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Quiogue Residents Oppose Plans For New East End Hospice Facility

Quiogue, Quogue & WHB residents should look at their age and realize they need this type of facility. They are not referred to as the Villages of the walking dead for nothing. Typical Nimby BS." Aug 17, 12 10:21 AM

Bishop On Defensive After Claims Of Unethical Campaign Solicitations

Is the Bentley ok? I mean, that's the real story here." Aug 18, 12 9:25 AM

UPDATE: Description Released Of Man Who Fled Hampton Bays Double Stabbing

A shanking at Shuckers? Most likely a razor clam as the weapon." Aug 19, 12 1:15 PM

Where's Thiele? Will he start crusading to shut this club down too? C'mon Freddy, show us a sign!" Aug 21, 12 7:37 AM

UPDATE: Charges After Partiers Are Rescued From Sandbar

This is close to Jimmy Malone's & the Warners houses. Will little Jim be looking to shut down that sand bar for being over capacity? " Aug 26, 12 8:23 AM

It's ok in HB to urinate, vomit, fight and litter next to the B Barn. But no swimming in the Canal. HB really needs to take a hard look in the mirror and at it's priorities. I jumped off the bridge in HB as a teen, same in Sag Harbor. Also jumped off Long Wharf more than a few times. Never trashed a community though or took part in that disaster called the Barn...... Unrelated, why are so many buildings in HB falling apart or seriously damaged? From one end to the other the main drag looks like a post hurricane mess - or an unkept mess." Aug 29, 12 6:58 AM

Two Bridgehampton Fire Commissioners Resign; Some Fire Department Members Up In Arms

Louchheim scammed his way in with a write in vote. Now he's sliming his way out with another write in & no show. Pathetic. He should stick to his mechanical bulls & his daddys money." Aug 30, 12 6:30 AM

Are August Visitors The Rudest Of The Lot To Invade The Hamptons?

The rudest people are always here, year round. They are our elected officials." Aug 31, 12 7:28 AM

Southampton Town Councilman Says Legal Action Could Be In Rumba's Future

The current use is better than when the cops were dealing drugs out of that same location." Sep 1, 12 7:23 AM

Beach Rebuilding Project Will Go To Voters In Affected Areas Of Oceanfront Southampton Town

I read an article on another site about doing the opposite. Quogue is scaping huge amounts sand off the beach and building dunes with it. This group wants to add sand to the beach. Seems adding sand might be more productive than removing it, and essentially lowering the beach? " Sep 4, 12 8:55 AM

Study Says Fresh Market Would Not Cause A Significant Impact On The Environment Or Traffic

Another outdated traffic study? Conducted in early February during a snowstorm? Guess the Village found another Consultant who will write whatever they are told. Can we get some fast food at that intersection for all the hungry people stuck in traffic? Put it on the island there & get them coming & going!" Sep 5, 12 1:20 PM

Oceanfront Homeowners In Wainscott Are Also Exploring Beach Rebuilding

Another Site had an article last week about Quogue scraping it's beaches to build new Dunes. Now they want to add sand to the same beaches they just scraped a foot of sand off of? Sounds a little counterproductive." Sep 13, 12 7:31 AM

Police Seek Public's Help In Finding Suspected Hampton Bays Bank Robber

So a large guy in a bright red shirt was missed by the SHTPD running from the bank? Seriously? I hope our superior officers are on this one - much like Sisters Walsh's case. Right?" Sep 13, 12 7:36 AM

Beach Markers Going Up, And Coming Down, Throughout Southampton Town

Beach Lechis? I see an Oceanfront Eruv in the works. All we need to do is add string." Oct 21, 12 8:18 AM

Town Board Lifts Suspension Of Southampton Town Police Lieutenant, Settles Disciplinary Case

Well, the bit of credibility the SHPD had briefly - is now gone again, SHTPD has a dirty cop back on the force, Quogue has an officer with an order of protection against him - for leaving sexual notes in a womans home,
This will never end as long as Spota is DA. He was the PBA boy for WHB and would never prosecute a cop - no matter how dirty.
Meanwhile, our schools continue to be rife with drugs & our roadways are a disaster. Thanks to Tom & the SHTPD." Oct 25, 12 6:34 AM

Southampton Town Officials Christen Big Duck Bathrooms

Best headline in months!" Oct 26, 12 4:41 PM

Montauk Hotelier Drops Cesspool Rings On Beach To Protect Business From Upcoming Nor'easter

Why all the fuss? All they have to do is hire First Coastal & they will get a study that says piling junk cars on the beach is fine. " Nov 8, 12 7:21 AM

UPDATE: Throne-Holst Promises 'A Seamless And Positive Transition' For Police Department

While the SHTPD Superior Officers and the Political hacks duke it out, our local schools are filled with drugs. Thanks! Great work!" Nov 8, 12 4:01 PM

Southampton Town Will Repave Dune Road Atop Sand Left Behind By Superstorm

On top? Will the sand not wash away underneath every time the tide comes in? Talk about deep potholes!" Nov 14, 12 12:10 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves $24 Million Plan to Widen Beaches In Eastern Half Of Town

SHT should follow Quogue's lead and just scrape 2 feet of sand off the beach to rebuild the dunes every time there is a storm or erosion. It works for them right?

Although the Politicos say non-oceanfront residents are not paying - how does $1.5M of designated park money get spent shoring up rich folks oceanfront homes? I'd rather see it spent on public areas that are accessible to everyone." Nov 28, 12 8:00 AM

Prices Released For Watchcase Condos At Bulova

How did that other waterfront condo project work out in Sag? " Dec 13, 12 7:39 AM

Judge Denies Town's Request To Remove Storm-Damaged Cars From Speonk Property

SHTown has it's own plot for storing cars - it has been there for many years as have hundreds of cars. The County has stored cars in WHB for years too, thousands of them. With all the long term leaky cars stored by SHTown for years, why is storing Sandy damaged cars temporarily a problem now?" Dec 17, 12 7:43 AM

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