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Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Getting a 4 year supply of popcorn, putting my feet up and laughing my a** off while watching the stunned look on the faces of Trump voters when that wall doesn't get built, immigration continues, those jobs don't come back, those businesses continue to leave for China, their taxes don't go down (unless they're billionaires), the soldiers don't come home and when trump continues the adventure in Syria.

There's no way Trump will be allowed to drop out of meddling in the Middle East anymore that LBJ was able to drop out of Vietnam. Presidents aren't the ones who run our wars. Corporations do and war is GOOD for business

Enjoy your snake oil, haha! Oh, did you see that bridge over there? You can have it for free. Just go ahead and take it. It's yours, really. Trump says so. Believe me. " Nov 9, 16 7:00 PM