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Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Al Franken has asked Jill Stein to run with him in 2020. Franken/Stein Ticket" Dec 4, 16 5:31 AM

Trump answered his phone and the left spent 2 days claiming we are headed for war with China. Lol. " Dec 4, 16 5:42 AM

You can't be serious? A better name for you would be Mr. ZZZZZZZZ because you've been asleep for the last 8 years.

Trump won because the Rinos sold out their voters and walked obama across the finish line at every opportunity. Whenever obama felt like it, he went around congress with an executive order and ended up in front of a judge.

No wonder you libs play the race card. You can't play the competent card." Dec 6, 16 8:21 AM

Man Steals $20,000 Necklace From Southampton Village Jewelry Store In Smash-And-Grab

You don't need to kill someone over a $20,000 priced necklace that was worth closer to $2,000 in reality. " Dec 6, 16 8:23 AM

Citing Low Salinity Levels In Bay, Southampton Town Trustees Will Open Mecox Cut Again

More like ow sanity levels on the Trustees" Dec 7, 16 8:39 AM

Former Sag Harbor Gas Ball Site Deemed No Longer A Threat By State DEC

So what's the name of the developer who greased the right palm?" Dec 8, 16 11:34 AM

Southampton Town Expects To Hold At Least One More Public Hearing In January On Proposed Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Before Voting

Here is the results of the County Rd 39 Study.

The traffic is never going away. It's only getting worse. Nothing will ever change that. People drive like morons throughout this stretch and the entirety of Long Island.

The End." Dec 9, 16 8:26 AM

Mall in the Pine Barrens? We already have one in Smithtown. No need. " Dec 9, 16 8:28 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

It was definitely the Russians. Libs should beef up cyber-security and run Hillary a 3rd time. Please. I'm begging you. It was definitely the Russians. Because hillary's message and long track record of accomplishments are exemplary. Lol" Dec 11, 16 6:05 AM

Southampton School District Receives Grant From Governor To Increase Local Produce In Schools

They need money to produce better locals, not for local produce " Dec 11, 16 7:55 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Nothin like a secret report nobody has seen from an anonymous source nobody knows about a Russian plot nobody can explain for a motive nobody can find.

To set the left and their media on fire " Dec 12, 16 5:43 AM

Southampton School Board Plans To Appoint Dyno As Superintendent In January

I have no clue how he is registered to vote. And, you know I'm right about the toxicity of the liberal impact on our nations great institutions. That being said, you and your family should gain the skill of critical thinking and nuanced communication before you run from the alternate universe of homeschooling back into the communities arms " Dec 13, 16 5:05 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

We are in the midst of a soft coup. The CIA has worked to overthrow governments for eons. now the are working on ours. It shall fail. " Dec 14, 16 4:51 AM

NOAA Official Apologizes For Lack Of Communication With Community About Stranded Whale

Ha! It worked. Whale is still dead and nothing has changed but a fluffy statement meant to shut you morons up is met with a "Praise Jesus". Always a hoot to see what causes to libs to find religion. " Dec 15, 16 4:23 AM

KKK Business Cards Found At Hampton Bays Train Station

In related news, these same guys have been finding very large chicken cutlet sandwiches at delis throughout the East End " Dec 15, 16 4:26 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

The birth certificate was totally fake. " Dec 16, 16 6:12 AM


All part of the affliction. Because I care " Dec 17, 16 4:52 AM

Obama today voiced his anger at Russia who tampered with our election when they exposed the way the Democrats tampered with our election." Dec 17, 16 5:01 AM

Your grandiloquence is no different than a poster with a poor vocabulary. its just a different affliction which is supported by your offputting justification. Your ideal condition for making a point doesn't include your listener feeling sympathy for someone trying too hard. nobody has said they don't know what the words mean we just see through your transparency
" Dec 18, 16 5:52 AM

Sag Harbor 7-Eleven Store Owner Sentenced To 48 Months In Prison For Scheme

Today we get to watch the only college in the nation that the libs did NOT ef up," Dec 19, 16 11:38 AM

wrong again.

a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives." Dec 19, 16 11:39 AM

You lost me at "Welcome"" Dec 20, 16 4:51 AM

Bistrians Say Amagansett Farm Preservation Is In Jeopardy, Will Press For Development

Greed, conspicuous consumption and ego driven competition between small minded locals are to blame. The bistrian and krupinski families suffer the classic big fish - small pond syndrome. Grotesque. " Dec 21, 16 5:56 AM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor Fire May Have Been Caused By Unextinguished Cigarette

In reviewing cases where discarded butts cause major fires, it appears that charges can be filed or not filed depending on parameters that are difficult to ascertain. Our community lost a tremendous amount of history and someone should pay if it could have been avoided " Dec 21, 16 6:03 AM

Sag Harbor Man Stands With Protesters At Standing Rock, Offering Medical Aid

Someone should tell him that the alternative is to use fossil fuel burning machines to pump the oil into large tanker trucks that burn fossil fuel to drive the oil to where it needs to be. At that point, the tanker trucks fill up with more gas and drive back, thereby burning more fossil fuel. " Dec 27, 16 1:18 PM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Hey libs: "Cons got snookered by Trump and Russia and Putin and the alt right and fake news didn't treat you fair and you really won the popular vote and Trump's twitter.''

Now that we got that out of the way, perhaps you can use this time to come up with something new for 2017." Dec 27, 16 1:20 PM

A delusion of grandeur is the fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth. It is most often a symptom of schizophrenia, but can also be a symptom found in psychotic or bipolar disorders, as well as dementia (such as Alzheimer’s).

People with a delusion of grandeur often have the conviction of having some great but unrecognized talent or insight. They may also believe they have made some important discovery that others don’t understand or appreciate.

Less commonly, the individual may have the delusion of having a special relationship with a prominent person (such as being an adviser to the President). Or the person may believe that actually are a very prominent and important person, in which case the actual person may be regarded as an imposter.

Grandiose delusions may have religious content, such as the person believes he or she has received a special message from God or another deity.

Sometimes, in popular language, this disorder may be known as “megalomania,” but is more accurately referred to as narcissistic personality disorder if it is a core component of a person’s personality and identity. In such disorders, the person has a greatly out-of-proportion sense of their own worth and value in the world. People with this issue can also sometimes have a taste for the finer, more extravagant things in life.

Sometimes drug use or abuse can intensify or bring on episodes of delusion of grandeur. People who take phencyclidine (PCP) or amphetamines are especially at risk. People who are high and experience a delusion of grandeur may be at increased risk for physically harmful behavior. For instance, if you believe you are capable of flying after taking PCP, and try to jump off a 10-story building based upon that false belief, you may be at serious risk of death." Dec 28, 16 9:35 AM

For those of you without the patience to wallow through more of this character's fluffy nonsense. Little Drummer Boy attacked me, as opposed to the content of my post. That's because it hit a nerve." Dec 29, 16 8:05 AM

Thiele Asks For Federal Support After Sag Harbor Fire

This is what passes as political action in these parts. You'll be reading about it for decades on the junk mail. Fred Thiele asks for money for his constituents. Forget if its appropriate or if he gets it. Lazy politicians need this playbook stuff for political ads." Dec 30, 16 6:50 AM

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