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Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session


Please Keep Tuckahoe Road Public:

Some comments in the 'discussion thread' make sense to me. I cite three below:

1. Needed additional signs could be posted for the safety of golfers and their vehicles.

2. Safety of young Montessori school children from increased traffic due to the proposed detour must be ensured.

3. Is the detour essential to make provision for anticipated increased (?) health Center traffic to Southampton Campus ?.

The main issue here seems to be privatization of access to Tuckahoe Road.

People matter: Dollar lures for privatization aside, 'Nature Conservancy' and 'Public Parks' access are worthy of support by the Town and the Club members.

Tuckahoe road is an existing, scenic route through Shinnecock Hills.

We must conserve its value for the Public and could construct a permanent 'pull-over site' under 'eminent domain' possibly near the Club House for scenic enjoyment of motorists.

Let us take note that despite controls by the 'International Money Cartel', concerned mainly with profit, BREXIT has come to pass and EU GREXIT is close.

Untrustworthy approaches presented by progressive Democrats and conservative Republicans are at a loss to close their case, and 2016 election is likely to signal the need for DREXIT; such an assessment by American voters would underwrite what voters elsewhere already know.

Again, People matter, and we have to move in the direction of Human Rights that are for everybody.

Here, let residents enjoy the natural beauty. Why keep them out?" Aug 28, 16 4:20 PM