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Zeldin Has Nearly $1.17 Million In Campaign War Chest

This week he said: “There would need to be more progress made in figuring out the solution on this issue in order for me to vote for the resolution on Thursday...As of right now, I don’t have enough answers to vote ‘yes’ on the budget.”

Which is weaker than his statement in September: “I am not supportive of eliminating state and local tax deductions,” " Oct 26, 17 10:58 AM

His son and campaign manager solicited opposition research from a Russian attorney with ties to the Kremlin. Hillary's attorney paid for opposition research that was sourced from Russian government officials.

I'm not saying either of those things is conclusive, I'm just saying they're mighty similar." Oct 26, 17 11:03 AM

So what you're saying is neither instance led to any useful information or was used by either campaign in any way? Another similarity. " Oct 26, 17 2:09 PM

Sounds like a lot of conjecture, unless you know something the rest of us don't. " Oct 26, 17 2:10 PM

Because the alternative, to deny corporate bodies the right to political speech, would result in a worse outcome.

Dark money is a problem that's not ameliorated by denying individuals a way to pool money in the absence of effective public election financing laws as an alternative means of balancing out the inequitable power of wealthy individuals." Oct 26, 17 2:21 PM

So what happened with the other 8 agencies, did their check get lost in the mail? " Oct 26, 17 3:07 PM

So what was the $145 million in exchange for exactly " Oct 26, 17 3:17 PM

I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what Russia got in exchange for the $145 million to the Clinton Foundation if the DoS was only one of nine agencies that approved the Uranium deal." Oct 26, 17 8:35 PM

Wait, let's backtrack a little: so Obama told Susan Rice to say the Benghazi attack was prompted by the video?

The Republican-led inquiry into this resulted in a 400 page report that does not include that tid bit, can you provide a source? " Oct 27, 17 6:10 AM

I was going to be in a great holiday shopping mood until the end of the state & local tax deduction shattered any prospect of a tax cut. " Oct 27, 17 6:11 AM

Oh you'll see some TDS when my taxes go up. The liar promised a tax cut!" Oct 27, 17 6:50 AM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

That's a talking point. The truth is that arbitration firms are beholden to their employers and incentivized to provide favorable decisions for the banks.

You also forgot to mention that the companies only pay legal fees when they're found guilty, and that if they knew they were guilty they would save their consumers lots in legal fees by owning up." Oct 27, 17 7:03 AM

Zeldin Has Nearly $1.17 Million In Campaign War Chest

Can you please pinpoint for us where the campaign lied, and what evidence you have that it was a lie? " Oct 27, 17 8:04 AM

Then we'd probably be more like Florida.

Frankly, the only thing I envy from Florida is the sun.

It should also be mentioned that New York is a net contributor of federal tax dollars, as opposed to more conservative states which tend to consume more federal monies then they provide." Oct 27, 17 8:25 AM

So what you're saying is you believe the campaign lied but can't pinpoint the lie or demonstrate it was a lie?" Oct 27, 17 8:26 AM

Why? They all voted against the proposal." Oct 27, 17 8:26 AM

Where do I vote to stop my federal tax dollars from being spent in other states 2 to 1?" Oct 27, 17 8:27 AM

You suggest there was inaccurate reporting.

If there was no source of accurate reporting, how do you know about it?

If there was an accurate source, kindly point us to it." Oct 27, 17 8:34 AM

So do you think the president conducts his own intelligence investigations, or does he delegate them?

It kind of sounds like you're admitting there's no evidence anyone knew those statements were inaccurate when they were made." Oct 27, 17 8:39 AM

And I'm asking you what the real story is, and what evidence you have of it.

If you have a good answer to that question you might even earn a Pullitzer!" Oct 27, 17 8:40 AM

The population loss trend is a rural (see: Republican) problem and New York is not the only state that's experienced it. In any event, 2016 was the first year we lost more people to other states than we gained." Oct 27, 17 8:46 AM

And a belief that the attack may have been "spontaneous" was part of intelligence documents until weeks later.

It turns out the intelligence community wasn't actually that sure on the day following the attacks, go figure." Oct 27, 17 8:57 AM

I don't think you understand how federalism works." Oct 27, 17 9:00 AM

So it's just what you think happened? Got it." Oct 27, 17 9:00 AM

First year since 2006, clicked submit a little fast there." Oct 27, 17 9:01 AM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

What do you do when your employer costs you more than they earn you? You find a new one!

That's why corporations can't be trusted to adjudicate their own disputes impartially; their every act is committed in self-interested, including the selection of arbitration firms." Oct 27, 17 9:07 AM

Zeldin Has Nearly $1.17 Million In Campaign War Chest

I'm just trying to reach probable cause. Are you saying the evidence to get us there doesn't exist?" Oct 27, 17 10:06 AM

I agree, and it should be noted that hearings on Uranium One are already scheduled.

In fact, I think we should hold hearings for three years straight and let the cards fall where they may. If wrongdoing is found and prosecuted, good. If it's another waste of tax payer dollars and congressional time, I hope the American people take note." Oct 27, 17 10:58 AM

We can only hope that same manner of thinking does not permeate the halls of government as much as POTUS makes it appear." Oct 27, 17 11:49 AM

Truth be told, any indication that more than 50% of a comment is copy/pasted gets an eye-roll from me." Oct 27, 17 12:19 PM

Now, now, kids. The comments section is a sandbox. We can build castles or throw dirt, but we can't do both. " Oct 27, 17 12:55 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

It's no like you've done a great job elaborating.

Did you happen to figure out exactly what Hillary and Obama are guilty of yet? " Oct 27, 17 1:15 PM

It's not like you've done a great job elaborating.

Did you happen to figure out exactly what Hillary and Obama are guilty of yet? " Oct 27, 17 1:15 PM

Zeldin Has Nearly $1.17 Million In Campaign War Chest

Because Taz is only interested in criticizing lefties.

Rest assured, the eyes roll on this end no matter whose name is next to the copy/pasted walls of text. " Oct 27, 17 1:20 PM

And for weeks after that Sunday, her claim that the attack was part of a spontaneous protest continued to be supported by at least some the intelligence community. Who lied?" Oct 27, 17 2:16 PM

Lol, only until my naturalization gets revoked if some conservatives get their way." Oct 27, 17 2:17 PM

Actually, you've all piqued my curiosity. I'm genuinely interested in ensuring justice is carried out. Let's hold hearings until 2020 and let the facts speak for themselves." Oct 27, 17 2:21 PM

So it sounds like you have documented proof that the Hillary AND Podesta were aware of the existence, contents, and source of the dossier. Could you point me in that direction?" Oct 27, 17 2:26 PM

Well I am still registered at my prior polling place, so I probably could if I wanted. Too bad I'm a rational person and committing a felony is too high-risk for such meager benefit." Oct 27, 17 2:29 PM

So everyone involved in the investigations is corrupt, including the agents of the FBI, a crown jewel of American law enforcement? And the Republican legislators who will hold the hearings?

Occam's razor, Po' Boy. The perspective that makes the least number of assumptions tends to be correct." Oct 27, 17 2:42 PM

Weren't you the one that said the allegations were "all documented as factual at this time?"" Oct 27, 17 3:01 PM

And you continue to have delusions that an unfavorable outcome indicates impropriety in the investigation.

Instead, I choose to trust the integrity of people with a lifetime in law enforcement, absent evidence to the contrary." Oct 27, 17 3:19 PM

You're using a lot of words but you're not really saying anything.

I asked what evidence there was of your allegations, and you're saying that "we'll never see the full facts."

That's pretty much the end of any productive discussion, isn't it?
" Oct 27, 17 3:53 PM

I'm plenty capable of acknowledging a lack of impartiality when it's demonstrated.

Except there's no evidence that Mueller and Comey have anything more than a professional relationship.

That view also ignores an entire team of attorneys that is collectively making decisions throughout the entire process.

Occam's razor..." Oct 27, 17 4:09 PM

Let's play this out: Mueller absolves Comey, Hillary and the campaign of any wrongdoing, afterward it's demonstrated that the investigation was tainted and what happens? Well they were never charged, so there's no reason you can't charge them now.

And now you've got Mueller for obstruction of justice. " Oct 27, 17 6:00 PM

Well, you've just about said it all there, huh joe? " Oct 27, 17 9:27 PM

Did you read my comment about copy/pasted walls of text?

It still applies if it's your own comment from last week. " Oct 28, 17 7:08 AM

Yes, the crackdown on gays and a three-day war with Georgia were shining examples of reason. " Oct 28, 17 7:13 AM

First arrest will take place this coming week? Goody!" Oct 28, 17 8:09 AM

Please save SALT though." Oct 28, 17 8:13 AM

You're actually right, an arrest doesn't always result in charges, and indictment does. " Oct 28, 17 9:05 AM

Also, the reports are that someone is going into custody this coming week. I guess we'll see!" Oct 28, 17 9:08 AM

What would that say about the Right's obsession with gay people?" Oct 29, 17 7:17 AM

My favorite names on that list are Mueller and Rosenstein, two lifelong Republicans." Oct 30, 17 8:10 AM

Frankly, I thought they'd be doing worse after everyone hopped on-board BLM's boycott of the NFL" Oct 30, 17 9:24 AM

Don't fret, Trumpets. It's just garden-variety charges of CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE US levied against the former Trump campaign manager, nothing to see here." Oct 30, 17 10:14 AM

Don't take my "likes" the wrong way...reading your comments has literally brought me great joy this morning." Oct 30, 17 10:57 AM

This got drowned out by the Manafort indictment, but did you see that the case against George Papadopoulos was also unsealed?

He secretly plead guilty three weeks ago to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian government actors.

In other words: Trump's former campaign advisor took a plea deal and has been cooperating with investigators!" Oct 30, 17 11:33 AM


What a beautiful piece of unintended honesty, Erin. " Oct 30, 17 12:56 PM

*here" Oct 30, 17 1:04 PM

Or is it possible that Paul Manafort broke the law and should be prosecuted? " Oct 30, 17 1:20 PM

"We will get Hillary" sounds like something that would go on the tombstone of the Republican party." Oct 30, 17 2:20 PM

Um...anyone with any interest in justice cares what Manafort did ten years ago.

When Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath it was because the investigation into Whitewater turned up other wrongdoing.

Now, Mueller's turning over stones uncovered Manafort's past wrongdoing. Why wouldn't we prosecute him?" Oct 30, 17 2:36 PM

"Anyone who thinks Trump's campaign managers getting indicted isn't about Clinton is crazy!"

Well, ok then." Oct 30, 17 2:40 PM

That "volunteer" was announced as a member of Trump's foreign policy team in March 2016.

During his tenure he told an unnamed campaign official about his contacts with two people with ties to the Russian gov't, and that unnamed official responded "great work" and "[we'll] work it through the campaign."

Uranium One hearings are already slated and if any wrongdoing is found it should be prosecuted accordingly!" Oct 30, 17 2:59 PM

That was a general quip about the Republican party's obsession with Hillary, not about you in particular Taz." Oct 30, 17 3:00 PM

Maybe, maybe not. The only ones who really know are Mueller and his team!" Oct 30, 17 3:27 PM

Zeldin Met With Pence On Tuesday To Discuss Tax Reform Bill

But just think: if we repeal the estate tax then we'll get to keep 100% of our inheritances above $5.49 million!" Oct 30, 17 3:40 PM

Zeldin Has Nearly $1.17 Million In Campaign War Chest

Wait, I thought I was mets. When did June become the Jekyll to my Hyde? " Oct 30, 17 5:26 PM

Oooh, do you know something we don't fresh? Please dish! " Oct 30, 17 6:41 PM

Zeldin Met With Pence On Tuesday To Discuss Tax Reform Bill

Except repealing the estate tax will literally only benefit the rich.

And reducing the SALT deduction will directly hurt New Yorkers, wiping out the tax cut we're hoping for.

And reducing the child credit could actually result in people with 2+ kids rising.

Maybe it's not liberals who should educate themselves." Oct 30, 17 9:11 PM

I'm sure there's a goldilocks combination of proposals getting kicked around that would actually decrease my taxes, but what I've seen so far isn't it. " Oct 31, 17 5:56 AM

Slimy, the point I addressed is "who will benefit and who will lose out", if you want to talk about the merits of these tax cuts:

1. Because the estate tax isn't on the person leaving the money, who was already taxed, it's on the beneficiaries who are receiving INCOME. Also, it's only applied on inheritance amounts over $5.49 Million, so I'm not losing sleep over it.

2. Because raising children is expensive and we've decided that it benefits everyone to let parents take home more income to aid in the process.

Now, let's start from the premise that the child credit and estate tax exist: why would you actively want to hurt parents to benefit multi millionaires?" Oct 31, 17 7:20 AM

It's real curious that people keep calling a repeal of the estate tax a "middle class tax cut."

To inherit a $5.49 Million estate takes you out of middle-class by definition, no?" Oct 31, 17 7:23 AM

Zeldin Has Nearly $1.17 Million In Campaign War Chest

You sound confused." Oct 31, 17 7:24 AM

For some reason I can't "like" your comment (it just refreshes the page) but you're spot on.

Let's wait and see where the chips fall before calling Trump a dead-man-walking or claiming Mueller is a democrat stooge." Oct 31, 17 8:13 AM

So he's a bad judge of character upfront, but eventually gets it right?

That's a lackluster quality." Oct 31, 17 8:14 AM

This...is not relevant to this story." Oct 31, 17 9:08 AM

So he's willing to hire an unscrupulous character as long as it benefits him?

That's even worse." Oct 31, 17 9:19 AM

So is Trump a good judge of character or not?

If he is, then he purposely hired an unethical person.

If he's not...well, that's what I'm saying. He's not." Oct 31, 17 9:24 AM

LOL there's a name I haven't heard in a while.

I think it's a binary choice, though.

Is it possible that Trump is both a good judge of character AND didn't realize the Manafort was a shady guy?

I guess so, but it cuts against his being a good judge of character, doesn't it?" Oct 31, 17 9:54 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman To Leave Independence Party, Join Democrats

You should set up a camera and share videos of these fools.

Not necessarily to catch them, just to laugh at them." Oct 31, 17 9:55 AM

Zeldin Met With Pence On Tuesday To Discuss Tax Reform Bill

YES! There's so much anti-middle class garbage in this bill I recoil whenever I see it described as middle-class tax relief." Oct 31, 17 10:38 AM

Zeldin Has Nearly $1.17 Million In Campaign War Chest

So, if Manafort is convicted, would it affect your view on whether Trump is a good judge of character?

Can a person consistently make personnel choices of questionable character (Manafort, Christie, Flynn, Scaramucci) and still laud themselves as a good judge of character?

How many shady characters chosen would it take to bring into question whether Trump is actually a good judge of character?" Oct 31, 17 11:01 AM

I thought we were having a discussion on what it means to be a good judge of character and whether that applies to Trump.

If you're not here for discourse then why are you here?" Oct 31, 17 11:17 AM

So were you interested in that discussion? Do you agree with Trump's view that he's a good judge of character?

You can choose to not form an opinion on it at all and avoid the discussion altogether, but a yes/no answer is subject to debate and discussion." Oct 31, 17 11:34 AM

Thanks for your thoughtful reply :-)" Oct 31, 17 11:40 AM

Considering the revolving door that's been installed in the west wing, one could argue it was never really put together all that well!" Oct 31, 17 11:43 AM

Zeldin Met With Pence On Tuesday To Discuss Tax Reform Bill

We've been able to keep this discussion focused on the proposed tax-reform...please take the indictment discussion to the other Zeldin article." Oct 31, 17 11:46 AM

Zeldin Has Nearly $1.17 Million In Campaign War Chest

This administration has set several records for shortest tenures at various cabinet positions. I've lost count." Oct 31, 17 11:57 AM

Was it the establishment's fault that Scaramucci openly accused Bannon of auto-fellatio?

Was it the media that made Flynn lie about his contacts with Russia?

These are all self-inflicted wounds, and rookie mistakes at that." Oct 31, 17 12:55 PM

Admittedly, I got stuck at "mischaracterized examples." I'd insist they're accurate characterizations, but how would you have described Scaramucci's phone call? " Oct 31, 17 1:34 PM

Zeldin Met With Pence On Tuesday To Discuss Tax Reform Bill

When talking about estates the money isn't "theirs" because "they" are dead." Oct 31, 17 4:42 PM

The estate tax is on the beneficiary, who receives income in the form of an inheritance. Dead people don't pay taxes. They're dead." Oct 31, 17 4:55 PM

Zeldin Has Nearly $1.17 Million In Campaign War Chest

I understand now, that's fair." Oct 31, 17 7:19 PM

Zeldin Met With Pence On Tuesday To Discuss Tax Reform Bill

That's a good question. Maybe life insurance is not a property interest but a contractual obligation? Is it there an attorney in the house? " Oct 31, 17 7:32 PM

It's being a worked on behind closed doors. They really can't afford to muck up the CBO score on this one. " Oct 31, 17 7:41 PM

Zeldin Has Nearly $1.17 Million In Campaign War Chest

I think Po Boy is looking at the turnover in the context of the wave of criticism received by this administration, and suggesting that some erosion was to be expected.

That's a fair outlook, although Po Boy and I would probably disagree on whether that wave of criticism is deserved." Nov 1, 17 6:07 AM

Unpaid? You know who else was unpaid? Manafort, Bannon, and Kushner.

Unknown? In a March 2016 interview Trump said "George Papadopoulos, he’s an energy and oil consultant, excellent guy" " Nov 1, 17 6:42 AM

Everyone take note: 37 is a lot of words to Even Flow. How do you even get through a book, mate? " Nov 1, 17 6:43 AM

I kind of want it to happen just to see everyone's heads explode.

Impeachment would be on the table the following morning." Nov 1, 17 7:28 PM

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