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Pope, Schiavoni score wins for Dems

So it could not have been the 5% (max allowed) Tax increase the Repubs just shoved down the Towns throat that cost them the election? Marcus Stinchi and Helen Lawrence Wintermeyer should do the math and concede the loss. But if our Town leaders had been doing the math we would not have the tax increase and MANY other problems. Years of Republican mismanagement in the Town have brought us to this point and it is funny now to see them holding on to their petty delusions of victory and accomplishment here in SH Town." Nov 5, 08 9:11 AM

Well-known Quogue establishment closes its doors

Quogue is a nice place. But you have to admit.........Mayor Mini-Madoff Motz......

That is pretty funny!" Jan 13, 09 3:34 PM

Attorneys for mayor's firm miss court date

I guess MFA was not short for "Must Finance Attorneys" ..........oops.

Do these folks qualify for Legal Aid?" Jan 13, 09 3:56 PM

$19 million in Southampton Town capital budget unaccounted for

Was there not an article where Kabot was calling for fiscal responsibility recently?

Did Kabot not just raise Taxes by the max allowed 5%?

She has known what has been happening in Town Hall since she was Vince's
gal friday, then as a Board member - now as Supervisor.

But hey, misplacing $19M is an honest mistake.......if you are an idiot like her.

Poor Linda - now called Kabot the Krook of Quogue. And Blowes is concerned
about Golf - nuff said.

So will Kabot the Krook follow State guidelines for re-assessment this year, that was the reasoning for the past few years prop. tax hikes. Or will this year not
apply to her?

Guess the Town will have to cut more than a few positions @ the Shelter.....

Nice work Kabot! You have only yourself & your patronage hacks to blame, but we the residents and taxpayers will be the ones getting screwed.


Plan for seven office buildings proposed in Hampton Bays

Regardless of what people "want" for HB - the building will continue as it has
for 15+ years.

Maybe a car dealership on M.Hwy would be better? Then they can just change the
name to Rt 58. Visually, they are well on the way.

BQueen will be happy - Riverhead2 right down the street." Jan 30, 09 2:41 PM

DA investigators seize files from Guldi's law office in Westhampton Beach

News 12 said Guldi may be part of a 50 home Mortgage scam. Another corrupt
elected official?? Why was the first comment posted here removed?

The poster simply used the word "crook" then asked about a similar article.

And for the poster whose comment was removed by the Press........It is
Mayor Mini Madoff Motz of Quogue - he is no-ones husband, his wife is the Village
Judge. Just so there is no confusion.........." Feb 7, 09 7:35 AM

Town might seek forensic audit of capital budget

Accounting 101 is not part of the Civil Service exam, nor secretary school. So give Linda a break. How could a starry eyed gal friday who suddenly ends up as
Supervisor, possibly be expected to add or manage money?

You all expect way too much from morons.........." Feb 9, 09 2:37 PM

Baykeeper sues over Dockers dock plans

"During the battle over the original proposal, Mr. Hoffman fought back against the Baykeeper’s efforts. At one point he anonymously set up a website soliciting applicants for a “Shinnecock Baykeeper” position"

Actually, it was Hoffman and First Coastals Mr. Terchunian that set up the web site, the truck w/ Shinnecock Baykeeper signs etc. etc. A quick Google search explains that clearly........ Hoffman hosts fundraisers for the local politicos.

Keep up the good work Kevin! Our Trustees should be ashamed and resign.
Hoffman should stick w/ cold lobsters @ Dockers and his concession @ the Beach Club. And why not?" Feb 11, 09 8:56 PM

Former Westhampton missile base boasts rich history

Great idea to clean it up - and the $$ to the County is much needed.

Why use a middleman? The County has trucks & people who could take all the scrap directly to recycling facilities. Why settle for half and use a company that is a HUGE
political donor?

I'm sure with budget & service cuts coming - some County employees would be happy to have the work clearing the site. Just a thought......." Feb 12, 09 11:10 AM

Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

If SH Town sold tickets to the jello-wrestling..............but seriously, Kabot is an embarrassment and a hack. This is not only tax dollars at work - it is our votes at work, which makes it even more pathetic. What's next - will Gal Friday have Code Enforcement bust down the door to Annas office and arrest her?

Kabot should just resign, if she wants to stay in Politics, let her run against Mayor Mini Madoff Motz in Quogue - where she lives. I think it was 80 votes to get elected and then she can only really screw up Quogue, a tradition there.

Kabot is the real Dog in Town Hall - and we elected her and she is showing her true colors since taking office." Mar 5, 09 11:52 AM

Westhampton Beach might ask Village Police to monitor outdoor musicians

How bout the cops protect the store owners for a change? And Elyse, if you require that people who complain about your shop be fined - look in the mirror (if you can). You seem to be the most vocal fool in the bunch in WHB.. All you are doing is hurting
what is already a difficult business environment. Get a grip or find some happy pills for Gods sake." Mar 5, 09 11:57 AM

Some shoppers are upset with plans for Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's

The $20K rent for the empty space allows GA & Tea Co. a great tax write-off as long as it remains vacant. This is common here in the Hamptons. It does not matter if the economy is good or bad - the write-off is still there. Why should they fix it up or rent it?" Mar 6, 09 10:15 PM

Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

Farmers Markets are a great thing for the community. The problem lies with the no-compete rules some "Farmers markets" use. The WHB market has no-compete rules and keeps the Southampton farmers produce out. The farms who sell are North
Fork farms, which is not a problem but why not allow other farmers in?

Real Farmers Markets have many farms represented, most with similar produce & products. Why not require that Farmers Markets in Southampton allow the same?
No-compete rules are the same as a monopoly.......Open Markets also bring better prices." Mar 16, 09 1:19 PM

Former Suffolk legislator and four others arraigned in mortgage fraud scheme

WOW! More scandals and Political crimes. Could the years of critical articles in the Soho Journal, written by both McPherson & Guldi - that chapped Spotas a#s finally be coming to a head? Looks like now the chaps come off......

It will be interesting to see the list of "straw buyers" recruited at the S7M club in New York. I wonder who else locally who got roped into this or will be tied to it in the ensuing investigation. It all seems a bit kinky, not like stampeding cattle through the Vatican - but still kinky.

On a more serious note, hopefully Spota will look into other groups that have been doing the same thing here in SH Town. There has been talk of previous Supervisors and other officials buying up land around new developments & subdivisions for years. Maybe it is more than time to shed a little light into the "dungeon" of East End Politics and Real Estate transactions. I'm thinking Inquisition, and will not be ordering my steak "bruised" at Magics anytime soon. Yowza!" Mar 26, 09 9:54 AM

Southampton Town officials: Capital budget is short $4.9 million

Kabot inherited this N of Hwy? Where have you been. Kabot has been in Town Hall for well over a decade. First as Vinces Gal Friday, then as a Councilwoman and now Supervisor herself. Saying she inherited the problem makes her look even dumber than she is. Or was that the point of your comment? " Mar 26, 09 4:32 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller charged with DWI

We have a wall of shame here in Southampton - it's in Town Hall with all the pictures of our elected officials on it..........." Mar 26, 09 4:34 PM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

WOW! Imagine if the Native Indians had not fed the Pilgrims - or other early English "settlers". Or imagine if Ellis Island never existed and SH Towns ignorant & racist attitudes were the norm back then...........

If that was the case, most of us (Whitey) would not be here to make the ongoing cracker comments. Hmmmmmm.......makes you think - or maybe not....

Racist attitudes here make me embarrassed to live out here - almost as embarrassed
as I am for Voting for Kabot....." Apr 3, 09 9:38 AM

My apologies hampton surfer - I should have been more clear. The Pilgrims did not need the Native Indians for food - they needed them to help get food........Check your history bro - or are you a fan of intelligent design too?

From your comment - should we only recognize Russians & Alaskans as citizens? The fact that Native Indians were here for a thousand years does not matter? Maybe we should let Sarah Palin settle this one - she lives in Alaska & can see Russia from her house - or maybe Kabot - they look & act alike............

" Apr 3, 09 12:54 PM

Fight continues over Inn at Quogue property

You sure it's "interpretation" there deKooning? These are the exact comments that led to Lettieris lawsuit - which was dismissed. Are you anti- Italian too deKooning? You sound just like a Quogue resident............

The reference he "we" made to "junkie underlings" is in reference to Roccos relative who was arrested for DWI/DUI a couple months ago.

It's nice to see comments like this - with Quogues 350th looming - it is obvious that little has changed in the Village. My guess is deKooning lives near the Weathervane. Has anyone else seen the Weathervane recently? It looks about on par with the Beverage Store in Bridge........about to fall down.

And deKooning, how do you know these homes on Quogue Street would be junk?
They will sell for a cool Mil+ - do you have issue with the million dollar senior homes being built down the street in the Village too? That whole corner in Quogue is currently a dump - walk out your door & have a look. A few new structures would be nice, it would improve the cheap veneer image that Quogue currently has.

And why not......." May 26, 09 2:00 PM

Guldi is considering another bid for public office

Wow, censored by the Press. Would anyone like to explain why my comment was deleted?" Jun 24, 09 5:58 PM

Family, friends say goodbye to Quogue Village Police officer

My deepest condolences to the families, especially Mrs. Gomez and her son. When are our Public Officials going to remember that they are role models in the community?
In the last 6 months we have Firemen crashing company trucks while drunk, Schoolteachers on Heroin, Elected officials driving drunk, massive fraud within misc. Town Halls and much, much more. Is their such a thing as "social fabric" or "morality" left here on the East End? What kind of message does this send to our younger generations? That it is ok to commit misc. crimes and you will be honored in the end?
Had the driver been anyone but a Law Enforcement Officer they would be getting crucified by the Media and the Poilce right now. But here on the East End, we fly a flag at half mast and call him a hero. Last time I checked, Vehicular Manslaughter, joyriding, no seatbelts and speeding to the tune of 120mph+ was a crime - not an honorable act." Jun 30, 09 2:20 PM

Say Terry - I never said they would arrest him, that's kinda stupid.............but they could easily deny his pension and write it up the way it actually happened, as a crime.

We will see what the MEs office has to say about this when they finish the testing.

Drunk, on drugs or not - he still broke many laws. Not an honorable death and yet another poor example set by local officials.
" Jun 30, 09 3:35 PM

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