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Zeldin Gun Bill Favors Softer Approach To Background Checks

You come up with that one all on your own, Aristotle? After ''Suffolk County.'' was where you were supposed to support your statement if it had been possible." Aug 4, 16 2:52 PM

UPDATE: Attorney Says Mistake Was Made In Filing Of Rape Charge, Regarding Age Of Alleged Victim

What a despicable animal. Toss that dude away for life....and yesterday. That poor woman ran out of her house stark naked this morning screaming for her life. That man has children of his own. This is horrifying and he has stolen that woman's innocence and the innocence of this village." Aug 5, 16 12:55 PM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

What a work!? The club SCREWS the local kids with a fraudulent tax scheme, allowed only because they are connected. Then claims they want to protect THEIR kids and as a sweetener, they want to kick down a paltry $1m to help the kids THEY screwed?

The only thing Jay, the sellout Schniederman should be meeting with those crooks about is how they are going to follow the IRS regulations regarding the taxation of property at it's highest valued use.

The locals are getting hammered by these psychopathic golfers and Jay is pointing out where they should hit." Aug 5, 16 1:15 PM

Zeldin Gun Bill Favors Softer Approach To Background Checks

When you contrast Lee Zeldin vs. Tim Bishop it is eye opening. Tim Bishop was nothing more than a doe eyed errand boy for the elites. He would throw the locals a bone by explaining how he saved jobs and money for his cronies but everything he did was aimed at staying in favor of the high powered libs while being bank rolled by a guy who promoted drug fueled raves.

In Lee Zeldin, you have an actual leader. You never saw Tim Bishop on national television being asked tough questions about the direction of Washington.

ATH is no different than Tim Bishop. A doe eyed, rank amateur light weight." Aug 6, 16 7:15 AM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

Shocker. ''Summer Resident'' is in favor of closing the road. " Aug 6, 16 3:25 PM

Zeldin Gun Bill Favors Softer Approach To Background Checks

It's pretty obvious I'm right over the target. Perhaps you did not support your statement because you were lazy or maybe because it was impossible. " Aug 7, 16 6:44 AM

Vice President Vacations In Southampton Village

What a despicable human being." Aug 9, 16 11:06 AM

I'm not that into mass shooting, islamic terrorism, my nation in decline, stagnant wages, fraudulent unemployment numbers, weaponizing the irs to shut down free speech, black lives matters, civil war, guaranteeing my kids will never live in a financially sound country, the demolition of the American dream, over regulation, obamacare, income redistribution, colluding with the media, supporting felons voting, exponential increases in Americans living in poverty and on food stamps or liars." Aug 9, 16 1:15 PM

Sorry to break up your coffee clutch but the comment stands. To the extent you gilts don't like it, too bad. He would spit on your grave if he thought it would get him ahead" Aug 10, 16 6:13 AM

Selfish, selfish, selfish. People have not seen economic pain like this in a generation, there is a civil race war and we are sitting ducks for terrorists. Illegal aliens are like termites eating away at the fabric of our society while they rape innocent citizens in Southampton. Mass murderers' fathers are sitting right behind Hillary at her rally in an orchestrated move as they are embedded in the campaign. Bidens administration has overseen a devastating downfall of the American Dream and a decline in this once great nation. " Aug 10, 16 6:20 AM

Lack Of Evidence Prompts Release Of Four Men Charged In May Double Stabbing Outside Hampton Bays Bar

Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) is an international criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles, California. It has spread to other parts of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. The majority of the gang is ethnically composed of Central Americans (mostly Salvadorans) and active in urban and suburban areas.

In the U.S., the MS-13 has an especially heavy presence in Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California; the Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas of Fairfax County, Virginia, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Prince George's County, Maryland; Long Island, New York; the Boston, Massachusetts area; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Houston, Texas. There is also a presence of MS-13 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Members of MS distinguish themselves by tattoos covering the body and also often the face, as well as the use of their own sign language. They are notorious for their use of violence and a subcultural moral code that predominantly consists of merciless revenge and cruel retributions. This cruelty of the distinguished members of the "Maras" or "Mareros" earned them a path to be recruited by the Sinaloa Cartel battling against Los Zetas in an ongoing drug war south of the United States border. [5] [6][7] Their wide-ranging activities have drawn the attention of the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who have initiated wide-scale raids against known and suspected gang members – netting hundreds of arrests across the country.[citation needed]

According to The Washington Times, MS-13 "is thought to have established a major smuggling center" in Mexico.[18] There were reports by the Minuteman Project that MS members were ordered to Arizona to target U.S. Border Patrol agents and Minuteman Project volunteers.[19]

In 2005, Honduran Security Minister Oscar Alvarez and the President of El Salvador raised alarm by claiming that Muslim terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda was meeting with Mara Salvatrucha and other Central American gangs to help them infiltrate the United States. FBI agents said that the U.S. intelligence community and governments of several Central American countries found there is no basis to believe that MS-13 is connected to Al-Qaeda or other Islamic radicals, although Alvarez did visit Central America to discuss the issue.[20]

Robert Morales, a prosecutor for Guatemala, indicated to The Globe and Mail that some Central American gang members seek refugee status in Canada. Superintendent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police integrated gang task force, John Robin, said in an interview that "I think [gang members] have a feeling that police here won't treat them in the harsh manner they get down there."[21] Robin noted that Canadian authorities "want to avoid ending up like the U.S., which is dealing with the problem of Central American gangsters on a much bigger scale".[21]

On the southern border of Mexico, the gang has unleashed violence against migrants.[22]

Publicized crimes
On July 13, 2003, Brenda Paz, a 17-year-old former MS-13 member turned informant was found stabbed on the banks of the Shenandoah River in Virginia. Paz was killed for informing the FBI about Mara Salvatrucha's criminal activities. Two of her former friends were later convicted of the murder.[23]

In 2004, the FBI created the MS-13 National Gang Task Force.[24] In 2005, the FBI helped create a National Gang Information Center (NGIC) and outlined a National Gang Strategy for Congress.[25]

On December 23, 2004 the Friday before Christmas, one of the most widely publicized MS-13 crimes in Central America occurred in Chamelecón, Honduras when an intercity bus was intercepted and sprayed with automatic gunfire from assault rifles.[26] Killing 28 and wounding 14 civilian passengers, most of whom were women and children.[27] MS-13 organized the massacre as a protest against the Honduran government for proposing a restoration of the death penalty in Honduras. Six gunmen raked the bus with gunfire. As passengers screamed and ducked, another gunman climbed aboard and methodically executed passengers.[28] In February 2007, Juan Carlos Miranda Bueso and Darwin Alexis Ramírez were found guilty of several crimes including murder and attempted murder. Ebert Anibal Rivera was held over the attack and was arrested after fleeing to Texas.[29] Juan Bautista Jimenez, accused of masterminding the massacre, was killed in prison. According to the authorities, fellow MS-13 inmates hanged him.[30] There was insufficient evidence to convict Óscar Fernando Mendoza and Wilson Geovany Gómez.[29]

An MS-13 suspect bearing gang tattoos is handcuffed.
On May 13, 2006, Ernesto "Smokey" Miranda, a former high-ranking soldier and one of the founders of Mara Salvatrucha, was murdered at his home in El Salvador a few hours after declining to attend a party for a gang member who had just been released from prison. He had begun studying law and working to keep children out of gangs.[31]

On June 6, 2006,[32] a teenage MS-13 gang member named Gabriel Granillo was stabbed to death at Ervan Chew Park, in the Neartown district in Houston, Texas.[33] Chris Vogel of the Houston Press wrote that the trial of the girl, Ashley Paige Benton,[34] who stabbed Granillo gave attention to MS-13.[35]

In 2007, Julio Chavez a Long Island MS-13 member allegedly murdered a man because he was wearing a red sweatshirt and mistaken for a member of the Bloods gang.[36]

On June 4, 2008, in Toronto, Ontario, police executed 22 search warrants, made 17 arrests and laid 63 charges following a five-month investigation.[citation needed]

On June 22, 2008, in San Francisco, California, a 21-year-old MS-13 gang member, Edwin Ramos, shot and killed a father, Anthony Bologna, 48, and his two sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, after their car briefly blocked Ramos from completing a left turn down a narrow street as they were returning home from a family barbecue.[37]

On November 26, 2008, Jonathan Retana was convicted of the murder of Miguel Angel Deras, which the authorities linked to an MS-13 initiation.[38]

Gang graffiti.
In 2008, the MS-13 task force coordinated a series of arrests and crackdowns in the U.S. and Central America that involved more than 6,000 police officers in five countries. Seventy-three suspects were arrested in the U.S.; in all, more than 650 were taken into custody.[citation needed]

In February 2009, authorities in Colorado and California arrested 20 members of MS-13 and seized 10 pounds of methamphetamine, 2.3 kilograms (5 pounds) of cocaine, a small amount of heroin, 12 firearms and $3,300 in cash.[39]

In June 2009, Edwin Ortiz, Jose Gomez Amaya and Alexander Aguilar were MS-13 gang members from Long Island who had mistaken bystanders for rival gang members. As a result, two innocent civilians were shot. Edgar Villalobos, a laborer, was killed.[40]

On November 4, 2009, El Salvadoran leaders of the MS-13 gang allegedly put out a contract on the federal agent responsible for a crackdown on its New York factions, the Daily News learned. The plot to assassinate the unidentified Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent was revealed in an arrest warrant for reputed gang member Walter (Duke) Torres. Torres tipped authorities to the plan after he and four MS-13 members were stopped by NYPD detectives for hassling passersby on Northern Blvd. in Queens, New York. He told cops he had information to pass on; he was debriefed October 22 at Rikers Island, where he was being held on a warrant issued in Virginia, according to court papers. Torres said "the order for the murder came from gang leadership in El Salvador," ICE agent Sean Sweeney wrote in an affidavit for a new warrant charging Torres with conspiracy. Torres, who belonged to an MS-13 "clique" in Virginia, said he was put in charge, and traveled to New York in August "for the specific purpose of participating in the planning and execution of the murder plot," Sweeney wrote. Gang members were trying to get their hands on a high-powered rifle to penetrate the agent's bulletproof vest. Another MS-13 informant told authorities the agent was marked for death because the gang was "exceedingly angry" at him for arresting many members in the past three years, the affidavit states. The murder was supposed to be carried out by the Flushing clique, according to the informant. Federal prosecutors have indicted numerous MS-13 gang members on racketeering, extortion, prostitution, kidnapping, illegal immigration, money laundering, murder, people smuggling, arms trafficking, human trafficking and drug trafficking charges. The targeted special agent was the lead federal investigator on many of the federal cases.[41]

In 2010, Rene Mejia allegedly murdered a Long Island 2-year-old baby and his mother.[36]

In August 2011, six San Francisco MS-13 members were convicted of racketeering and conspiracy, including three murders, in what was the city's largest-scope gang trial in many years. Another 18 defendants reported to have ties to the gang plead guilty before trial.[42]

In 2011, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in New Haven, Connecticut was vandalized on multiple occasions with the "MS-13 tag" and "kill whites" in orange spray paint.[43]

Child prostitution
In 2011, Alonso "Casper" Bruno Cornejo Ormeno, an associate of MS-13 from Fairfax, Virginia was sentenced to 292 months in prison for child prostitution. Ormeno recruited juvenile females into a prostitution ring by locating runaway children.[44]

In June 2012, Rances Ulices Amaya, a leader of MS-13, of Springfield, Virginia was sentenced to 50 years in prison for child prostitution. He was convicted in February 2012 for trafficking girls as young as 14 into a prostitution ring. They were lured from middle schools, high schools, and public shelters. Once acquired by Amaya, they were required to have sex with a minimum of 10 individuals per day.[45]

In September 2012, Yimmy Anthony Pineda Penado, also known as “Critico” and “Spike”, of Maryland was a former "clique leader" of MS-13. Penado became the 11th MS-13 gang member to be convicted of child prostitution since 2011.[46]

Gang markings and hand signs

An MS gang sign and tattoos.
Many Mara Salvatrucha members cover themselves in tattoos. Common markings include "MS", "Salvatrucha", the "Devil Horns", the name of their clique, and other symbols.[48] A December 2007 CNN internet news article stated that the gang was moving away from the tattoos in an attempt to commit crimes without being noticed.[49]

Members of Mara Salvatrucha, like members of most modern American gangs, utilize a system of hand signs for purposes of identification and communication. One of the most commonly displayed is the "devil's head" which forms an 'M' when displayed upside down. This hand sign is similar to the same symbol commonly seen displayed by heavy metal musicians and their fans. Founders of Mara Salvatrucha borrowed the hand sign after attending concerts of heavy metal bands.[50]" Aug 11, 16 9:51 AM

Revised Tuckahoe Center Proposal Submitted To Southampton Town

Build it already, dealing with Southampton Village is a hot mess. Literally." Aug 12, 16 10:42 AM

Southampton School District Provides Information Sought In Lawsuit

did you intend to come on here with zero information and sound ignorant?" Aug 13, 16 4:58 PM

Can we find out how Scott Farina spent his $300,000 that the school board gave him for doing such a great job? If we found out how the iranians spent the ransom, it would seem like we could find out how Farina spent his ransom." Aug 14, 16 5:37 AM

Surfers Angered By Surf Lessons At Ditch Plains Beach In Montauk

For a bunch of pot heads, you surfers have more rules, regulations, unwritten laws, traditions, inside information, hidden spots, secret breaks, snarky labels, secret hand signals, silly phrases,systems of social division, opinions and complaints.

Gee, I gotta try it some day, it sounds so relaxing and cool..." Aug 14, 16 5:46 AM

Revised Tuckahoe Center Proposal Submitted To Southampton Town

The convenience vs need argument is a red herring. Completely irrelevant. It's also objective. You only NEED air, shelter and water.

" Aug 18, 16 6:13 AM

Still No Buyer For Hampton Bays Diner Building One Year After Closure

It's a hoot to watch the media justify censorship in an effort to make sure the ugliness of reality doesn't conflict with their manufacturing of reality " Aug 19, 16 6:15 AM

It's a newspaper. They spend their work life looking for ugliness in order to get eyes onto the adverts. This paper is just lucky because it's more of a real estate advertiser with a few news stories and some letters to fill up some space. This "news" is simply an excuse to make money selling ad space " Aug 19, 16 6:24 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

BLM was started in response to Ferguson and specificly the "hands up, don't shoot" fabrication of the lib media and other professional race baiters. There is no artistic freedom allowed. There is nothing honorable about it.

The lies of Ferguson and the BLM have played a critical part part in the historical levels of racial tension and liberal violence that has typified Obama's America. " Aug 20, 16 8:45 AM

Kkk hasn't been endorsed by the wh and the mainstream media. This has ZERO to do with the kkk. This has sverything to do with black supremacy. " Aug 20, 16 10:35 AM

Somehow the country became exponentially more racist the moment it's voters elected a black president. White lives actually matter too. The same exact amount as black peoples lives. On a case by case basis- it could go either way. " Aug 21, 16 6:45 AM

Why should anyone waste their time convincing you of anything you can't even be honest with yourself.

Black people don't need some patronizing tool of rich white people to help them think. The ones I know have done extremely well and are rich in everything that matters. BLM isn't helping anyone but white people and white politicians more specifically. They are actually hurting the people to whom they are *ahem* calling attention.

The last time black people were used this badly, Abraham Lincoln (r) had to free them. " Aug 21, 16 6:50 AM

The Southampton Press is an old school censorship outfit. They want to control the dialogue. Why even have a comment section if you cannot tolerate comments. " Aug 22, 16 5:05 AM

Sir Ivan Hosts 'Sinful 60th' Birthday Party

yawn." Aug 23, 16 10:20 AM

Group Will Press Town To Close East Hampton Airport

Great news!! No need to have an airport in East Hampton. " Aug 24, 16 9:43 AM

Group Will Press Town To Close East Hampton Airport

After "to the community." is where you were supposed to support your statement - not some ridiculous rant." Aug 26, 16 7:16 AM

So this is what it feels like if ROn Perlman and Woody Johnson don't come here? Huh. I think I'm going to make it." Aug 26, 16 7:17 AM

You have never "heard" so much exaggeration huh!? Read the first paragraph of what YOU wrote. If you read it aloud, you will have then heard "so much exaggeration"" Aug 27, 16 5:49 AM

Former Southampton Village Trustee Still Owes Money For Health Benefits

What does "still struggling to find herself at fault" mean?

Is that like lying to avoid taking responsibility for stealing tax payer money?" Aug 28, 16 6:43 AM

I thought TIm BIshop said healthcare would be free?" Aug 29, 16 1:28 PM

Press News Group Files Lawsuit Against Southampton School District Seeking Details Of Former Superintendent's Departure

This is fantastic. the culprit here is the attorney who is shared by every school district out here. He has NO idea he works for the taxpayers. You had completely incompetent board members who would fall for a smooth talking surfer dude and we have litigation. " Aug 30, 16 4:53 AM

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