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David C. DeRosa dies at 32

Not a day will pass that all of Dave's friends and family won't think of him. He was an amazing person who brighten all of our lives. His beautiful children remain in my prayers now and always." Mar 4, 10 12:14 AM

Riverside Man Dies Hours After Being Shot Outside Hampton Bays Nightclub

I remember thinking it was strange when someone died outside the diner and they remained open for business the next day, with the blood still on sidewalk. I think it's completely disrespectful to reopen a club the next night after someone loses their life there. Especially if it's your family friend." Oct 31, 10 9:26 AM

Sag Harbor Mother And Children Injured In Southampton Car Crash

I think the difference in speeds is an issue; the people flying and those who are actually at 35 mph." Feb 19, 11 3:07 PM

Town Cites Illegal Transfer Station In Flanders

This article is full of error and the comments are blown of out proportion." Mar 14, 11 10:44 AM