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U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

Wow...blue duck! You forgot to blame the debt, Illegal immigration and climate change on him as well. :)
Bishop is an effective Congressman, and we are lucky to have him as our representative.
" Dec 18, 09 8:05 PM

razza...see my post above...As in "Do you remember last year?"

Also, remember that most of our debt came from the Bush administration.
Were you this zealous against an unjust war in Iraq which cost more than a trillion dollars and 4000+ American lives?

Tim Bishop is an effective Congressman and we are lucky to have him as our representative." Dec 18, 09 10:35 PM

Do you all remember last year??? Our counrty was faced with economic ruin! It was going to be as bad as the Great Depression. The monies spent by the federal government averted that economic disaster. Did you want the government to do nothing?? They saved our country.
It is bad, real bad but it is the economic situation that was inherited from the Bush administration.

Thank you Congressman Bishop for again standing up for the people of the East end.
" Jan 2, 10 7:19 PM

Economic disaster was upon us! General electric could not get short term loans to cover expenses. Bear Sterns went under. We were looking at a collapse of our economy. Peoples life savings were in jeopardy. Our government had to act, and they did. Now all of you folks on the far right are going to blame the financial mess and the debt on a president who has been in office for a year....who averted or delayed and economic disaster

By the way....What are the Real steps to which you refer? You offer criticism with out substance. Remember that Hoovers trickle down did not work.

" Jan 3, 10 11:22 AM

President declares South Shore beaches a disaster area following November storm damage

Let us all remember that our ocean beaches are among our most important resource. If we want to keep our seasonal economy strong, we had better sustain those beaches.

Thank you Congressman Bishop for preserving the pristine shoreline which is vital to the economy and many jobs here on the South Fork of Long Island.

Even you-all out on the far right have to agree with that.
" Jan 5, 10 9:17 PM

Smacw writes, "If you are really a native you would understand the cyclical nature of shoreline dynamics and the futility of throwing money at every temporarily washed away beach"

What is happening to the beach is what is called "long shore drift, sometimes called lateral drift". Because of the wave and wind patterns, the sand is moving west. This drift is depositing sand to the west of the South Shore of Long Island and depleting it from the east. This is a natural occurrence, however because we humans are on the beach with our feet and trucks, we loosen the sand so that it moves easier. Back when very few people were out here, the grasses and an actual kind of sand crust held the sand in place better. Ye

I am from The South fork, and have lived here my entire life. I remember when there was A LOT more sand on the beaches out here. The sand would shift between the summer and winter but there was more sand. There is much less sand, this is serious.

So, thank you Congressman Bishop for fighting to save one our most pristine and valuable resources.
" Jan 7, 10 10:28 PM

Southampton Town works out departmental changes

What just happened??? Who is Paul DiMaria??? I did not vote for him!!!
He makes how much? 107,000.00???
Why does the elected highway superintendent have to coordinate storm water management with an appointed official? Why isn’t hired official UNDER the elected official?
Why didn't Mr. Nuzzi do this when Bill Masterson was in office?
Gregor won and they took waste management away from him, and gave it to someone who is controlled by the board...the GOP board.

Sad….this takes these responsibilities farther away from the voters.

" Jan 10, 10 1:48 AM

"Terry" it seems like you are "in the know".
Please tell us why this was not done under masterson's reign?" Jan 10, 10 1:23 PM

Special election date set by Southampton Town Board

I was impressed with Fleming back in the fall elections, she brings a lot to the table." Jan 11, 10 4:12 PM

Southampton Town works out departmental changes

The people elected someone for that post, and then those responsibilites were given to an appointed person. I liked Alex Gregor's idea of solar cells up at the Nort Sea facility.
We should never tamper with democracy." Jan 12, 10 9:07 AM

What happened to the public interviews of potential members of these boards? How was this person chosen?
Wow….is this how is going to be with this board?? First they take away the powers of an elected official and now they are going to give positions to friends and insiders.
" Jan 12, 10 12:59 PM

Southampton Town comptroller reappointment thwarted

I hope that the people of this town go out and cast a vote to balance the board. I was very impressed with Fleming and am happy that she is running in the special election, I believe that she would be good on the board.
If we put four Republicans on the Southampton Town board, all transparency would go out the window with such a super majority." Jan 13, 10 7:55 PM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

So, he would be moving from a career with the SH police to SH town council?

By-the-way publius, I was so much happier when I did not know the ammounts of the police saleries." Jan 14, 10 2:39 PM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

Tim Bishop consistently works for the people of Eastern Long Island. We are fortunate to have such a representative working for us.
To the angry folks out on the right wing, do not speak for the constituents. You do not represent us.
" Jan 14, 10 10:16 PM

Election date set; nominees lining up

Fleming is absolutly for real. She is impressive, southampton town needs a person like her on the Town Board.
Nellie, do you really want yet another Republican on the town board? The Republicans have a majority already....do you believe that they need a supermajority?
" Jan 14, 10 10:22 PM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

OK, say that instead of giving the false impression that you speak for the all of the constituents. " Jan 14, 10 11:13 PM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

No matter what happens on March 9th, the Southampton GOP will have control of this board. This election is about whether the people of Southampton Town gets some balance on the board or the Southampton Republican leadership gets a super majority on the board.
As for me, I am against "ONE PARTY RULE". We saw it here in SH town with the GOP and look what happened; we saw it in East Hampton with the Dems, and Brookhaven with the GOP. All of which were not good situations.
We need members of both parties on the board to really have open government.
" Jan 15, 10 11:19 AM

Election date set; nominees lining up

She has a web-site....WWW.Flemingfortownboard.com

I want to have more balance in Southampton Town Government. Not just the same/new Republicans." Jan 15, 10 11:21 AM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Again, This election is about whether the people of Southampton Town get some balance on the board or the Southampton Republican leadership gets a super majority on the board.
We know that Lt. Hughes is an insider, but that is not what the Town needs now.
Let's not just elect the "same/new Republican".
We need balance, not One Party Rule.
" Jan 15, 10 2:21 PM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

bobalooey, and others, you all blame our congressman for illegal immigration.
As far as illegal immigration, why do you tea-baggers not take this issue to the people who are hiring the immigrants? The business owners who are making huge profits off of these people. Many of these folks are Republican donors, and they are getting off with no repercussions. I have seen trucks with “support the Troops” bumper stickers picking up immigrants. I know REPUBLICANS who are housing and profiting from illegals. Simply put, they would not have come up to the United States during the George Bush administration if they were not being hired by AMERICANS.
Our congressman supports the plan of G.Bush and J. McCain which is a path toward citizenship. Do you really thing that we will be able to deport all of them? Who would pay for that? We would have to greatly increase the size of government, and raise taxes.
Be realistic….stop playing on the fears of the people by giving half truths.
" Jan 15, 10 2:37 PM

Workers finish dredging Shinnecock Inlet; project comes in $3 million under budget

The Shinnecock Inlet is important for Hampton Bays. Thank You Congressman Bishop for the support you show to Hampton Bays and the rest of the East End of Long Island." Jan 17, 10 8:38 AM

Election date set; nominees lining up

Do you-all have somthing against Maintenance guys and garbage men. I know some them and they are pretty smart.
Fleming is an impressive candidate who has a lot to offer the people of the town. With Southampton town having a population better that 61,000 people, I want a town board member who has more to offer than, "I have live here all of my life".
We are no longer small-town Southampton. Time to get in to this century folks." Jan 17, 10 10:53 PM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

You do not get it!
It is business, in many cases, big business who are hiring the illegals. They came here under a Republican administration. Where were all of you teabaggers then? I personally know of REPUBLICANS and not just one who have put these folks up and are giving them work. I know of no Democrats who do this.
Why are you not focusing your efforts on those who are hiring them and putting Montaukman out of business?

By the way, would you really "drop an atomic Bomb" on Iraq? You know that they had noting to do with 9-11. I agree that the trillions of dollars spent there and the 4000 americans who died there was a complete waste.
" Jan 18, 10 8:38 AM

Airport control tower gets go-ahead from East Hampton

Make the helicopter stop, please." Jan 18, 10 9:38 AM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

Right, and who do you think is going to pay for that? The taxpayers? Why should I pay for removing laborers who have been benefiting business. You all should get the businesses who hire them to remove them.
You and I both know that they (business) are making too much money off this to do anything." Jan 18, 10 11:37 AM

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