white connected elites skate? It was all a fraud " Jul 3, 16 5:23 AM

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club President Says Tuckahoe Road Proposal Is A Matter Of Safety

It's a little ironic that this risk has the members of this club so collar poppin' mad in light of the fact that the financiers made all of their money on the selling risk." Jul 8, 16 11:07 AM

Donald Trump To Attend Fundraiser In Southampton on Saturday

What says a lot about you is that you are simply repeating what you've been fed by the slanted media you digest. In politics, that is called a ''useful idiot'' by the spin doctors." Jul 11, 16 9:51 AM

Organizers: Sunday's Black Lives Matter Protest Is First Of Several To Come On East End

The same guy that funded BLM, funded obama." Jul 13, 16 10:04 AM

Oddly enough, the wholesale slaughtering of cops made it a tad difficult. You do your kids and black people at large a disservice by trying to use your skin color as a handicap. Telling how everyone in the country became exponentially more racist the moment a black president was elected. "Argue for your limitations and behold, they are yours"" Jul 13, 16 11:44 AM

Instead of being obtuse, why don't you come right out and say what you want to say but if you are going to maintain that cops shoot black people more than white people, you had better back that up with some stats...otherwise, you would just be talking out of your back area." Jul 14, 16 3:47 PM

Again, why don't you say what you want to say instead of offering some obtuse query. Only you know and understand the dialogue in your head." Jul 14, 16 3:49 PM

‘Welcome To New York’ Signs In Montauk Removed By State

obama put them there to welcome refugees who are coming ashore to head west." Jul 19, 16 10:23 AM

KKK Recruitment Fliers Found In Westhampton Beach And Quogue Villages

Unless the White House is in the quarry at Aquia, Virginia, slaves didn't build the white house, despite what a website run by the Tampa Bay Times with contributions from reporters and members of the media say. " Jul 26, 16 9:20 AM

Black Lives Matter Rallies Held In East Hampton And Bridgehampton Sunday

Dems give 61 speeches on Day 1 -- mention ISIS zero times...


'Prince Of Egypt' Concert, Which Stirred Controversy Online, Is Canceled

Lib Logic:

We must cancel this show because African Americans are upset.

Cancel the Roger Waters show because Jews are upset? Hell no!?

From the November 2, 2015 article about Bay Street's refusal to cancel the show:

"Nevertheless, two people did ask for refunds, an offer that the theater made last week after receiving word about the impending protest. The theater reiterated that it was committed to the right to free speech...."

Jews- committed to free speech
Blacks -not exactly committed to free speech.

Enjoy your annual pledge cards!" Jul 28, 16 2:34 PM

Bay Street Theater Releases Statement On 'Prince Of Egypt' Cancellation

Studies show that 100% of those entities that buckle to political correctness have an explanation.

Let's see what happens when the feminists find out that they are doing ''My Fair Lady'' in which men teach women how to be ''the perfect lady''. " Aug 1, 16 6:34 PM

Zeldin Gun Bill Favors Softer Approach To Background Checks

Never been a mass shooting at a gun show - just gun free zones." Aug 2, 16 7:59 PM

Shinnecock Tribal Members Stand Up For Rights To Access Southampton Village Beaches

What is wrong with you people!? Let the NATIVE Americans park at the water's edge without having to pay some outlandish penalty. Is there not enough chaos on the planet? Show some respect, some compassion and come together. " Aug 3, 16 7:32 AM

SH Res, the folks on the rez can come off real entitled and snarky at times...so they need to ask politely too and not be aggressive." Aug 3, 16 7:57 AM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

Those pastel golfers were collar poppin' mad! If you don't give them what they want, why, they are going to....not let you borrow their clotted cream." Aug 4, 16 2:45 PM

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