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Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

You'll have to head over to politico for my response. " Dec 1, 16 8:24 AM

Not sure where to start, but the top sounds like a good spot.

I dare you call the spouses and children of the fathers and mothers that have kept their job and tell them they aren't worth it and you think they should actually lose their jobs.

There is NO cost to Indiana taxpayers and you cannot find any. When someone keeps more of their own money that they earned, it doesn't COST anyone anything. It wasn't their money.

You need to understand that there is no honor in wishing ill on your fellow Americans in order to score political points for 2020. " Dec 1, 16 1:33 PM

Southampton Village And Town Still Dealing With Cleanup Of Decaying Bunker From Fish Kill

It is fitting that jay spend his holidays with dead fish." Dec 3, 16 8:39 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

a $700,000 yearly investment in carrier for 10 year lead to a $16,000,000 RE-investment in their plant along with the preservation of jobs that will generate over $2,500,000 in tax revenue per year....

figures you wouldn't like it. it a win for everyone.
" Dec 3, 16 8:43 AM

Whale Stranded In Moriches Bay Euthanized, Feeding Outrage From Onlookers

You might think that using big, fancy words will make you sound smart, but it can actually have the complete opposite effect.

It’s good to emphasize what you know when you’re trying to sound intelligent, but the way you talk about it matters. A study led by Daniel M. Oppenheimer at Princeton University, and published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology suggests that using long, academic-sounding words instead of simple, more easily-understood words makes people think you’re less intelligent. The study’s participants found that the more they could actually understand what was being communicated, the more intelligent they considered the message." Dec 4, 16 6:58 AM

it wasn't an article was a study and it applies. Your fluffy self serving attempt at explaining why you are different is intellectually dishonest. Your response was a perfect example of you affect i.e. Several paragraphs to say that you think I'm dumb. It's the calling card of the flummoxed democrat " Dec 5, 16 5:58 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Your use repeated use of parenththetically is part of your affect" Dec 5, 16 6:26 AM

NOAA Defends Decision To Euthanize Whale In Moriches Bay

You've now referred to it as a study twice while explaining it's not a study. Parenthetically, that's funny. I can assure you that the Princeton study is accurate. Your obviously affected fluffy prose doesn't impress. " Dec 6, 16 4:31 AM

Engineers Say Beach Nourishment Project In Eastern Southampton Town Has Allowed Beaches, Dunes To Continue Growing

Anyone BESIDES the people that spent the money want to render an opinion?" Dec 6, 16 4:33 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Yes. We are already used fans of the worst president in history and most flawed presidential candidate in history how we got worked over. Lol " Dec 7, 16 4:31 AM

Winterfest Returns To Westhampton Beach On Saturday

Merry Christmas. What a nice way to commemorate the birth is Christ. Call it a candy cane themed winter festival but we all know what we are celebrating. " Dec 8, 16 4:38 AM

East Hampton Glass House Leaves Nothing To The Imagination

So that's where those extra panels went." Dec 8, 16 9:50 AM

KKK Business Cards Found At Hampton Bays Train Station

Sounds like the the KKK is worried about competition in the hatred sector coming from those in and comers, black lives matter. For every action there is a reaction. Sad. " Dec 10, 16 5:38 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

nothing like emulating the person who has ruined your life. hahahaha" Dec 11, 16 3:45 PM

It NEVER fails. Every winter. for 3 seasons of the year, ALL extreme weather is due to climate change. But in the winter, extreme cold ''is the climate, dummy!" lol.

Add this to ''death'' and ''taxes'' in the list of things that you can count on." Dec 12, 16 8:34 AM

Nathan Vardi is a 28 year old Forbes Staffer with zero credentials other than a C average at an unknown liberal arts school. C'mon Mr. Zzzzzzzzz, you are all washed up." Dec 12, 16 8:36 AM

UPDATE: Bridgehampton Voters Approve $24.7 Million School Expansion Plan

Why would you do that!? Do you voters have any clue how much interest is paid on a loan of $25,000,000. Holy Sh*t!? " Dec 14, 16 6:00 AM

Sag Harbor 7-Eleven Store Owner Sentenced To 48 Months In Prison For Scheme

Yes. Young smarmy know it all type. Anger management problem.

" Dec 16, 16 8:49 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

How to start your day upbeat and positive.

1. On your computer screen, open a new folder.
2. Give it the name "Barack Obama."
3. Move it directly to the trash.
4. Select "Empty trash."
5. Your computer will ask you if you really want to get rid of Barack Obama.....

You know what yo do. " Dec 17, 16 6:11 AM

Patients, Healthcare Providers Concerned Over Possible Repeal Of Affordable Care Act

10% of those patients incur $1m in claims and you are looking at $120,000,000 in claims from just $12,000 people. When you take into account theft and billing scams, the money would be gone in 6 months." Jan 12, 17 4:07 PM

Health Republic had 200,000 enrollees who paid premium and they got $500,000,000 in federal taxpayer loans. Any questions, genius?" Jan 12, 17 4:09 PM

One needs only to read your posts to realize you are to be dismissed as having zero credibility." Jan 13, 17 7:41 AM

Local Residents To Make A Statement With Women's March On Washington

These people literally have no idea about any of the topics they are protesting beyond what they learned from the media they digest. Nobody should argue with their right to do so, but watching it is difficult. What social media did was make it acceptable to use your children to score political points from strangers. We all saw dozens of posts from adults explaining how their children were crying hysterically because mommy and daddy were so sad about Trump. It's the ugliest side of social media in reality and one has to wonder how the children will feel when they see how they were used." Jan 18, 17 8:17 AM

Tuckahoe Center Public Hearing In Front Of Town Board Set For Tuesday

For all that fluffy nonsense, you actually didn't say anything more than you don't want this project to be approved. Aisle 3 is where the toothpaste is going to be and I'll see you there. Eggs down at the end of aisle 1 in the dairy case. Don't slow me down with your coupons." Jan 18, 17 2:16 PM

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