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Tuckahoe school considers new superintendent and expanded board

Mr. Grisnik has done a lot for this district and when he has to express sorrow for the firing, then somethings not right. I've heard nothing but good things about Ms. Rozzi, I would like to more on why she was relieved of her duties? As for Ms. Grindle... THERE'S NO CRYING ON THE SCHOOL BOARD!!!!!!" Jan 19, 10 9:59 PM

Math program at heart of turmoil in Tuckahoe

I would like to know how many students were at a disadvantage when they reached high school or was it just her son. Growing up I didn't blame my teachers for my learning disabilities, I worked harder. maybe she should do a little extra parenting at home like my mom did with me. " Apr 1, 10 12:18 PM