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Proposed county law targets hidden prices

I think this is a very good idea .We should have a law like this nationwide for every thing since this practice in not business id deception
John" Nov 5, 08 5:34 AM

Pope, Schiavoni score wins for Dems

remenber the bankruptcy bill remenber katrina there are people proability still living in shelters remenber gas prices going through the roof, the republicans did nonthing about .Now we have the Economy mess why do we have all these problems because of the republicans were in charge. Out here on L.I we hear about lowering taxes insted if the tax payer is late he is charged eleven point five percent fee .The voters need to do some house cleaning out here next
John" Nov 5, 08 10:07 AM

Kabot says town government shoudn't be responsible for soup kitchen

Ms Kabots attitude is typical of government officials today all they know how to do is raise taxes and cut services . That's why we're in the mess we're in today
If we could stop with all these asinine rules and just try to be humane to other human beings we wouldn't have half the problems we have .So i guess that means things are going to get worst
" Apr 29, 09 6:09 PM