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Romney Makes Second Visit To The Hamptons On Friday

Perhaps the press should just create a page for political commentary...I've seen it all, on this article...Abortion rights, voter ID, unemployment...its going to be an interesting election year. " Aug 30, 12 11:46 AM

Police Make Arrest In Hampton Bays Bank Robbery

I agree, most local law enforcement departments use the help of US Marshalls with fugitive searches.
" Sep 19, 12 12:08 PM

Why so bitter?" Sep 19, 12 12:09 PM

East Hampton Village Police Charge Man With Felony In Connection With Anti-Obama Graffiti

The 47 percent well actually the latest numbers say 46 percent as broken out by the tax policy center:

23 percent income is to low to pay income tax
10 percent benefits for the elderly
7 percent benefits for the WORKING poor and their children
6 percent is classified as other like benefits for veterans and members of the military and their families.

I'm sure that there are some members of the union, gays,blacks,and feminists are included in those those numbers. I just don't seem them as victims or not wanting to take responsibilty for their lives. People should stop listening to sound bites meant to demonize a segment of this countries population and actually research what comes out of these politicians mouths...and I mean ALL politicians.

What the leaked video shows about Mr. Romney is that he tells people what they want to hear in order to get their vote. I suppose most politicians do, but I watched the clips. His tone just didnt sit well with me. Add to that he has yet to articulate a clear plan on anything. When he states exactly what he will do to help everyone in this country move forward, I might actually take him seriously. They say President Obama is divisive. I've yet to see what division he has caused in this country. Perhaps I'm missing something. But Mr. Romneys statements are extremely divisive there is no way he can spin it. There is a stereotype about the alleged 47 percent that he eagerly perpetuated. That makes me question his ability to lead our nation.

Humbly submitted by an undecided voter" Sep 19, 12 6:20 PM

President Obama attends a fundrasier given by his supporters and he is partying it up...Romney does the same thing and its just a fundraiser...I beleive he attended two parties oops I mean fund raisers in the "Hamptons" this summer. " Sep 19, 12 6:23 PM

Just posting what was put out by the tax policy center...never claimed to be an expert...you can always visit their website yourself. Perhaps I mixed something up. I doubt the people in the 47 percent feel like they are getting a free ride. Contrary to popular belief (that stereotype I mentioned) people in the 47 percent are not dependent on the government programs. But hey like I said I'm not an expert. I’m Just waiting for someone to say something that isn’t spin. Waiting for someone to stop making stuff up, and actually speak to what their policies will be, instead of making vague references, and saying that the other guy just does not know what he’s doing. McCain didn’t have a plan. That’s why he lost and if Romney does not articulate a clear way forward, he will lose too. That's the reality of the situation.
" Sep 19, 12 6:39 PM

Chamber Pulls Plug On Halloween Parade In Westhampton Beach

Do they really loose that much business? HUMBUG!" Sep 26, 12 3:58 PM

Charge Against Driver In Fatal East Hampton Accident To Be Dropped

I dont know anything about police procedure, but wouldnt it make sense to get the tox results back before you charge someone? I agree with highhat on this one. ( WOW) :) " Sep 27, 12 2:39 PM

East Hampton School District Responds To Student's Death

I think the point of this story was to highlight the student communities response to this tragedy. While we have a right to express our opinions, we should take a moment to think before we type...is what I'm saying going to help or harm? Is it a time to get on the soap box, or is it a time to show some empathy for your fellow man in their time of sorrow. My sympathies go out to this young mans family." Oct 3, 12 6:52 PM

Brawl Ends Southampton-Hampton Bays Game Early

Why are people so shocked when these things happen? Its like never in the history of high school sports has there ever been a fight on the field or on the court or in the parking lot. It happens. Is it right? No but they are kids, and kids do dumb stuff. Its not the first time and its not the last time. They will be punished, and life will go on. Hopefully they coach had them doing wind sprints until they puked at practice...but probably not, some parents might complain that the coach was working them to hard." Oct 9, 12 2:30 PM

UPDATE: Officials Discuss Plans For Southampton Hospital, Stony Brook Alliance, Plans For New Hospital

Winthrop is the best. " Oct 10, 12 3:00 PM

Reading is fundemental..." Oct 10, 12 3:03 PM

Young Man Surrenders To Police After Fleeing In Springs

Perhaps he was being sarcastic?
" Oct 10, 12 3:16 PM

Woman Rescued In Southampton Village Fire Dies From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

I know the family my prayers go out to them. Thank you to the SHVFD for all that you do. Especially for what you did today." Oct 11, 12 8:57 PM

Yes she was a retired math teacher and yes she was quite a lady even at 95 years of age.
" Oct 13, 12 1:46 AM

Town Board Lifts Suspension Of Southampton Town Police Lieutenant, Settles Disciplinary Case

Its perjure not purger, and if the Chief was lying then I believe Lt. Kiernan would have been given his vacation time back, and received back pay for the time he was suspended. I didn’t see any mention of that in the article. Just that a deal was made that allowed the Lt. to return to duty. Now if I had been cleared of all charges, I would be telling anyone who would listen. I would be asking for public apologies...Your Lt. is curiously silent." Oct 30, 12 5:34 PM

Has Chief Wilson worked for the Town of Southampton for 20 years, I thought he worked for the Villiage of Southampton prior to accepting the job with the town." Oct 30, 12 5:37 PM

He was on unpaid suspension. He used accrued vacation time to supplement that unpaid time. No mention that he was getting that vacation time back. No mention that the suspension would be removed from his employment record… so technically he was penalized." Oct 31, 12 3:52 PM

Bishop Looks Ahead Into New Term

Actually, LAX workers are not stricking, but there will be a protest march by other union workers in support of the LAX workers. News outlets report that it will cause traffic issues around LAX but travlers should just leave earlier to get to the airport in time for their flight." Nov 21, 12 10:55 AM

Brawl Erupts At 75 Main, Police Looking For Instigators

Have there been other incidents at 230 Elm besides the one involving tear gas being sprayed by police at people trying to leave the facility? Why is 230 Elm more of a problem than Madam Tongs (is it still called that) or Savanah's? Just asking, I'm not local anymore all I know is what's reported in the press. Have there been many public disturbances at 230 Elm? I mean from what my friends have told me the bar and night club you refer to, is more like a lounge, drinks, live music, open mic night, comdey nights, things that go on year round for the locals. So ummm whats the issue?" Nov 26, 12 3:10 PM

Thieves Continue To Target Parked Cars In Montauk

Who leaves, ipads, and laptops, on the back seat of an unlocked car? They are making it easy on the thief. I grew up on the east end and there was a time when you could leave your doors unlocked. That time has long since passed. I remember when the people across the street (summer people) left there house unlocked and returned the following weekend to find all of their electronics missing. That was in the 80's. If someone is out to rob you they are going to do it, but come on people lets not make it easy for them. " Nov 26, 12 3:23 PM

Brawl Erupts At 75 Main, Police Looking For Instigators

Could you give specifics on how it is that President Obama promoted the New American Gangster, Thug, Hip-Hop Culture and that promotion of this culture led to his re-election? " Nov 27, 12 2:02 PM

Its spelled Southampton...One work" Nov 27, 12 2:03 PM

the most unclassiest? Wow..very classy..." Nov 28, 12 10:21 AM

didn’t catch the typo before I hit submit thank you for pointing it out.
" Nov 28, 12 10:23 AM

Elimination Of Val And Sal At Southampton High School Meant To Reward High Achievers

It will matter to the kids that are serious about academics and moving on to college..for the rest it wont make much of a difference. It will be the same group of kids competeing for elite academic status except now it will be about the degrees of honor. " Dec 5, 12 10:09 AM

'Queen of 114' Quits Job At Harbor Heights After Nearly 30 Years

She was not fired, she quit. Her choice. Perhaps she didn’t think things through but it’s too late now and I agree with Obama45, what is her point? Wow unfair of Mr. Leonard not to let her know who the new owner was going be? Does she own a share of the business? He told her what she needed to know and that was that he was selling. The wise thing to do, would have been to secure new employment, prior to quitting. Or perhaps she is ready to retire..at the end of the day the Queen abdicated, there was no revolution, she was not over thrown. Too bad, so sad, but not really news." Dec 5, 12 1:30 PM

Attorney Pleads Guilty To Quogue Hit-And-Run Charges

“I am a great advocate of justice being tempered with mercy,” Did Mr. Benedict show mercy to Mr. Dorn when he ran him over and left him on the side of the road? Was Mr. Benedict thinking of anyone besides himself when he got behind the wheel of his SUV when he was obviously drunk? Isolated incident? Or the first time he got caught? He needs to spend a little time in jail... He can chair as many charitable events as he wants when he gets out." Dec 5, 12 2:24 PM

Google can.. look him up." Dec 10, 12 10:32 AM

At Elie Tahari, Neon Lights Will Yield Space To Project Runway Promotion

While I see where the Tahari team is coming from as far as the store decor, ummm shouldnt they at least try to fit in with the local theme...and I personally do not see anything festive about those lights...and what are those extention cords? I'm a traditionalist when it comes to the holidays...trim the Window with Greenery and twinkle lights...the neon bows? Tangles? Whatever they are, they just don't give me a that warm fuzzy holiday feeling.
" Dec 14, 12 11:52 AM

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