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Southampton Village denies request for police records

Its none of your business what they do on their own time. Being employed by the village makes them accountable to village officials, not you or any other resident.

In regards to our President,On Janurary 4th the United States Senate certified the election of Barack Obama. All it would have taken is for ONE Republican Senator to stand up challenging the election on this issue. Had this occured there would have been a full blown hearing on the matter before the election was certified. Not one Republican senator stood up.

These claims about Obama's birth certificate have been investigated by the Republican Annenberg Fact check. They were given access to the long form birth certificate. They said it is legit.

There are also newspaper birth announcements in both of Hawaii's papers from August of 1961 that can be seen at any number of web sites.

Perhaps you are the one who needs to "WAKE UP" and do some fact checking of your own instead of spouting off what you've heard or read about." Feb 22, 10 4:18 PM

Proposal for a new 7-Eleven on County Road 39

Since when does 7-11 equal rif raf and day laborers? It always means slurpee's to me. The location period was not a good idea. No one is going to pull in there and run the risk of being stuck waiting for a break in morning traffic. That's the reason its empty. " Feb 25, 10 1:15 PM

Car that fled police impounded; driver unidentified

I'm sure if you guys try really hard you can find out who owns the car. " Feb 25, 10 1:16 PM

New proposal to convert former horse barn into a poetry center

The Equestrian facility is not being used, has not been used since 2007. Should it just sit there and go to ruin? " Mar 3, 10 9:33 AM

Southampton Village releases some secondary employment information

What exactly is the point of all this? Is this really news? For Pete's sake, almost every local has a second job. " Mar 3, 10 3:58 PM

A denied request by a rather vindictive former employee has turned into a constitutional issue? This has nothing to do with the public's right to know and everything to do with one mans personal grudge against the department. Prior to this request being denied, NO ONE cared what these officers did on their own time. Now all of a sudden its a burning issue. Wouldn't it be nice if someone could be sued just for being a pain in the buttocks. " Mar 4, 10 1:43 PM

No I'm not kidding. NO ONE CARED what these officers were doing on their OWN time UNTIL the FOIL requests were denied. Now all of sudden people are debating constitutional rights, and the public's need to know. The person who started this whole mess did so to be a pain in the buttocks. So yes it would be nice if you could take someone to court for being a pain in the buttocks. How much money as this person cost the village with his lawsuits? He continues to stir the pot and people continue to eat the slop that he is dishing out. Yes we live in the United States of America, I love it. Wouldn't live any other place, because I can freely dream of suing someone for being a pain and write about it without fear. " Mar 5, 10 2:11 PM

Southampton High School seeks upgrades for planetarium, envisions opening to public

I attended SHS never visited the Planetarium as a student at the high school, but one of the yearly field trips that we went on in Elementary School was to visit the Planetarium. I loved it, I think it would be great if there was an upgrade and the public was allowed access. " Mar 12, 10 2:42 PM

Fleming moves into Southampton Town Hall

I guess you will have to pick up the paper to read about the waves." Mar 17, 10 1:33 PM

Southampton Village mayor and police chief at odds over officers' secondary employment applications

I understand why Chief Wilson did what he did. It was knee jerk reaction. He is trying to protect his officers from being harassed by a disgruntled former employee. We all know who he is. However, if the chief had taken the time to listen to legal counsel he would have realized that a change in policy was not warranted. He can release, all the information that the press listed, nowhere in this information does it state where the officers are employed. Just the type of work and number of hours that would be worked. They SVPD is not required to release any additional information.Nothing unethical appears to be going on. So...can we move on? " Mar 18, 10 10:57 AM

Southampton Village building inspector fell short on certification hours

Some people have way to much time on there hands..." Mar 18, 10 11:22 AM

Local stationery and office supply shops react to Staples planned for Bridgehampton Commons

No they are not constructing a new building they are moving into a preexisting structure in the Commons. It should have no more affect on the traffic, environment, and quality of life than all the other stores located in the commons. The positive thing about this addition to the commons? JOBS...as lovely as the east end of the island is, its not exactly an employment mecca...people need the jobs that Staples will provide not the mention the rental income..that the owners of the commons will receive... I suppose some people wont be happy until all the stores are empty and the whole site is torn down and the drive-in is resurrected." Mar 24, 10 11:41 AM

Southampton Village mayor and police chief at odds over officers' secondary employment applications

So is this about salaries or officers working side jobs? I find that no one really appreciates what police officers do until they need one. Even in the village of Southampton with its low crime rate. I suppose some would like to reduce the size of the force to that of the May Berry PD. " Mar 25, 10 12:10 PM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

Lots of people sounding the death Nell for Rep Bishops time in office. I am looking long term... To when the next presidential elections comes around and Pres. Obama is re-elected to office. For all the posturing, insults, and alarm bells that Tea baggers, Conservatives, and Republicans are doing...not one of the groups I just noted have offered a sound alternative. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Get a clue...This American wants to hear someone articulate a plan for policy...Perhaps the election would have gone differently if Republicans did something besides throw dirt, and use scare tactics. I am a voter who does not vote along party lines, I vote for the candidate that can articulate to me their plan. Instead of screaming about death panels (a lie) abortion coverage (another lie), coverage for illegal aliens (another lie) come up with a plan...tell me how you plan to deal with our countries current economic crisis...tell me how you would make health insurance affordable for all Americans. The candidate that can do that will get my vote. Keep up the crazy rhetoric, keep up the fear mongering, and name calling. it may draw attention to you but it wont win Presidential elections, that is a crucial lesson that you should have paid attention to in November 2008. " Mar 29, 10 10:02 AM

Still waiting for someone else to say come up with something else. Wow...you are not sick of empty rhetoric yet? Less Rhetoric...more options. That's what will get my vote. " Mar 29, 10 1:38 PM

Hmmmm purchase affordable health insurance...or have no coverage at all, continue to use the emergency room as your primary care doctor...at the tax payers expense, because you can not afford to pay the cost of your $1000+ emergency room visit. Oh by the way the diagnosis is terminal cancer, your prognosis probably would have been better had it been detected sooner... Not everyone is without medical insurance because they refuse to work...its really simple when it comes down to choosing how to allocate your funds....hmmm roof over head? Food? Utilities? Health Insurance? Not all employers offer health insurance and sometimes if they do, its to expensive for their employees to maintain so they opt out. Now there is an alternative. " Mar 29, 10 1:52 PM

Local stationery and office supply shops react to Staples planned for Bridgehampton Commons

Some people are praying for just that." Mar 31, 10 12:21 PM

For some people on the east end part time is better than no time. Small business do the same thing...cut ours in the off season... and pay in most cases is not the greatest. That is why so many east enders work multiple jobs or drive to western Suffolk or Nassau for employment." Mar 31, 10 12:24 PM

Southampton Town looks to confer authority of peace officers on code officers

I'm guessing that no one here has any idea what code enforcement officers deal with on a day to day basis. Everyone automatically zeros in on the problems with over crowding by illegal aliens. Yes it is a problem, but then so is the over crowding that takes place every summer with house shares. I guess I'm as curious as everyone else to know why the change to peace officers is needed. I am also concerned about being able to search without a warrant? Ummmm if Police officers need to obtain a warrant why don't peace officers, what kind of liability will these warrant-less searches leave the town open for? I don't think its a wise move. " Apr 1, 10 11:54 AM

Sag Harbor School District asks entire staff to consider pay freeze

The reality of the situation is that this is happening in districts all over the island..actually the country. So go ahead and look for employment elsewhere, good luck with that. Unless you plan on moving to a city, you will find that postings for open teaching positions are few. I understand how hard teachers work, to educate and in some case help raise our kids these days. However, no job, union or non union is immune to the effects of this economy. Take the pay freeze, you don't miss what you never had. You will miss having a job, if it comes to that. Unemployment benefits don't cover a whole lot. " Apr 2, 10 1:24 PM

Sag Harbor students rally for school budget

Doesn't anyone find it strange that the administration is trying to force teachers into accepting a pay freeze before the budget has even put up for a vote? Even if it is voted it down, that does not mean that the district will automatically be pushed into an austerity budget. It seems to me that the Board and the Superintendent are preying on the public's fears by discussing these things in the press. Was anyone aware that teachers in Sag Harbor School district don't even have vision plan...in fact the only employee of the school district that does have a vision plan do some research and find out who it is. Everyone is screaming about the benefits that teachers receive and the time off that they get etc. Has anyone looked into the quality of said benefits plan? So they get the summer off....um its not a paid vacation. The majority of teachers work during the summer at part-time jobs. Your children achieve but your teachers are on the low end of the pay scale compared to what teachers in Southampton and East Hampton. For those of you who will be going to the poles to vote on this budget, remember... you get what you pay for. To the teachers of Sag Harbor School District. I once again say consider the pay freeze, IF there is not other alternative. To the school board. Stop demonizing your employees by releasing selective information regarding your negotiations with the the teachers union. If you are going to put the information out there do so in a truthful and fully transparent manner.

Something to consider. Students in Sag Harbor School District consistently score in the top 90% of standardized testing in the state of NY. I wonder why that is...

Please don't take my word for it check the link below.

" Apr 12, 10 1:59 PM

Oddone sentencing is on for Wednesday

He did apologize to Mrs. Reister the day he was convicted. He told her he was sorry. That one word says it all. It doesn't change what happened but it does show that he understands and accepts responsibility for what he did. " Apr 14, 10 2:02 PM

Oddone sentenced to 22 years in prison

Suffolk County is huge, it stretches from Huntington to Montauk. While the east end is small, I doubt everyone in Suffolk County is connected in someway. There is a huge pool from which to draw potential jurors. I doubt the location of the trail had anything to do with the verdict. You friend committed a crime, he took a life. You do not get a slap on the wrist for that. That is not something that can be written off as a youthful indiscretion. The punishment fits the crime. " Apr 15, 10 12:26 PM

Southampton Village Police launch internal investigation into inappropriate computer use

WHO CARES!!!!!!!! This kind of thing happens all of the time, most places of employment have an internet usage policy that clearly details what the consequences are for violation of said policy. Hopefully going forward, the SVPD will begin monitoring usage, and blocking access to certain sites and if they do not have an IT usage policy they will create and implement one ASAP. I am trying to understand why something that is a common occurrence in workplaces everywhere is news. In most cases the incident is brought to the attention of the powers that be and the situation is addressed according to company policy, it does not become a headline. I guess that is one of the drawbacks of living and working in a small town. " Apr 19, 10 9:26 AM

Oddone sentenced to 22 years in prison

Life is about choices, Anthony made the wrong choice. If he had simply gotten down from the table, if he had let go once Andy was unconscious, we might not be talking about this right now. No he did not intend to kill anyone, but he did. Now he is answering for it. The sentence fits the crime. I doubt that Andy's being a corrections officer played a roll in the judges sentencing. Perhaps I am naive, but I think had Andy been a carpenter moonlighting as a bouncer, the sentence would have been the same. " Apr 19, 10 9:55 AM

No one said that Oddone jumped on Andy without being touched. It was documented by witnesses at the trail that Andy pushed Oddone off the table. It was also documented by Witnesses that Oddone attacked Andy from behind and would not let go even after Andy was unconscious. People were yelling at him to let go, one witness even screamed at him that he was going to kill him, and he still wouldn't let go. He could have let go as soon as Andy was unconscious and did what he did when he finally let go. Left. He didn't do that and he did kill him. Again, I may be naive, but I think the sentence would have been the same even if Andy was a carpenter moonlighting as a bouncer. The punishment fits the crime. " Apr 19, 10 10:03 AM

Or in this case..the victims ethnicity..." Apr 19, 10 4:16 PM

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