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Changes in PILOT payments in the works

Amazing...last year, all I heard was how we needed property tax relief. Councilman Nuzzi comes up with a practical solution, and now he's getting criticized. What is wrong with everyone?
Here's a suggestion to all of those who know so much better - get off the computer, stop writing letters and whining, and go run for public office since you know all the answers.
" Nov 8, 08 9:06 AM

Town euthanizes Tank and Dolce

If the woman who got attacked had died from her wounds, would everyone feel better about putting these two beasts down? Come on, does someone have to die before bleeding heart animal lovers agree to euthanize animals that savagely and unnecessarily attack an innocent person walking down the street? Take a look at the pictures of the poor woman who was mauled by these two dogs for no reason - maybe you'll feel differently. Or maybe you'd feel differently if it was your mother or child that it happened to.
The Town did the right thing by putting them down. The only thing they did wrong was waste taxpayer money for 2 and a half years feeding and caring for two dogs that should have been put down right away.
I love animals, but Dolce and Tank were dangerous and needed to go." Jan 9, 09 10:20 AM

Pope holds swing vote on Nuzzi proposal

How anyone can argue that this cut is a bad idea is beyond me.
And to "number19," what you said above makes absoultely no sense. The cuts will simply save $96,000 a year. If the boards were 7 members for the next 7 years, the Town would have spent $96,000 more a year than if they were 5 member boards. It's not rocket science." Jan 16, 09 2:50 PM

Nuzzi proposes cutting the size of regulatory boards

to dagdavid and foodie, do your research. if these cuts happen the democrats lose 3 members, republicans lose 2, and conservatives lose 1.
mr. schepps, there's a lot more to concealing my identity than having "no guts." i have a family and a life, and i don't want it interfered with because of my comments and the people who react to them. people like you are EXACTLY why i conceal my identity. don't worry about who is making the comments, it's irrelevant." Jan 20, 09 12:08 PM

Southampton Town restructures its finance department, hires new comptroller

Once again, the comments get more and more tangential, and less to the point. This is a simple case of 4 board members playing politics, and one board member doing the right thing. If you think it's anything else, you're on another planet. This issue is quite simple (and mr. z, littleplains and a few others have hit the nail right on the head) - the Comptroller has failed at his job and should be fired, not given a new position at $100k a year. WAKE UP PEOPLE, we're supposed to be cutting costs, not adding them. And adding them to support someone proven to be incompetent? What world are the 4 members of the board who supported this living in? They obviously have never run a business, because if they knew what they were doing, they would follow Nuzzi's lead and clean this mess up.
Absolutely pathetic." May 28, 09 10:21 AM

Southampton Town Board incumbent Christopher Nuzzi (R,I,C)

Turkey Bridge - may I make two recommendations? 1. Get a life. 2. Find a hobby. This hobby of being an obnoxious political sycophant isn't helping anyone, including yourself.
Feel free to dislike Chris Nuzzi all you want. I don't always agree with him either to be honest - I don't care about that. But, you're worse than a 5 year old! And I happen to know how old you are! It's really sad.
I don't waste my time on these sites, nor did I bother reading more than a few of your 129 comments because I do a lot more productive things with my time. I vote, I stay involved, and I give back,,,but seriously...you should be embarassed for yourself.
I hope that you find a new hobby after election day, but unfortunately for the public, I won't bank on that..." Nov 3, 09 4:43 PM

Group Pushing For Religious Boundary Files Suit Against Southampton Town, Westhampton Beach And Quogue

I make every effort to refrain from getting caught up in these comments on 27east, but this eruv thing has me livid. CDwyer made a comment above that I think is so perfectly said, I can't top it: "This has nothing to do with civil rights, bigotry, tolerance, etc. Nothing is impeding their ability to practice their religion... except their own religion."
I don't give a CRAP how big the poles are or what they're made out of....that's not the point at all. If the eruv proponents want an area where they can bend the rules of their religion, fine. Make a map, draw a border and say "OK, you can do whatever is typically not permitted, within this boundary" and be done with it (yes, I think this entire concept is bizarre and ridiculous, but I understand that's just my opinion). Can I deal with looking at poles tied to larger poles? Yes. Do I like a mixed composition of races, religions, etc. in my community? Absolutely! Do I have any patience for a religious group stirring up controversy about their need for the community to accomodate their needs to exist in that community? NO. Knock it off. We're not going to stand for this obnoxiousness." Jan 18, 11 1:06 PM

p.s....Kudos to any elected official who takes a stand against this and to the several hundred Jewish neighbors of mine who have formed the JPOE (Jewish People Opposed to the Eruv). " Jan 18, 11 1:09 PM

Pell Refuses To Recuse Himself From East Quogue Dock Application

Pell is obviously relatively dim-witted. I can see both sides to this story, but if he has any common sense he can make a logical and easy decision here - stay out of it and recuse yourself. It's obvious that Pell has a majorly biased and personal issue with Dockers. He made his decision on any future applications submitted by Docker's clear during his campaign, demonstrating his inability to hear the facts and make an educated decision. His lack of intelligence and objectivity is dangerous." Jan 22, 12 11:22 AM