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Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

Thank You fidelis for your pass.
Observant (who isn't) you are out of line and you darn well know it. If it makes you feel better, poll 20 soccer moms or dads as they drop the kids off at school this morning. Why would I suggest polling 20 day laborers in regards to this issue? I dont know anything about code words, but does not the President of the United States claim that he was a "community organizer" on his resume'? If you want to take that as some sort of a "right wing" slur, go ahead. Then go get your tin foil hat on as well.
fidelis, the point being, who has this expert ability to take a desk in town hall and start the economic engine and find jobs? If that person exists, Their abilities would be better used in the private sector or at a much higher level of government.
You are correct we do have a basic difference in philosophy, You state: "This is a succinct and accurate expression of the basic philosophical difference between us." So true, I do not think that the town is charged with job creation in the least. And I strongly doubt its' ability to do so, regardless of the party in power. " Mar 4, 10 8:11 AM

I always believed it was the policy of the Press not to print pro or con letters in the edition prior to an election.
" Mar 4, 10 6:02 PM

You may want to look into their track record, over the last 10 years or so. Their endorsement is quite often the kiss of death. " Mar 5, 10 1:16 PM

Local politicians consider congressional campaign

You have his number, call and ask him." Mar 6, 10 4:34 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

Why don't you just FOIL it?" Mar 7, 10 7:36 AM

Just when and where was that kindly, inforemed intelligetn debate on factual issues?

I must have missed it. " Mar 7, 10 5:05 PM

I've adressed this issue before, also to a person who can't find the ability to indentify herself. In 1980 I took a Civil Service test. I scored a 97 and eventually got hired by the town. My wife, then a single mother took a civil service test in the late 80's and also was hired as a Police Dispatcher, working around the clock, raising her kids. My step daughter applied for and got a job with the Highway department a few years ago, as she already had a Class B license, she was an attractive candidte to the town. I know of no one else that applied for the position and didnt get it becasue my step daughter did. Do you?
And while I thank you for your concern, I have been smoke free for 66 days now. Toughest habit I ever tried to break.
And i don't see any of the above is at odds with my political affilications or philosophy.
Now, got anything substantial to add to this debate, or is it your goal to attempt, quite weaklty I would add, to attack me?" Mar 7, 10 5:13 PM

You prove your ignorance quite well on your own." Mar 7, 10 5:14 PM

Talk about talking points bable. " Mar 9, 10 11:30 AM

Southampton Town Board work session canceled

An entire post without the diatribe re cops. WOW.

But you are wrong here as well. " Mar 9, 10 3:06 PM

Hampton Bays resident William Hughes says political bid is a calling

He openly stated in the debates that he was opposed to the project at Docker's." Mar 9, 10 4:59 PM

Southampton Town Board work session canceled

Pick up the phone and ask them." Mar 9, 10 5:00 PM

Local politicians consider congressional campaign

End of discussion:

The Constitution specifically lists the qualifications necessary to become a member of the House or Senate. A representative must be at least 25 years old, have been a U.S. citizen for seven years, and be a resident of the state (although not necessarily the district) from which he or she is chosen (Article 1, Section 2). A senator must be at least 30 years old, have been a citizen for nine years, and be a resident of his or her state (Article 1, Section 3).

Any changes to above is purely motivated by politics. " Mar 9, 10 5:04 PM

Bridget Fleming wins vacant Southampton Town Board seat

wow, I knew some people were out of touch this time around, but that takes the cake!" Mar 9, 10 10:56 PM

reg rep,
Both candidates ran a good campaign. One wins one loses, thats the way it is, and you move on to the next one. Having said that, as a citizen of the town, I stand ready to give Ms. Fleming the opportunity to "show us what she's" got.
If taxes are your primary concern, look at your tax bill. Town candidates, regardless of party are put in the hot seat when taxes shoot up because of schools.
What is troubling, though, (and I felt the same in November before anyone attacks me here) is this is a classsic, "tail wagging the dog" scenario. Frank McKay, and not the voters of Southampton determined who would win this seat. " Mar 10, 10 8:04 AM

PBR, why don't you get off the sidelines for a change?

I want you to read that ad again. It essentially states thast the concept of "chain of command" or "table of organization" is nothing but poppycock. By the reasoning presented in the argument, the Chairman of General Motors is responsible only to his 2 Vice-Presidents, and not the thousands of employees under him.

PBR further bables:

Mr. Hughes's shock at losing by such a wide margin shows how out of touch he is with the public's dissatisfaction with the old Republican men's club order in Southampton.
Fill me in on this "Republican Men's Club" Would you care to see the stats on the number of women involved in the town GOP? Just for once, PBR, YOU do the work and look it up, inquire and get the answer.
The "shock" sir was real. Mr Hughes knocked on more doors than any candidate in a while in a very short election cycle. ( I wish they were all this short)
I'll repeat what I said above, this is classic "tail wagging the dog"
Both candidates ran a good campaign. Congrats to Ms Fleming. " Mar 10, 10 8:15 AM

So it is your opinion, that we ( both parties) should be held hostage to the "deal makers" from up west?" Mar 10, 10 8:19 AM

peoplefirst, in all honesty here, please show me a link that shows any kind of platform for the "Independence" party. " Mar 10, 10 8:21 AM

It isn't a matter of like or dislike re the consequences of an election. I congratulate Ms Fleming on her win, as stated elsewhere.
My challenge is to you for claiming that the Independence Party is "more in keeping with Republican ideals"
I sure do believe that the party leaders have an agenda. Independent or "blank" voters may not, but most assuredly the "Independence Party" does. " Mar 10, 10 9:40 AM

I, and others here, as well as Mr Hughes and Ms Fleming can look in the mirror today and say, "Well Done"
You and rabblerouser, however can go back under your rock where you feel most comfortable. " Mar 10, 10 2:17 PM

So then, the same applies to what occurred in November when "this is a democracy and "they" got the most votes because "they" were the better candidates." Your words paraphrased to fit the November election where the Republican/Conservative/Independence party lines won.
"This "district" has become overwhelmed with neocons?" Please explain that one. What is a district? This was a town wide election with 42 election districts.

The point that I made, was that the margin of victory was clearly due to the Independence line. Had Mr highes secured that line, he likely would have won. If you want to argue that point, go elsewhere, I am not getting onto that.

Who determined that Ms Fleming receive the Independence Line? Frank McKay who lives "up west"

Now I complimented Ms Fleming on her victory here, and that was indeed sincere. You havent heard sour grapes from me on this election or any other, no matter how you try to twist the words. The results are the results.
The voters may well determine who gets elected to office, but don't kid yourself, or attempt to act so naive, the parties determine who the voters vote for. " Mar 11, 10 8:53 PM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

SHNative says:
You are not entitled to speak for what the founders wanted or did not want!

WOW. Free speech is next?" Mar 24, 10 3:38 PM

Around Southampton Town Hall

"and when the boards that are supposed to protect our natural heritage allow it to be paved over because that's what their friends want."
I'm justr sitting back watching the show TB, but can you give me an example of what you are talking about here?" Mar 31, 10 10:05 AM

Southampton Town to host flood forum

I was notified of this last week. That the Press didnt publicize it till a few hours before the event is not the fault of the town. " Apr 15, 10 6:28 PM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

This is just plain WRONG." Apr 22, 10 9:23 PM

Not if you support using CPF money to do so." Apr 28, 10 2:02 PM

Thiele: Stony Brook rejects idea of maintaining residential campus at Southampton

I thought the whale comitted suicide. " May 6, 10 6:54 PM

Dog poisoned; was it whale meat?

You live in your own unique world, don't you?

How would you have saved the whale? " May 8, 10 11:22 AM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

story says:
police, who continued to pursue him for several miles but didn’t catch up with the motorcycle until he came upon the crash near Dolphin Drive.
Please note the police "didnt catch up with him", A) and B), had he just stopped his bike the young lady would be alive now.
I would also question his driving ability. He is 19 and driving a "go fast" Suzuki. I dont know, but chances that he had any lessons on riding are probably pretty slim.
It was his actions and his actions alone that caused this to happen.. " May 25, 10 3:56 PM

He is 19, the chances of a 19 year old on a bike like that being an "excellent rider" are pretty small. Not saying he couldn't have been, but it is not likely. You're right, a deer "could" have run in front of him. Once again, an excellent rider would know his or her enviorment and would have lessened the chances of this turning out as it did.
Are you not able to grasp the idea that he should not have been riding the bike at all, and when he was signalled to stop, he should have? You do realize that a bike is capable of killing others on the road. Where were you? Where were your children and loved ones?
ps. that was a typo, I dont like your comments, sorry " May 25, 10 4:46 PM

ICE says:
Exactly, they could have easily stopped him safely before Amagansett.

Really? How many other PD cars were on the road at that date and time, and what makes you think he would have stopped because someone was signaling him to do so?" May 25, 10 5:22 PM

By using the "reasoning" of some of you, all motorcyclists should ride rice rockets. You have decided that the police can't stop them, so if I ride one I will never get a ticket again. As soon as the PD puts on his lights, I just zoom off and leave my troubles behind. I just need to learn how to ride one of those things first.
Problem is, another media source, (and even this one) doesnt say anything about a "high speed" pursuit as some of you have turned this into. Those of you who think TV is reality and that Joe Cop can get on his radio and "Ponz" from CHiPS sets up a road block in betrween comercials, well, it doesn't work that way folks. Someone post a link where it does and how well it works out, please. " May 26, 10 7:31 AM

Name your price, ICE. I am betting that nothing will change in the way V&T stops are done, because the is was done right and by the book. Cop on the side of the road, sees rice rocket zip by. Cops pulls into traffic, activates his overhead lights, whereupon rice rocket driver think he is above the law, and has driving abilities way beyond what he really does and he kills someone. There was nothing posted in any media account of this story that says otherwise, as much as you may want to infer that something sinister occurred.
How would you feel if he "lost control" and drifted into your lane of traffic?

And once again I ask you, are operators of rice rockets immune from being stopped by police?" May 27, 10 8:09 AM

Show me a report that the officer was in pursuit of the bike. As best as I can tell, he saw the bike pass him at a high rate of speed, turned onhis overheads and then the idiot took off. The officer followed in the same direction and came upon the results of the idiots actions. Show me where the officer did anything resembling a high speed pursuit.
While I am at it, these plate readers? Arent you the least bit concerned about your loss of privacy, or the government knowing where your vehicle is? " May 27, 10 11:46 AM

Attempted to stop= activation of overhead lights
continued to pursue= followed
didnt catch up=indicates iot was NOT a high speed pursuit.

Again, show me where any source has claimed or indicated that the cop was driving fast after this idiot. You and others continue to assume that the cop was running people of the road chasing this idiot.

" May 27, 10 1:10 PM

Following a Jesuit and/or Libertarian/Conservative philosophy as best I can ICE. Thanks for your concern as to my moral being, but that is a topic for another time and place. You do recall that you were the first to make a bet here, correct? As long as no one is being hurt, and it doesnt cost the taxpayer money, sure, I'll take your bet. What's your point? Do you question my morals because I believed this idiot caused this young lady's death by his stupidity? The facts are, this young lady would be alive today if the idiot has just pulled over like the rest of society is required to do by law.
You've almost launched a personal attack here, because you can't or won't defend your stand and answer the question posed repeatedly:

Now just clarify, if I drive a rice rocket is it OK for me to speed off after a cop wants to stop me just because I can get away with it? ( or think I can)

So you don't get bent out of shape by lack of response I'll be away on my slow poke Milwaukee Iron for a few days, obeying the law and stoopping when directed to do so by proper law enforcments agents.
Have a pleasant Memorial Day weekend, keep those who have passed due to service to our Nation in your heart. " May 27, 10 9:54 PM

Vice President Biden visits Southampton over holiday weekend

I've been to Lincoln Cemetary. It is quite beautiful. Thats he did not go to Arlington, does not botther this Libertarian/Conservative in the least.
sjd, may I ask, where were you educated? Typos are one thing, but you never make the distinction betweeen you're and your. You do know there (not their) is a difference, don't you? Your (not you're) lack of command of the English language takes away from the message you want to send. " Jun 1, 10 10:41 AM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

highhat, try reading the story again. This guy is a low life. No one would be "on the street" but for his generosity... as you try to imply. He is soaking these people and we are paying for his profits. Multi rental units within a house that doesnt even have a CO for SFO.
Perhaps the town should ask him to build in East Quogue, see how YOU like that!!" Jun 3, 10 8:27 PM

Is that a veiled threat?" Jun 4, 10 10:38 AM

mutual friends or family, is your wife related to his?" Jun 4, 10 10:39 AM

Town to reconsider leaf pick-up

Go with compostable paper bags. Just leaves, nothing else." Jun 4, 10 10:40 AM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

I ran out of fingers trying to count the number of words you can't spell correctly. Did somehow John get elected "Affordable, but crappy, Housing Chief"?
Facts appear to be that what he is renting out is substandard and without permits.
How do you justify what this guy does as bering different from the absentee landlords ( that apparently pay you) that you speak so lowly of? " Jun 7, 10 10:13 AM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

Well said, Robert." Jun 9, 10 9:52 PM

I rode with the PGR and American Legion Riders today. You folks that are the East End make this a special place by the numbers you turned out today.
Well done by all, participants and bystanders all!!" Jun 9, 10 9:54 PM

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