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UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

Funny that some deleted comments from last years articles here are now fact and here in the news. " Mar 13, 13 6:24 PM

Bay Shore Man Arrested On Sex Abuse Charges In Quogue

Hambone. Please read the article here about the Quogue Cop who broke into a Village employees home to leave sexually deviant notes. Then read Lt Isolas quoted response to the victim. This will then all make sense." Mar 13, 13 6:27 PM

Schurek Named Captain Of Southampton Town Police Department

I hope the SHTPD is watching the bankruptcy case in Detroit. Once approved, it will allow Detroit to shed it's pension liabilities. It could happen here too and will have to with the bloated salaries. Enjoy them now, they will be taken away sooner than later.

Schurek has not worked a summer in a decade." Nov 14, 13 8:12 AM

CH12 and NDay are running a 2 part investigative report on the SHTPD this weekend. More lawsuits, more corruption. Be sure to watch or read it." Nov 15, 13 8:20 AM

Sagaponack Looks To Thin Deer Herd With Sharpshooters

USDA sharpshooters from the Feds? That should be interesting. I'm sure local window and glass replacement companies are looking forward to this." Nov 26, 13 9:43 PM

State Police Investigating Robbery Of Westhampton Beach Gas Station

Nature, would you prefer trained professionals or losers who sleep in their cars handling an armed robbery at your place? The State Police were the obvious choice." Dec 3, 13 4:55 PM

UPDATE: Quogue Board Passes Sandy Relief Act

Waterfront properties in Quogue and WHB fetch millions. Do these people really need a tax break for minor damage? There are thousands of people in Suffolk County with homes worth one fifth of these Oceanfront properties. They are still suffering. Are the oceanfront owners in Quogue and WHB suffering? They still have homes to live in and the means to fix air conditioners and electrical boxes." Dec 8, 13 11:02 AM

Quogue Dredging Application Draws Questions About Economics

I read in local news about how every year Quogue scrapes it's beaches. They get a permit from the DEC and remove six to twelve inches of sand off the beach that gets piled on the dunes. If they are going to physically lower the level of the beach every year, why dredge and add sand? This seems counterproductive and one "preservation" technique negates the other.

But then, this is the same Village who's Mayor said the Quogue bridge rennovation would only close the bridge for 15 minutes each day. Go figure." Dec 13, 13 8:33 AM

Oceanfront Boardwalk Part Of Town Plans For Neptune Property In Hampton Bays

Well, the Barn is really going to be hopping this summer. Last Club standing?" Dec 15, 13 9:14 AM

Rumba Taking Preliminary Steps To Update Septic System

After extensive testing, the contents of the leaching pool were surprising.......
Rum and seafood. Go figure." Dec 25, 13 8:23 AM

Quogue Residents Speak Out Against Village Land Sale; Trustees Table Resolution

Quogue Mayor Sartorius made it clear he did not have to include Village residents in this discussion. They are lucky they were allowed to comment at all. They have no right questioning what the Village does or how it conducts it's business. The Village residents should keep their mouths shut and leave the Village decisions to the people they elected." Jan 19, 14 9:05 AM

New York State Plans To Cull Or Capture All Mute Swans By 2025

Can we get a DEC permit to cull the summer people? They are kind of aggressive too and not native to the area." Jan 23, 14 11:19 AM

UPDATE: Police ID Pair Charged With Stealing Fire Chief Car

My favorite part is that they were heading EAST when spotted and pursued. That's brilliant! A chase all the way out to Montauk would have been great." Feb 5, 14 11:36 AM

Police Task Force Busts 'Hollywood' Heroin Ring In Riverhead

Our local Judges are pros at releasing repeat drug dealers, repeat drunk drivers & people who killed others back onto the streets. Pathetic!" Feb 20, 14 7:48 AM

In Montauk, Dock to Dish Spearheads Restaurant-Supported Fisheries

Neat program. I have heard the actual people that catch the fish are not too happy with Mr. Barrett. Why not any interviews with the guys who are out there fishing for this?" Feb 21, 14 12:36 PM

North Haven Seeks Multi-Year Deer Culling Contract

If Al is such a deer specialist, how did the problem get so bad in North Haven? Maybe they should cull him & the other cronies who think they can act in secret without residents consent.

What about the mice you morons? No ticks on N Haven mice? Too declasse?" Feb 26, 14 10:07 AM

Jd159 is just a shill for the kill. Both mice and deer are the ticks preferred hosts. More ticks are found on deer simply because they have more square footage than mice.... Can we get a mouse cull going in N Haven? Lets not forget the ticks also like any other warm blooded animals. Maybe just eradicate all animals locally so we can be safe? I'll say it again - Morons!" Feb 27, 14 8:25 AM

Mayor: Quogue Will Not Sell Dune Road Property For Families To Build Dock

Hey, give Sartorius a break. He got caught, this does not usually happen in Quogue, especially to the Mayor? Plus, this is the same guy who thought the Quogue bridge work would only happen during 15 minute periods of each hour of each day. He's a bit older and maybe a little confused. I'm sure he meant to keep the land deal under the table but accidently'd it instead......" Feb 27, 14 10:15 AM

North Haven Seeks Multi-Year Deer Culling Contract

@Jd159. I'm no deer specialist like Al Daniels - but having had Lymes disease twice and having hit a few deer in the last 25 yrs - I do know a bit about the ticks. Your information is both wrong and misleading. A bigger issue is this. What will keep deer from returning to and repopulating areas where they were culled from? The answer is simple - nothing. With the reproduction rates of deer, almost 75% would need to be killed to really make a difference. Plus, ours like to swim. Since I was a child I have seen them swimming in local Bays. Deer ticks will live on anything and anyone who thinks they are not on racoons, foxes, rabbits, etc. Anyone who thinks deer are the only problem is.......... a moron. Thanks though!" Feb 28, 14 7:31 AM

Sagaponack Village Offers $500,000 For Bridge Repair

Alex refers to Sagaponack as the village, then the Town. Alex, it's a Village. Alex does not want to work with them, only to see & get his way? 4 years and $70k to make a less safe bridge? That's as priceless as Alex saying the Town is not for sale." Mar 2, 14 5:08 PM

Rumba Installs New Septic System

"Despite only being allowed to accommodate 100 people legally, the restaurant has been know to serve more than 200 at a time, according to neighbors and town officials."

Know? Jeez, does anyone check what they write here at the Press anymore?" Mar 5, 14 5:25 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Officer Remains Suspended Without Pay

He has a bright future working for the Quogue Police Dept. They only take flunkies and rejects. " Mar 9, 14 1:20 PM

Some of the local PD's might read about what happened in Hampton Florida. WHB, EHV & Quogue are on the same course and it's only a matter of time till the same happens to them." Mar 10, 14 5:20 PM

It could happen pstevens. We have corrupt cops, questionable accounting, overpaid employees, and less than open government. Have a read here in archived articles and you will find all that & more. " Mar 12, 14 7:07 AM

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