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Zeldin Says No Special Prosecutor Needed After FBI Director Fired

If only someone had warned us about Anthony Weiner.. Oh, wait..

Donald J Trump
@ real Donald Trump

Danger_Weiner is a free man at 12:01 AM. He will be back sexting with under age girls with a vengeance. Remain on alert. 1:43 PM - 10 Sept 2013

RETWEETS 2,843 Likes 3,710" May 19, 17 8:41 PM

and next Bye bu to Ginsberg" May 19, 17 8:42 PM

Make Murica Great Again President Trump !" May 22, 17 8:25 AM

haaa UD, Mets fan was right on cue" May 23, 17 9:31 AM

unless you count the fifth of vodka she downed on election night" May 23, 17 2:53 PM

Do they serve pizza in a SuperMax?
" May 24, 17 8:45 AM

Seems even the super dreidel hhs himself, can't spin his way out of this one" May 24, 17 8:49 AM

Innocent until proven guilty I believe ? The only thing that remains uncontested is the election results.

MAGA" May 25, 17 3:49 PM

Ugly ? I guess you did not see any of the over seas coverage on the Clinton News Network! Melania was stunning" May 25, 17 3:51 PM

The fact the Dems refuse to see or admit this obvious bias and hypocrisy we see every minute on CNN is a very strong clue, that they admire the Alinsky tactics used by their leaders, Jug Ears, and Hilliar.

These people are Marxist traitors. Nothing more. Nothing less." May 29, 17 9:30 AM

Why would this surprise you about the progressive radical left, they come just short of defending ISIS and support similar gore and horror at Planed Parenthood" May 30, 17 4:18 PM

Amen! to that! They gave those filthy Orangutans sub prime loans with adjustable rates and when they reset and they could not pay them back they said the poor things did not understand what they signed. lol Your supposed to hire a lawyer when you by a house ??????? Cant make it up." May 30, 17 4:25 PM

UPDATE: Valerie Smith Posts Apology On Facebook For Using Racial Slur

if a white male comedian treated your boy obama the same way you would be calling for the secret service to arrest that person without delay. i think ya



Democrats Seek To Muster City Voters To Shift Their Polling Places East

Then move... The airport was there first" Jun 3, 17 1:01 PM

UPDATE: Valerie Smith Posts Apology On Facebook For Using Racial Slur

TWO!" Jun 4, 17 11:52 AM

The double standard is off the charts Valerie we will concede that to you." Jun 4, 17 11:53 AM

Does not make them bad people High Hat we are just pointing out that they have a political agenda that is ultra partisan and not honest

Here is a sample of CNNs coverage....

Kathy Griffin: Displayed Bloody head of our commander and chief

President Trump: You're sick and disgusting

Melania: You have traumatized our 11 year old son

Kathy Griffin: The Trump family is bulling me.... snif sniff

now for our 72 hour 6 person far left partisan panel to discusse how our President is a bully!" Jun 5, 17 2:42 PM

The bond between CNN & Sharia is pretty clear, High Hat.... they both support totalitarianism. There's nothing at all "Liberal" about Fascist Fake News OR Islam. It's our way or off with your heads!

Western culture has been utterly demonized, deconstructed and buried... sacrificed upon the alters of Political Correctness, Multiculturalism, Globalism, and White Liberal Guilt.

In order to destroy a nation you first need to subvert and undermine its history and foundations to divorce its citizens from any sense of sovereignty, destiny , national identity and cultural pride. A balkanized populace brainwashed into despising their own heritage are easy pickings for transnational elites and/or any group (Muslims for example) who are not so crippled by self-flagellating loathing." Jun 5, 17 2:46 PM

Zeldin Says No Special Prosecutor Needed After FBI Director Fired

So I was in Starbucks today getting some COVFEFE and all the left wing nuts looked so un happy, It is F*ing wonderful just Wonderful I tell you.

M A G A" Jun 7, 17 7:23 PM

20 things I trust before CNN!!!

• Riding no seatbelt with Kaitlyn
• Mexican tap water
• A wolverine with a 'pet me' sign
• A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
• Andrea Yates daycare service
• Brian Williams memory
• Loch Ness monster sightings
• OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection
• A North Korea "Satellite" launch
• Hilary Clinton's investigation into Bengazi
• Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton
• Gas station Sushi
• A Jimmy Carter economic plan
• Bill Clinton's claim he never had inappropriate relationships
• Michael Jackson's Doctor
• MeCHA, La Raza, and LULAC's claim they're not racists
• Obama's investigation into the IRS Targeting Scandal
• The Boy that cried Wolf
• Harry Reid's exercise equipment
• Tying Anthony Weiner's shoes

MAGA" Jun 8, 17 7:33 AM

just feels so right" Jun 8, 17 7:36 AM

No no, I'm pretty sure its Don Cornelius and Joe Frazier" Jun 9, 17 6:38 PM

Steady as she goes" Jun 9, 17 6:39 PM

Black Orange Yellow whatever just a color. all lives matter! isnt that what you should want everyone to think mats ?

Russia seems like they are happier than us these days. I would live in Russia before Iran, Pakistan or San Francisco" Jun 11, 17 1:05 PM

Hating blacks is what I am all about ?
No I don't hate Blacks, I hate liberals who are Black......

I love Condoleazza Rice
Respect Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas
I think Lynn Swann is awesome on and off the field
Ben Carson, Nice man
Michael Steele, a smart and fair gentleman
Herman Cain, great business man
Alan Keyes, hard working dude
Larry Elder, I would love to live next door to him
JC Watts, a smart ambitious man
Ever listen to Armstrong Williams ? I do !
Tony Dungy , his parents should be proud
How about Niger Innis ? Good man
Amy Holmes, she is as fair and balance as they come
Charles Pain, In my opinion one class act
Eric Rush, Thoughtful and smart
Dave Chappelle, Funny as S*
oh and one more thing Rhianna a democrat is way hot!

Nice try but while we are discussing this, do you think all lives matter?" Jun 12, 17 12:29 AM

Mets you asked him the same question twice, I think he answered it more that sufficiently the first time. I would agree with Ditch on that list of people being fine examples of caracter and achivement. do you feel there was someone on the list that was not worrty of an honorable mention? I for one... never judge anyone before hearing what they are about, rich or poor black or white... a taker is a taker.

Please define " house ones" for us?" Jun 12, 17 10:25 AM

Early Demolition Work Begins At Canoe Place Inn In Hampton Bays

The town does not seem to even care to tell us just what the hell is going on! Maybe they need more time to relocate all the rats from the CPI to the diner. " Jun 13, 17 3:23 PM

New York State Universal Health Care Bill Unlikely To Gain Support Needed Now, But Could In Future

Joe haven't you figured out that June Bug is Mr Z yet, so easy, I have circumstantial proof but I am waiting for the right time to make what I consider my VERY good case. He is careful but I believe i have got him pegged.

Let just ask, Mr Z are you also June Bug ?" Jun 14, 17 9:29 PM

Zeldin Says No Special Prosecutor Needed After FBI Director Fired

The people on the political left didn’t just lose an election last November, they lost their fn minds." Jun 15, 17 2:13 AM

New York State Universal Health Care Bill Unlikely To Gain Support Needed Now, But Could In Future

Pissoff Ossoff !
He's a Nobody propped up by hollywood hate and their commie cash. The amount of money they've spent represents their misery and desperation. 7000 of Ossoffs 7800 donors are Californians ! Just think about how many footed pajama sets they could've bought !

Ossoff and Libs got Handel-ed ! Ha !
Laughing my Ossoff !" Jun 20, 17 9:44 PM

Who needs the media we have Twitter !

MAGA !" Jun 20, 17 9:46 PM

MS-13 Has Presence On South Fork, Police Officials Say

Is there a legal way a citizen can check registrations and matching license plates, inspections and so on. If so than I volunteer right here and right now! for real

I see these police traffic control trainees all day long in King Kullen and everywhere else in Southampton but never at the bar boy location or the movie theater. Why not is the question. So again i ask, is there an app anyone knows of where i can make citizen vihicle checks ? Can I do this in a leagle manner ?" Jun 22, 17 4:38 PM

New York State Universal Health Care Bill Unlikely To Gain Support Needed Now, But Could In Future

Trump 2020" Jun 26, 17 6:11 PM

Its starting to feel like I'm getting my country back!

Travel Muslim BAN in place. 9-0 SCOTUS Decision

2nd Amendment restored for non-violet non-felons

Slavery for Christian Bakers on the way to repeal

State discrimination and bigotry against Christian
schools struck down


Loretta Lynch under investigation

Hillary about to be under investigation

Dumbo exposed for LYING about Russians

Anyone tired of WINNING yet? I'm not. MAGA!" Jun 26, 17 11:53 PM

Oh please stop with your fake outrage, I have nothing against gays! just the government telling a some private business what it must do and giving others a pass. If the guy does not want to make you a cake with a certain design then go somewhere else and stop the drama. Try going into Dearborn Michigan and getting a gay wedding cake from a sharia bakery. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ! wont happen will it. But let me guess you see nothing wrong with that do you." Jun 27, 17 10:21 AM

Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces $2 Million To Improve Water Quality On Long Island


MS-13 Has Presence On South Fork, Police Officials Say

You would need a second one at the Duck and a third at Beaverdam pond

I LIKE IT !" Jun 29, 17 9:19 PM

New York State Universal Health Care Bill Unlikely To Gain Support Needed Now, But Could In Future

The Choom Gang punk is a dot in the rear view mirror, Happy 4th" Jul 1, 17 6:55 PM

Venesina Family Sells Iconic Sag Harbor Restaurant Conca D'Oro To Owners Of LT Burger

It is a typical A T response, always worried about the price of everything ? I think maybe you live in the wrong area . You should seriously try Selden or Mastic you might be more happy there." Jul 7, 17 3:04 PM

C J Like I said to A T maybe you should relocate? you might be more happy" Jul 7, 17 3:05 PM

New York State Universal Health Care Bill Unlikely To Gain Support Needed Now, But Could In Future

"Because I hate him" is still not an impeachable offense. Sorry left wing nuts. Once again in the days that follow the newest round of fake news, there have been no additional “scoops” just an endless stream of cable news talking heads offering more speculation.

Absent any further information, there is still no evidence of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia.

In fact, the emails tend to suggest the opposite." Jul 14, 17 5:10 PM


It is not like they met on a runway or something innocent like that. I think Trump Jr. should just have wiped his server with a cloth and all would have been forgiven" Jul 14, 17 6:04 PM

The media doesn't know it but, while they have been piss-matching each other over this stupid Russia s**t.....Trump has been hard at work preparing to take down the big name pedophiles in Congress, the courts, most agencies and the MSM!!!

Drain The Swamp Baby and Drain It Dry This Time !

Its been well over 80 years since we had a non corrupt small representative republic and we want it back.

MEGA!" Jul 15, 17 1:28 AM

I just read a report in the Hill that says Trumps efforts to drain the State Dep’t to reflect ‘America first’ have officials freaking out, President Trump is attempting to overhaul the State Department and leave his “America First” stamp on the bureaucracy, a move that is reportedly making Government officials crazy.

It seems obvious it why it would make officials at State nervous...They are all Obama hold outs and "America First" is an anathema to them, they are globalists, and hate America! They all must GO !" Jul 15, 17 1:41 AM

OK so let me get this strait now? DT JR should go to jail for his emails but Hillary is just fine ? Do you even hear yourself OMG LOL ... Have you even heard of the Clinton foundation ? Are you even aware of Obamas medaling in the Israeli election ? Your political cherry picking is delusional at best ." Jul 16, 17 11:42 AM

UD said " June / Z will you denounce Linda Sarsour here on the record or will you try and side step the question as normal ?

I wont even ask highhatsize as I am pretty certain he will not denounce her."

For the record, both June Z and hhs have check in and soundly refused to answer you question. Maybe they don't understand what you asked them ? lol well done

" Jul 16, 17 11:48 AM

Zeldin Defends Comments About Donald Trump Jr., Voices Concerns About Threats By Celebrities

More red ink Plllease we are all big boys and girls and can take the sticks and stones" Jul 24, 17 10:28 PM

Thank the lord for Sean Hannity" Jul 24, 17 10:29 PM

Thiele, Others Consider Challenging Zeldin In 2018

Why did he smash them when he could have just " wiped them with a cloth" ?" Jul 26, 17 9:21 AM

Zeldin Defends Comments About Donald Trump Jr., Voices Concerns About Threats By Celebrities

Chapter 1: BleachBit
Chapter 2: Hammers
Chapter 3. Muslim Brotherhood
Chapter 4: Orgy Island
Chapter 5: How I Want 500% More Muslims When They Are Burning Down Europe.
Chapter 6- How I lost my shoe getting dragged into the Scuby Van
Chapter 7 Seth Rich
Chapter 8 pizza gate
Chapter 9 What really happened to Vince Foster
Chapter 10 But I'm not bitter.
Chapter 11. The Perils of Cold Starbucks drinks!
Chapter 12 Deflection & rules for Radicals
Chapter 13: Why am I not up by 50 points?
Chapter 14. How drunk I got on election night!
Chapter 15: Who's is this Ben Ghazi guy?
Chapter 16: Wiping a server clean ... like with a cloth.
Epilogue: What difference at this point does it make?
Editor's note: I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Jul 27, 17 2:50 PM

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