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Contamination Found In Public Water Sources In Westhampton And Quiogue

This is what Obama called the new normal. Higher crime and lower standard of living. That family voted for him twice. " Nov 8, 16 4:11 AM

You voted for him too huh? You should be drinking dirty water in proud solidarity with Flint and Long Island " Nov 8, 16 5:52 AM

UPDATE: Zeldin Claims Victory, Says 'Powerful Message' Was Sent In 1st District Race; Throne-Holst Concedes

Trump said he is thinking about releasing his tax returns now. Hahahahaha, suckers " Nov 9, 16 6:42 AM

Tim Biahop, Obama, Hillary and their obamacare is OVER AND THEY are all about to be unemployed. God Bless America " Nov 9, 16 6:44 AM

Lee Zeldin Trumps Anna Throne-Holst To Retain Seat In Congress

Lee should ask Trump to build the wall 10ft higher because of what losers all you libs are " Nov 10, 16 7:15 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

A protester was found sobbing in her safe space. Apparently, while burning the flag, she charred her brand new coexist T-shirt." Nov 11, 16 7:07 AM

Southampton Village Board Considers Requiring Permits To Cut Down Trees On Residential Lots

Note to committee:

They may sound like they hate it now, but if you tell 'em that you'll use the $$ to clean the water they'll vote for it. Then you'll be able to use your tax like a slush fund too " Nov 12, 16 6:11 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

June bugs tantrum is nothing more than positive confirmation we are on the right track again. Relish in it. " Nov 12, 16 6:14 AM

Only Libs would want to secede from the union while simultaneously demanding a bigger federal government to micromanage their lives." Nov 13, 16 6:16 AM

It's one thing to abuse your children. Its an entirely different issue to brag about it anonymously online. " Nov 13, 16 6:44 AM

oh the irony. there is no such thing as a fact checker. now that we've passed it, you'll just have to wait and see what's in it." Nov 14, 16 1:58 PM

Oh definitely. It's all a con. That could be the ONLY excuse for people not sharing your beliefs. Because, if they were all thinking clearly and not susceptible to con men, they would all think like you do. Your inability to learn anything from this experience points to you making all the same mistakes again in 4 years. Good news." Nov 14, 16 2:02 PM

June bug can't explain in her own words what she is afraid of. she doesn't even know herself " Nov 15, 16 4:35 AM

Republicans outraged? Could you be any further detached from reality? It's the alt-left burning their communities while life goes on " Nov 15, 16 4:37 AM

East End Latinos React To President Elect Trump

Racist ibs think that generalizing about all Latinos is appropriate. Because all Latinos think and behave in perfectly predictable and identical ways. So, once you know how a couple Latinos think, you know how all Latinos in the east end think. You know, because they all have the same skin color

You'll never see an article like this about Germans or Men or White people. Just those predictable Latinos that the libs took for granted. " Nov 16, 16 5:19 AM

Cause Of Massive Fish Kill In Shinnecock Canal Not Clear

Is it possible for oxygen to be depleted from H2O? If the oxygen was depleted, the canal would have been filled with hydrogen. The water flows swiftly there when the locks are closed. That in combination that water is made of oxygen, I can't see where this case is closed?" Nov 18, 16 4:58 PM

Southampton Town Board Adopts 2017 Budget, But Not Without Debate Over Key Parts Of Supervisor's Plan

That's a "Spending Plan" alright. Any reference to it as a "budget" is wildly imprecise. " Nov 19, 16 8:30 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

"Delusional maniac".

You got anything besides irrefutable evidence that your mind is controlled wholly by the federal media complex?

It is over. You lost. Your ideas have been rejected, your opinion has been rejected, your ideas about society have been rejected, what you thought about your fellow citizens has been proven wrong and at this rate - you show no signs of doing anything different in 2020" Nov 19, 16 8:35 AM

Shinnecock Canal Bunker Situation Not As Stinky As Originally Thought

Why the effort to downplay a spontaneous death of millions of fish...you know because they hit a dead end and used all the oxygen in H2O?" Nov 20, 16 4:14 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Libs need to read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

After screaming so often when there wasn't a true problem...once there was an authentic wolf in their midst, no one listened to his screams". He and his flock did not fare well best I can recall. The townspeople eventually ignored the little schmuck." Nov 20, 16 4:18 AM

Southampton Town Considering Purchasing Woodfield Gables Property In Speonk

I hope you lazy dolts who vote for the same losers year after year are happy. We now have the Town using tax payer money to buy contaminated property from friends of Jay. Such a disaster. " Nov 22, 16 4:26 AM

Tupper Boat House Repairs Will Depend On Soil Test

Only in the Hamptons would it cost $2.2 million to repair a tiny boat house. Insanity " Nov 23, 16 4:52 AM

LIPA Negotiating For Offshore Wind Power To Come To South Fork

If renewable energy is the answer the firms that provide it would not keep going bankrupt, taking billions of federal subsidies Ma with them. Make sure they are pretty because you'll be looking at them LONG after they stop working " Nov 24, 16 6:31 AM

Whale Stranded In Moriches Bay Euthanized, Feeding Outrage From Onlookers

The whale is a lot happier now. Trust me. " Nov 25, 16 6:22 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Ironically. After the first line you actually did make that up. In fact everything after "you can't make this up" was all made up. Think before you type you hysterical lib. It's over. You lost " Nov 26, 16 6:28 AM

Trump didn't just win the next 8 years. With SCOTUS picks, he's won the next 80. " Nov 26, 16 8:22 AM

Tuckahoe Center Developer Appeals Dismissal Of Lawsuit Against Suffolk County Planning Commission

Seems like it's down to you and your team's inconvenience vs. Rickenbacker and his team's inconvenience. Depending on whose inconvenience is deemed to be more inconvenient, someone is going home happy." Nov 28, 16 5:26 PM

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