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Race for vacant seat on Southampton Town Board heats up

Why can't the police run for public office? Are they not citizens who deserve a right to run for public office? This does not seem right." Jan 26, 10 11:28 AM

Thank you for the info.....so as I read the comments above, He can run for public office but cannot raise money." Jan 26, 10 9:58 PM

DJ......I just looked this up from the citation above. It is far from a "obscure legal brief" It is NYS election law.
Check it out.....here is the link, it is on page 402.....http://www.elections.state.ny.us/NYSBOE/download/law/2009NYElectionLaw.pdf
After reading the state law on this, what is he going to do?
Wow!" Jan 27, 10 11:43 PM

Bishop girding for fall fight

Congressman Bishop, I think the poeple of the First Congressional District are fortunate to have such a capable representative in Congress. You have listended to and connected with your constituents. I look forward to the healthy debate this fall and another term with you as our congressman. Keep up the good work." Feb 1, 10 2:24 PM

Tim Bishop supports tort reform." Feb 2, 10 7:20 PM

Questions are raised over Town Board candidate's fund-raising restrictions

Now this is all very interesting. How is this guy going to run in a campaign? Here is my question:
Why does Hughes have his home address listed with NYS campaign finance disclosure as the official campaign address?
He is going to have to change this if he truly wants to "step back from the financial management of his campaign".
Below, I have provided the link to his campaign finance page with NYS for anyone to review.


" Feb 3, 10 5:37 PM

Suffolk County judge overturns East Quogue marina application approval

Maybe Dockers needs to host an even bigger fundraiser for the Republicans than the one held in June of 2007." Feb 3, 10 5:44 PM

Questions are raised over Town Board candidate's fund-raising restrictions

Hey Reg Rep....you sound desperate.

You do make an interesting point saying that he is retired. Terry says, "Bill Hughes is not now working as a Police Officer. He is, as far as anyone is concerned, retired. As he stated the effective date of his retirement is March 8, but he has not worked in his capacity as a PO in a several weeks."

Is Lt. Hughes collecting a paycheck while he waits to retire on March 8th. Are the people of Southampton Town paying this man to run for Town Council?
" Feb 3, 10 7:22 PM

Hey Reg....
Linda Kabot was trying to take responsibility for discovering the fund imbalance.

Do you know the answer to the question above? Is Hughes drawing a paycheck from the town while campaigning?
" Feb 3, 10 7:30 PM

That would be yes.....Lt. Hughes is not working, but is collecting a paycheck from the Town of Southampton.
While running for office, when NYS law prohibits him from raising money for such.
Hmmmm......OK...." Feb 3, 10 7:54 PM

DJ....there is no attack on Lt. Hughes character on my part.
There are two issues here that needs to be addressed:

First-How can He "step back" from his campaign finances when his official campaign address is his house and his TREASURER is his WIFE?
Source-NYS Board of Elections
Linda Hughes, Treasurer
Status = ACTIVE

Second-How can he collect pay from the town throughout the campaign and not go to work for the town but campaign for Town Council?

Come On!!" Feb 4, 10 11:22 AM

Terry....what slander?
The facts are:
Candidate cannot raise funds.
Candidate agrees to "step back" from the finances of his campaign.
Candidate's official address with NYS campaign finance is his home.
Candidate’s wife is the campaign treasurer.

Oh yea....he is collecting a paycheck from Southampton town while campaigning for a seat on the Southampton Town Board!
ALL FACTS!!!!! Except for the question.
" Feb 4, 10 3:48 PM

DJ....If is this is a "fictitious issue", why did Hughes "step back" from the finances of his own campaign?
Also, if this is a "fictitious issue" why have you posted your partisan quips fifty or more times on this thread?
Oh....That second question was rhetorical. Please don't answer." Feb 5, 10 10:40 PM

Again, Terry....If is there was "never anything to step back from", why did Hughes "step back" from the finances of his own campaign at all?
Also, if there was "never anythaning to step back from", why have you posted your partisan quips fifty or more times on this thread?
Oh wait....That second question was rhetorical. Please don't answer.

" Feb 6, 10 8:09 AM

Terry said,"Please, show me where Mr Hughes said he was "stepping back" from anything".
SH Press writes, " William Hughes, the Republican Party’s nominee for the open Southampton Town Board seat in next month’s special election, is stepping back from the financial management of his campaign this week after questions were raised over whether he is breaking state law"
Terry said, "It is so hard for you to grasp the concept that he did his due diligence prior to accepting the nomination?"
Yes....because he listed his home with NYS campaign finace as the official location of his campaign, and he made his wife his treasurer. That is not "due diligence" with respect to NYS election law." Feb 6, 10 6:00 PM

As much as DJ & Terry claim that this is a non-issue, their combined hundred posts or so would say otherwise. I bet that you guys wish that this information never came into the public view. Just keep posting...your protests speak volumes." Feb 7, 10 8:27 AM

Southampton highway superintendent asks for more money for road paving

We will now have to pay for the last highways Superintendent's decision to let the paving companies out of their contracts to pave the Southampton town roads.
Good luck with this mess Gregor." Feb 17, 10 9:06 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates square off in first debate

Immigration is a topic that is brought out during each election in Southampton by the Republicans in order to keep the conversation of the real issues.
The irony to this is that the immigrants are hired by many Republican business owners who make huge profits off untaxed, uninsured labor and undercut other businesses who pay their taxes and insurance.
It is time that we have the business owners sit at this table!
" Feb 21, 10 1:16 PM

So you want me to provide pictures of Republican businesses who hire immigrants. If I did provide pictures of Republicans, hiring, housing & representing immigrants you would not believe it. So what is the point?
The FACT IS….immigrants are being hired, housed and represented by Republican businesses, that is why they are here.
I do give a lot of credit to our GOP businesses and machine for doing this and then placing blame on the Democrats….it is truly impressive.
Bayman is corrrect, let's get to the issues that the candidates can do something about." Feb 21, 10 4:56 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

Yea...Yea...Nellie and DJ, We know the drill, you call Fleming this, and accuse her husband of that, the fact is you are trying to figure out how this conservative Republican couldn't get the Conservative line. "Yea, that’s it....it must have been a deal west."
Face it your guy couldn’t deliver the Conservative endorsement, just like he couldn't deliver the Independence endorsement.
I bet that you’re not happy.
" Feb 25, 10 9:46 PM

I read no reports about what "went down with the Conservative Party endorsement", other than the claimes on these posts The fact is we do not know why they did not choose to endorse either candidate.
I bet that you probably know, and it has nothing to do with the Conservative county chair.
" Feb 26, 10 8:57 AM

Let us all remeber that the Republicans will have a majority on the Southampton Town board no matter what the result of this election. What you must seriously consider is wheather you want a Republican supermajority.
Do you want a 4-1 majority on the town board?
I do not, and I will Vote for Fleming." Mar 2, 10 9:56 PM

The Republicans currently have 60% of the town board. Do they really need an 80% supermajority.
So DJ, Terry or whoever, please tell us why the Republicans need 80% of the control over Southampton town when they make up only 23 % of the population?" Mar 4, 10 7:59 PM

The Republicans currently have 60% of the town board. Do they really need an 80% supermajority.
So DJ, Terry or whoever, please tell us why the Republicans need 80% of the control over Southampton town when they make up only 23 % of the population?

" Mar 5, 10 1:37 PM

Reg Rep
61,000 people live yearround in Southampton Town, 14,000 Gop
23% of the town population are, like yourself, registered Republicans.
Yet, you want 80% of the representation on the town board. that is plain wrong!
I will be voting for Bridget Fleming......we need balance.
" Mar 5, 10 8:01 PM

Southampton Town Board work session canceled

I have cast my vote for Bridget Fleming! Southampton Town cannot afford to have a Supermajority.
Fleming will bring balance to the town board. Do not worry RonM, the Republican will still have the majority if Fleming wins." Mar 9, 10 8:50 AM

Bishop will vote yes on health care reform bill

What this bill should be called is HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM! Who here thinks that we do not need health insurance reform? These companies are bleeding the country by a thousand cuts. They are more concerned about profits then providing services. We all know people who have health insurance and were denied coverage......come on folks, this is HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM.
Thank you Congressman Bishop for taking real steps toward taking on the Insurance Companies….hang in there; your constituents are with you.
" Mar 20, 10 8:52 AM

So let's discuss insurance companies and what the prices will be in ten years. Health cost has gone up 400% in 8 years.
What is that about....and I do not know why so many of you stand up for the insurance companies who would deny your necessary treatment and even let you die to save 8 thousand dollars.
You all know that I am right. We cannot afford to do nothing!
" Mar 21, 10 7:14 PM

Under the plan, you still can choose which insurance company insures you and your family!
So now what?" Mar 21, 10 9:30 PM

Why didn't we hear from you neocons during the lead-up to the Iraqi invasion? We spent more money there than we will for health care. Why was/is that OK but HEALTH INSURANCE reform not OK?
Also, why are so many of you folks standing up for the health insurance industry. They would sell you and your families out in a heartbeat. " Mar 22, 10 8:26 AM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

Congressman Bishop, you displayed true leadership with your historic vote on this important new law in our country. Your constituents are with you.
Remember that there was much opposition to the 19th Amendment as well.
Thank You." Mar 23, 10 5:00 PM

Bishop will vote yes on health care reform bill

Yea...you all said that about social security as well." Mar 23, 10 5:03 PM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

Hey Reality, read your history! The Constitution was written because our little ineffective government under the Articles of Confederation was not working. I am sick of you taking the side of such great men as our Founding Fathers to advance your partisan agenda. Those men knew that change was necessary to adapt to new times and challenges. That is why they wrote a Constitution with flexibility.
By the way our little government was bankrupt and those Founding Fathers worked and fought to increase the size and power of the central government, and you use the SAME arguments as those who opposed them and our United States Constitution.
" Mar 23, 10 8:00 PM

Where was all of this fiscal responsibility on the lead-up to the Iraq War?
Our children will be paying for that!" Mar 24, 10 8:10 AM

You are not entitled to speak for what the founders wanted or did not want!
Like I stated earlier, the Founding Fathers created our Constitution to avert disaster from a weak ineffective central government under the Articles of Confederation. In addition, the founders provided flexibility in our government to meet the needs of the new times and challenges like now.
You use this rhetoric to try an advance your partisan agenda and it is simply wrong!

" Mar 24, 10 11:07 AM

Ummm.....this is not socialized health care.
Try turining the channel from Fox for a couple on minutes each day to get real news." Mar 25, 10 9:12 AM

I do not care what other station you choose to watch, but just know that fox is not news.
Again, the bill is not socialized health care!
" Mar 25, 10 10:34 AM

Yea, Like that will ever happen!
Why do you Tea-baggers love the insurance company’s soooo much? They would just assume let you die if you neglected to initial subsection 42 on page 12 of your incredibly expensive insurance plan that you have been paying for 31 years……and yet you defend them.
" Mar 27, 10 9:05 AM

Around Southampton Town Hall

Suskind.....Republican turned Democrat to get elected and then was Skips best buddy.....yea I remember him. He was and still is a developer.
" Mar 30, 10 7:09 AM

Bridget Fleming sworn in, helps push through gridlocked resolutions

Then there is the chance that this person in this position could do great things for the town, perhaps greatly lower the operating costs. Careful.....this position could actually save the town money." Mar 30, 10 7:13 AM

The Town of Southampton needs innovative solutions which will benefit us in the long-term. This position is funded by a grant and does not cost the taxpayer anything, and part of the position is to continue to obtain grant money to sustain the position. Like I said, this person could help reduce the operating costs of the town in general.
(reg rep-Registered Republican) Try to not react so partisan and get the big picture. We need to keep the welfare of the town in mind rather than the Republican talking points.
This position cost nothing and may help reduce operating costs.
Fortunately for the taxpayers this “dream” (representing hard work from many people) is now a reality.
" Mar 31, 10 8:19 AM

Southampton Town residents express opinions on leaf pick-up program

Let’s give Kudos to Alex Gregor for addressing this leaf situation in an open, inclusive manor.

" Apr 1, 10 6:14 PM

Congressman Bishop prepares for difficult race but remains hopeful for outcome

Congressman Bishop continues to fight for Eastern Long Island! I
He has my vote and the votes of many others....keep up the good work Congressman! " Apr 7, 10 8:26 PM

Razza....a bit of Constitutional history.
OUR founding fathers created the United States Constitution in order to correct the problems of the Articles of Confederation which was a central government so weak and ineffective that the nation was falling apart and on the verge of economic collapse. The nation had 3,929,214 people with 94% living in rural areas.
Included in the US Constitution are mechanisms for flexibility and growth to meet the needs of changing times namely the amending process and the elastic clause, (Article I, Section 8, and Clause 18). The Framers knew that times would change and they created a document to meet those changing times.
Today, we have 306,000,000 people with the largest economy and military in the world. It is wrong to compare the United Sates to day with that of the United States in 1789 with regard to the intentions of the framers.
The US Constitution was the most LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE document of its day as all other modern countries of the day were monarchies (Kings, Queens, Czar, Shoguns & Emperors etc...) without codified governments.
As far as the Framers favoring the Tea Party people over the far left…….The Founding Fathers were the Far Left of their time…….except for Hamilton.
" Apr 10, 10 10:07 PM

Razza....Like I stated earlier, the Constitution was written to increase the powers of the federal government from an ineffective and weak small government under the Articles of Confederation. Now the limited role thing came about because the 13 states still had to ratify (formally accept) the Constitution. In 1789, the States still held most of the power and would never accept a central government which was more powerful than they, thus the framers were forced to limit government.
Also as stated earlier the Founding Fathers provided for change in authority in our federal government through the amending process and the fact that Congress can make laws.
We are now faced with private industry chocking the rest of the country including individuals, families, businesses and municipalities and the Federal government has responded to the abuses of the insurance industry.
By the way….why do you fight for the insurance companies? They would let you die over a technicality.
I did not make the history it just is.....you may want to look into something a bit more informative than a seventh grade text, might I suggest…the “Federalist Papers” Publius (Hamilton, Madison & Jay), “1776” David McCullough and “Founding Brothers” H.W. Brands.
Do not speak for the Founding Fathers…….ever.
" Apr 11, 10 3:40 PM

Where were all you deficit guys when Bush dragged us into a war in Iraq???
Also, does BIG Insurance work? How much money are they making annually?? For the life of me, I do not understand why you tea-baggers are defending insurance companies. They would just assume let you die over a missed initial on page 42 paragraph 6 on a policy that you had paid into for thirty years.
Those insurance companies are chocking the nation...individuals, businesses & municipalities.
Thank god we have people in government who are willing to take on such abuse on behalf of the people." Apr 13, 10 8:50 AM

Government answers to the people, while the insurance companies answer to no one and they are choking the nation financially.....and you are defending them.
" Apr 13, 10 11:07 AM

Financial investigation unearths $3 million deficit in Southampton Town beach fund

Wait.....who are the two remaining board members who were on the Town Board during all of this incompetence??
We do not hear too much from tham.
Thank goodness we have people from both parties on the town board now.
" Apr 17, 10 8:16 AM

Local Tea Party movement holds two rallies on Tax Day

What I want to know from the Teabaggers is where do THEY want the cuts to come from??? One thing is screaming about tax-cuts it is another thing to say where to make the program cuts.
If they were more specific about what programs they would cut, the Teabag movement would come to a screaching halt." Apr 21, 10 4:47 PM

Wow..........North of Hwy, that puts this into perspective!" Apr 21, 10 9:08 PM

Big Fresh......What I want to know from the Teabaggers is where do THEY want the cuts to come from??? One thing is screaming about tax-cuts it is another thing to say where to make the program cuts, and be more specific about what programs they would cut?
Would the Tea-Party movement like to cut out medicaid or Social Security?
How about defense, the biggest line in the budget?
I do not hear any of that from this "movement".

" Apr 22, 10 10:57 PM

The military???
Social Security???

I hope to see Tea Party signs that say, "Cut my medicare!!" or "Cut My Social Security!"" Apr 23, 10 10:08 AM

Well, does anyone want to add to bigfresh and give an opinion on what to cut out of government?
Double....what about the military? Should we cut there? How about madicaid....Social Security?
If you Tea Party are so upset about paying your taxes, what services will you cut?" Apr 23, 10 7:25 PM

Yea...Hoover tried to cut taxes to get us out of the economic crisis and it failed.
The economic stimulis of 09' averted an economic disaster. (Which you would have blamed on Obama)
Now, back to my question....

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

This is an excellent facility and it should be preserved and used for the people of the town. It is one of our important institutions out here.
SUNY Southampton...I like it. " Apr 23, 10 9:34 PM

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