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Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

There hasn't been a single person who has been harmed since the election of Donald Trump. Just thousands of jobs saved and less expensive planes.

A quick review of June Bug, our online barometer, would indicate that the nation is headed in precisely the right direction." Dec 30, 16 6:53 AM

A Year In East Hampton Press News Photos 2016

Happy New Year to Tim Bishop! A casualty of Obamacare. And 2017 Obamacare becomes a casualty.

Sucker " Jan 1, 17 7:45 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

I don't recall your horror at seeing any of JuneBug's cut-n-paste carpet bombing. huh. Probably just an oversight or shall we say a pretermission in your assessments." Jan 3, 17 8:01 AM

Westbound County Road 39 Traffic In Tuckahoe Redirected After Accident Tuesday Morning

The opportunists who moan about the plans for a much needed, minute , retail concern after every accident are actually making a case to approve the plans. People are driving too fast because they had to rush because of how far away the supermarkets are." Jan 3, 17 1:35 PM

Southampton Village's Tuscan House To Change Into Gastro Pub

noun: gastropub; plural noun: gastropubs; noun: gastro-pub; plural noun: gastro-pubs
a pub that specializes in serving high-quality food.
Origin" Jan 4, 17 12:22 PM

Officials Discuss Southampton Town PDD Changes After Moratorium in May

Shut this corrupt slush fund down. Yesterday." Jan 5, 17 10:27 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Soon, Tim Bishop and obamacare can get drunk at fellingham's together...." Jan 6, 17 10:47 AM

Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran.
As a child, Jarrett spoke Farsi
She works for a radicalized muslim
oversaw the development of isis

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.

President Obama is trying to justify the delivery of $400 million cash to Iran, but he cannot (“Obama denies $400M payment to Iran was ransom,” Web, Aug. 5). Ever since Mr. Obama was elected, his key adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has been in negotiations with Iran. She is Iranian and wants to be the one who normalizes relations with Iran. The mullahs are using her and Mr. Obama as their private tools. Mr. Obama, who was raised by a Muslim stepfather and attended a madrassah, seems to do everything he can to support the religion — to the detriment of the United States. Now he ought to be considered an international criminal because he approved the cash transfer to Iran against all international laws and regulations. Mr. Obama needs to be impeached by Congress and rebuked by all international leaders.

The Iranian-born Jarrett (her parents were American-born expatriates) is the only staff member who regularly follows the president home from the West Wing to the residence and one of the few people allowed to call the president by his first name.

Her influence is shown by an account in Richard Miniter's book "Leading From Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him."

" Jan 6, 17 11:37 AM

Imagine if Meryl Streep took a moment to speak out again the weekly assassination of cops?

But no, she had to capitalize on the disabled in a disgusting move to score points in hiplandia." Jan 9, 17 11:48 AM

Good thing you aren't susceptible to having all of your opinions spoon fed to you by the lib media. You'd be talking about Trump being unfit, and about Putin and about nuclear weaponry and making moves after the inauguration and that would be embarrassing." Jan 9, 17 12:24 PM

Southampton Village Residents Oppose Gin Lane Compound With 17,000-Square-Foot House

WTF needs a 17,000 square foot house!? Just ridiculous. Get me out of here." Jan 11, 17 12:53 PM

Patients, Healthcare Providers Concerned Over Possible Repeal Of Affordable Care Act

obama is gone, obamacare is finished and tim bishop is unemployed. Who cares WHAT the article says?! That is a victory for NY District 1 and its tax payers by any metric. Let the healing begin. It's time to come together. " Jan 12, 17 11:57 AM

LIPA And Deepwater Wind Reach Agreement For South Fork Electrical Project

Follow the money. Right into Cuomo's swiss bank account." Jan 12, 17 11:58 AM

Patients, Healthcare Providers Concerned Over Possible Repeal Of Affordable Care Act

Make sure you tell your kids you wouldn't want to pay any more than $75 for their birth. See how that works out. You can afford the doctor, you just spend the money on stuff you don't need to keep up with the Joneses." Jan 13, 17 8:32 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell Will Not Seek Reelection In Fall, Van Scoyoc Says He Is Considering Run

Here are the steps which are actually on the Town's Website:

1.) Put your ethics in a shoe box and send it out to sea a Main Beach
2.) Give bank deposit slips to all of the building contractor and any other blue collar lug with an airplane.
3.) Spend, Jenkins, Spend" Jan 13, 17 2:32 PM

Patients, Healthcare Providers Concerned Over Possible Repeal Of Affordable Care Act

The left has devolved from "madame president" to delusions of urine soaked sheets and Russian spies. This is one of the most epic meltdowns of a primitive civilization in history. It's because they know we will never need career politicians in our life again. " Jan 14, 17 7:50 AM

Cuomo Says He Wants Roadblocks For Expansion Of Uber Removed

Hitchhiking is illegal for a reason. " Jan 18, 17 4:17 AM

Patients, Healthcare Providers Concerned Over Possible Repeal Of Affordable Care Act

Free healthcare is not a right
Neither is free health insurance " Jan 18, 17 5:28 AM

Close Vote Makes Gumbs, Wright Eligible To Run For Shinnecock Leadership Posts Again

What's it called when you do the same thing over and over again while hoping for a different result? " Jan 19, 17 3:38 AM

Tuckahoe Center Public Hearing In Front Of Town Board Set For Tuesday

The problem with your response is that you read East Hampton and presumed it's true. Your entire premise is flawed due to lack of critical thinking. Now if you apply that to current events and what you read in the media, you will be on your way to healing. Don't allow yourself to be tricked so easily, if you can help it " Jan 19, 17 6:41 AM

This is about to be approved and rightly so. There hasn't been a single study that reflects added traffic because of a small and much needed grocery store. You can't claim to be a proponent of ''smart development'' while allowing gross over-development without an increase in consumer goods and services. Build it and they will come." Jan 19, 17 8:16 AM

Local Residents To Make A Statement With Women's March On Washington

Trump is the President. The sun will come up tomorrow. You libs need to calm the heck down. We made it through 8 years of your shady community sh*t stirrer, you'll make it through 8 years of President Donald J. Trump. Barely." Jan 20, 17 1:50 PM

obama who?" Jan 20, 17 4:21 PM

Neo-libs who do not speak out against violent protests, the destruction of property and the disparaging of a young boy who appears to be on the spectrum
Are no different than muslims who are silent about ISIS. " Jan 21, 17 8:30 AM

Asian media is reporting that Trump has pulled the plug on TPP. Great move to assist women working in poor conditions for multinational corporations. " Jan 22, 17 4:33 AM

You see the size of the crowd for Hillary's inauguration?
Exactly " Jan 22, 17 8:19 AM

East Hampton Town Republican Committee Celebrates President Trump With Inauguration Ball

First full work day for YOUR new President. On tap: the end of TPP, the end of obamacare, executive actions on immigration, Rex Tillerson approval more effort geared towards eliminating any evidence of the last 8 failed years. " Jan 23, 17 6:07 AM

Local Residents To Make A Statement With Women's March On Washington

President Barack Obama had an average approval rating of 47.9 percent during his time in office, according to the Gallup poll.

That puts him behind Richard Nixon, who resigned, and George W. Bush, who saw his approval rating drop as low as 25 percent near the end of his term.

It puts him ahead of only Gerald Ford (47.2 percent), Jimmy Carter (45.5 percent) and Harry Truman (45.4 percent).

Gallup, in an analysis released Friday, published the average approval rating for all twelve presidents who have served since World War II." Jan 24, 17 8:01 AM

Bad news: As he was leaving, BHO sent $221 mil to the Palestinians.
Worse news: Tax payers, you just paid to reward suicide bomber families" Jan 24, 17 8:12 AM

Day 3. Executive Orders:

1.) Punish Sanctuary Cities
2.) End Catch-n-Release of illegals
3.) Commence building the wall
4.) Increase border security staff levels
5.) Suspension of visas for syria and 6 other middle eastern & african hell holes

Gee, Trump totally hoodwinked his voters and he is not following through on any of his promises. What on earth shall we do!?" Jan 25, 17 7:22 AM

Hahaha. An old salty "refuse transportation specialist'' from North Sea explaining to the masses about twitter. We're officially on Mars...." Jan 25, 17 7:26 AM

First black president snuck $221 million to the Palestinians instead of sending it to Flint where he received 100% of the black vote twice." Jan 26, 17 7:08 AM

You forgot to mention that the traiterous chitown community sh*t stirrer notified Congress just hours before he sent the $$ because he defied GOP members of congress who had been blocking it.

In addition to the $221 million for the Palestinian Authority, the Obama administration also told Congress on Friday it was going ahead with the release of another $6 million in foreign affairs spending, including $4 million for climate change programs and $1.25 million for U.N. organizations.

Beyond the corruption of the PA, its involvement in inciting Palestinians to murder Jews has been widely documented, from publications as leftist as Newsweek to the Gatestone Institute to Christians United for Israel.
" Jan 26, 17 8:45 AM

Thank you. However, what you are remiss in noticing is that the testicular retention of the mammary eloquence is decidedly rectified when examined in flatulenced conditions.

You see, for, thou art, the mandibular machinations of the bilateral executionary allegiences is more...potable...shall we say to the fecalatory crackatoans.

Capiche'?" Jan 27, 17 9:00 AM

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