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Massive Brawl Breaks Out At 230 Elm; One Arrested

ummmm perhaps he hadnt consumed any alcohol....just a thought." Sep 7, 11 12:33 AM

Sounds like the crowd was attempting to disperse, when the police arrived and in all of the chaos and confusion, the police may have been a little over zealous in their attempt to get control of the situation. This is sounding less and less like a riot and more like law enforcement needs a refresher course on crowd control. Pepper spraying people who were trying to leave? They couldn’t tell the difference between people fleeing and people fighting? Hmmmm brace yourselves for the lawsuits..." Sep 8, 11 1:17 PM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

We have a border hedge at the old homestead in the village, my father kept it trimmed on both sides because it was our hedge, and he didn’t need to ask permission from our neighbor to do it. My brother keeps it trimmed now. The house across the street owned by "summer people" I think they purchased it 15 years ago, has a hedge facing the street. In the 15 years since they purchased it, I think they may have trimmed them once or twice that I can remember. It looks terrible, if you cannot maintain the hedges or are unwilling to pay someone to do it for you...get rid of them and put up a fence. I agree with summertime, there was a time when people took pride in the upkeep of their yard. Now in the age of investment and rental properties, and just plain selfish neighbors it’s not a priority. To me it’s a simple courtesy. If other people thought that way, there would be no need for the village to pass a law forcing people to do what they are supposed to do anyway." Sep 21, 11 8:50 PM

he kept my first car running...really good man. Its still strange to see a bank on that corner. " Sep 22, 11 9:56 PM

Residents Call For Closing Dale Street Off From County Road 39

Why not just block it off during peak hours. I would hate to see a follow up article on this if someone is hit by a speeding car especially if the somone is a child. " Sep 24, 11 11:06 AM

Public Criticizes Southampton School District Over Student Bullying

The more things change the more things stay the same, but a least people are speaking up now. I hope they continue to speak up. There has always been a difference in the way minority students are treated in the Southampton School District. Of course the Superintendent would deny it but since he is new to the area he really can’t speak to it. He can only speak to what happens on his watch.

Years ago, the High School Band took a trip to Florida I think, and as happens on these kinds of trips a few of the students got out of hand, breaking curfew...boys in girl’s rooms etc. I believe there may have even been some alcohol consumption. One of these students was a senior, basically a good kid, didn’t always make good decisions, but no one could call him a trouble maker, and oh did I mention he was black. Well when the dust settled, he was suspended and not allowed to take part in Graduation ceremonies. Mind you, out of all the kids involved in the incident he was the only one to receive such a harsh punishment. He was also the only black student involved. But for the intervention of a neighbor who went directly to the Superintendent of schools to plead on his behalf, he would not have been allowed to graduate with his classmates. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been punished, but the punishment should have been the same for all students involved.

Faculty, staff and the administration really need to do a gut check. This is about more than just bullying. Minority students and parents in the Southampton School district have always seen and felt the difference in the way they are treated. It’s a sad but true reality for these members of the Southampton community. Why do you think so many minority families are choosing to send their kids to private schools?

A kid who has been pushed to the edge lashes out at his tormentor and he is punished. The tormentor gets off without any consequences for his part in creating the volatile situation. The fact that this child is a minority and his parents feel as if their pleas for help in this situation went without acknowledgement simply because of the color of their skin speaks volumes about the relationship between the school district and minority students and parents. The administration needs to do better; the community needs to do better. Otherwise, a lot more minority students are going to be leaving the district and enrolling in Private Schools." Oct 5, 11 6:19 PM

You are correct, this is not about wealth or the lack there of. It’s about a bully who obviously learned his behavior at home." Oct 6, 11 3:05 PM

What issue is he clouding? The fact that his sun was being bullied? The fact that administrators did nothing to address his concerns? The fact that his son was pushed to far and lashed out? I do not know Dan's son but I know the Claude family, they are good people and it they say he was pushed to far, I believe it. It sounds like you have an issue with the student...or his family or both. At any rate, there is an issue with the treatment of minorities in the Southampton School District. There always has been." Oct 11, 11 10:37 PM

Head Start May Face Federal Budget Cuts Next Year

I was a student in the Headstart program in Southampton, as child back in the 70's. It served its purpose then and it continues to do so now.

Not every child that attends head start is the child of illegal immigrants. Not every immigrant is illegal. You assume because the parent mentioned in the article needs a translator, that she is illegal. She could be here legally and working towards becoming a citizen.

At any rate, that is not the point of the article. Headstart is a valuable resource, everything should be done to keep that resource in place.
" Oct 13, 11 4:36 PM

The pictures of the children in this article all appear to be Hispanic, and they attend the Bridgehampton Head start, which is housed on the grounds of the Bridgehampton child care center. The Bridgehampton Child Care Center was founded after a tragedy in 1949 when a house fire killed the untended children of migrant Farm workers. If this article had been written in 62 years ago, the pictures would reflect an entirely different demographic, but the need for a safe place for children to be while their parents are out working to provide for them would still be the same." Oct 13, 11 5:08 PM

because everyone is harping about immigration....and the story is about a mother needing a safe place to leave her child while she's working, cuts to Head Start to me mean kids are going to be in danger. We complain about the immigrants...we assume most are illegal, what I see is a bunch of hard working people who are going to have to make some hard choices about the care of their children. Choices that could lead to tragedy....and if that happens...what will people have to say then. Same crap different day." Oct 14, 11 9:28 AM

Teenager Stabbed After Party in Bridgehampton

Now suppose this kid had bled to death on the way to the hospital? Why didnt anyone call the police or at least ems? I hope he comes out of this ok.
" Oct 17, 11 4:50 PM

I have to say TM a kid that young should have been at home, and not walking home even if they lived near by. When a kid that young gets into a situation like the one described in this article...yeah I'm lookin at the parents sideways. The kid should have been home. Not saying the parents don't care, but maybe they need to exercise better judgement." Oct 18, 11 2:51 PM

And another thing...someone knows exactly who the "man" that stabbed this kid is. Speak up!" Oct 18, 11 4:32 PM

ummm I think Goldenrod would agree with you on this...re-read his post." Oct 20, 11 3:13 PM

Why didnt his friend rightously call the police and EMS for assistance? Thats what you do when someone has been assualted and stabbed, you do not put them in your car and drive them to the hospital, thats called making a bad situation worse. Perhaps if they had called the police when the incident took place the person who stabbed the kid would be in custody. Thats why kids of a certain age need to be home at a resonable hour or at least under a responsible adults supervision. A responsible adult would have called police and ems, not put a bleeding unconcious child in a car an driven 30 minutes to the hospital and that sir is the truth." Oct 20, 11 3:20 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

The gun was non functioning, I remember a time when kids would come to school straight from the duck blinds, guns on a rack in the pick up. Then there was columbine...
" Oct 31, 11 7:47 PM

When I was growing up a certian "type" of person from North Sea was known as a dirt bag, a dirt bag is different from a red neck.. I always liked the dirt bags, I think they call them stoners now. " Nov 2, 11 4:00 PM

Did you read the first sentence in the article? He will not be allowed to return to school. Soooooo ummmmmm what are you talking about? Did Dr. Boyes reverse himself on that decision? What cover up are you referring to? The only thing covered up in this article is the kids name. Stop being so cryptic...if you've got something to say put it out there. Are you perhaps a victim of this kids prior bad acts?" Nov 7, 11 9:36 PM

Parents Blast East Hampton School Board Over Handling of Graffiti Incident

Yes the school is supposed to protect children. That being said, if the VB team had access, it was right to question them. For the protection of the entire student body. Questioning someone is not an accusation. I seriously doubt this incident will have any affect on the futures of the VB team members unless its discovered that they did have something to do with it. These parents need to relax, they were questioned by the coach not the police. At anyrate, the culprits will be found out, nothing stays a secret for long the kids who are responsible will out themselves." Nov 17, 11 3:40 PM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

I'm trying to understand why anyone would think that Mr. Oddone deserves a retrail or that some how he didnt recieve a fair trail. While his actions did not constitute pre-mediated murder, his actions did result in the death of another human being. He needs to pay for that. I feel no pity for him. He made a choice, we all have to live with what comes from the choices we make. My heart is with Andrews family, I know what it is to loose a father, I know what it is to watch your mother grieve, I know that time does not always heal all wounds, sometimes the wound can reopen when you least expect it. That's what Andrew's wife and children have to look forward to thanks to Mr. Oddone. Things will get better for them, there lives will go on, but there will always be those random bitter sweet moments. So please do not come into this forum defending this man. He made his choice, now he has to live with it. The holidays are upon us, I hope that the judges decision brings Andrew's family some comfort." Nov 17, 11 4:03 PM

Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

There are also homeless shelters in Southampton. Same set up, hotels converted. " Nov 30, 11 12:46 PM

I went to school with a kid who lived in a shelter in Southampton, he was not an animal, didnt bring drugs to our school. He was just homeless. That was over 20 years ago in Southampton." Nov 30, 11 12:48 PM

Preschooler Found After Wandering Away From Southampton Elementary School

There were no guards when I attended Southampton Elementary School...its not a prison, the staff was very attentive, and once you set foot on the grounds, there was someone keeping an eye on you, you definately didnt wander off. A parent drops their child off at their classroom and the child just walks out? What could have possibly been that distracting? Sorry Dr. Boyes...you have to come up with a better explaination than that." Dec 11, 11 10:57 AM

Discord Erupts Over Shinnecock Vote On Casino Partner's Future

They are already a part of Southampton Society...every heard of OTB? " Dec 14, 11 8:22 PM

Anonymous Santa Delivers Toys To Homeless Families In Hampton Bays

God bless us every one!" Dec 26, 11 7:48 PM

God bless us every one!" Dec 26, 11 7:48 PM

Arrests Follow Brawl Outside East Hampton Bowl

He's right...from away is a term used for outsiders (city folks) he did not mention race, you did." Jan 7, 12 3:15 PM

Southampton High School Unveils Marine Science Wet Lab

Just because summertime is not aware of any threats or racially motivated dissention, in regards to the pool, does not mean that its not true. There was plenty of bigotry in Southampto during that era. As for the planitarium, I remember plenty of field trip there when I was a kid and I and my schoolmates loved it. Its a tool just like anyother...its there and should be used. " Jan 20, 12 11:38 AM

you are so right, it prepares them for education beyond high school. So many great students flounder when the move on to college level study, because they are forced to think. There are not many multiple choice test once you hit college. Something to think about.
" Jan 20, 12 11:49 AM

Southampton School District Looks Into Building New Office For Administrators

What would you suggest they do?" Jan 20, 12 11:54 AM

No Opposition to Drug-Sniffing Dog Idea At Pierson High School

Ok they have been warned. Drug sniffing dogs will be brought in periodically. So someone who might be tempted to bring illegal drugs to school will refrain from doing so for fear of getting caught. " Jan 27, 12 1:45 PM

Firefighter Injured Battling Hampton Bays Blaze

Perhaps everyone would be happy if the reporter amended his story to read...

Chris Raymos, a retired Fire Department of New York firefighter, was on the scene right after the fire broke out and conducted a search of the second floor of the home before being told to leave for his own safety by the Hampton Bays Fire Department, ....
" Feb 10, 12 2:07 PM

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