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East End still digging out after record snow

it is amazing that the town plow trucks are on the roads with the plows in the "up" position.....noyack road is in horible condition,,IMHO...the town gets an F for the clean up...it's a joke!" Dec 21, 09 5:29 PM

ok,.. so it's 2 days past the storm and noyack road still is in horrible condition,... a side street that friends live on< northview hills ct,... hasn't seen a plow truck yet..... the snow plow crews are clueless,.. two in a truck and plow's in the up position..... amazing!... if I were in the highway department manangment seat,... I'd be embarrassed beyound anything... yes.... it's a once in ten year storm,.. but come on already!" Dec 22, 09 7:23 AM


Southampton High School To Reopen Upgraded Planetarium To Public On November 1

will the planetarium be opened to the public?. if not, I believe that many would attend." Oct 20, 12 9:47 AM

East Hampton Town Board Doubles Airport Fuel Fee Despite Pleas

low lead diesel fuel,.. surely you are talking about low lead av gas?... check the facts please!." Jun 20, 14 2:04 PM

Aviation Groups Sue East Hampton Town In Effort To Block Recently Approved Airport Restrictions

not all P135 operators are limited to that 5000' runway need.
... some aircraft are performance limited to length of runway...Some jet aircraft outperform others...Such as Falcons... A big question is, what about the based jets at HTO?.. There are several." Apr 18, 15 12:43 PM

East Hampton Pilot Pens Petition For Safety At East Hampton Airport

" No airport is open 24/7 365 days a year"..???? really..? did you just state this?. most airports are opened 24/7 365...
there are very few airports that have curfews,.. yes some do.. but I'm willing to bet that most don't.... Please post accurate material. HTO has had commercial service for decades. My guess is way before you purchased a house here.
" May 1, 15 12:48 PM

This past winter , the roads took a beating . Potholes were everywhere. We all got mildly up set when the town didn't fix these. Same thing with this airport. For years the airport has had minor up keep. Repaving one of the smallest runways to accommodate the smallest of aircraft that needs it during southwest winds is just one of the many items that should be done. Installing deer fencing along the perimeter is not only smart but safe. Installing an AWOS 3 would be beneficial to all not only to the pilots. Local WX channels would use this info for much more accurate reporting. This Airport has been here since the 40's,... lets keep it for in good shape for future generations. Just like the roads out here... This is a no brainer for sure!" May 1, 15 12:56 PM

FAA May Support Temporary Restraining Order Blocking Airport Regulations

"for a much-needed country club"..really?.. what about the current hanger owners that within the lease of these that they have unlimited use of the airport ?. One of the proposals is a curfew from 11pm - 7am... that's a breach of contract in many of the hanger owners eyes.
Trish.. think about if needed the airport serves for medivac and evacuation purposes .. if needed.. plus all of the small airplanes that are based there.... We aren't talking jets and heli's , but small 4 seat aircraft that make less noise then a leaf blower..... your arguments don't make sense.." May 7, 15 9:26 AM

East Quogue Teenager Finds Independence Aboard A Horse

What A Great article!.. kudo's to Lauren
" Apr 21, 17 12:59 PM

July Fourth Parade Held in Southampton Village

the shortest parade in quite a while.. Why?" Jul 4, 18 1:27 PM