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McAllister Calls For More Water Testing At CPI Site

If anyone else called for this study, I might possibly agree with it. Kevin is a disgrace and needs to stay out of this and any other non profit, environmental group, etc. He should stick to his families Jitney money and fade into oblivion. Go home Kevin, no one cares what you thing or listens to you anymore. Your time is done." Feb 22, 15 12:06 PM

Second Female Sergeant Sues Southampton Town, Police Officials, Alleging Discrimination

What is getting old is that the same idiot Cops are still running the SHT PD. The games & rampant corruption continue and good Cops are being screwed over. Pearce, Kiernan and their merry band of fools should be fired once and for all. What will it take for this to happen? Has anyone ever looked into all the guns Kiernan thew in the Bay in HB over the years after confiscating them from his friends so they would not get in trouble? That's just one of MANY games these fools play with our safety but they scream for respect when challenged and play yet more games. Who are the criminals here? Kiernan, Pearce and their druggie cop friends - that's who!
The Superior Officers as they call themselves are nothing more than a bunch of seriously over paid losers." Mar 4, 15 10:35 AM

Throne-Holst To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

Southampton Town has a Democratic Party? Who knew?" May 18, 15 1:30 PM

Spurned Sagaponack Developers Plant Trees Blocking View

Do the trees block the views of the hundreds of no parking signs that line Sagaponacks streets? I hope not! I'd hate for people not to see those..." May 19, 15 7:19 PM

After Fire, World Pie In Bridgehampton To Be Closed Until At Least Mid-June

This reminds me of Karen Lee's" May 23, 15 12:26 PM

Surf Lodge Mural Gains All Types of Attention

Do we really care about the Surf Lodge? " Jun 1, 15 9:22 PM

CVS Hopes To Be A Tenant In Bridgehampton Gateway

Hey Patricia B. What is historical about Bridgehampton Man Street? The Starbucks? The City boutiques? Are you a local Brennan? You know, the ones who sold off all their family farmland for development? What did you expect would happen by converting all that farmland into luxury homes? " Jun 4, 15 9:21 AM

Sag Harbor Building Moratorium To Be Presented For Public Comment Next Month

I'm not sure what people flocking to Sag expected. As it's become a destination, development follows. Should we return to the Sag of the 70's, or even early 80's? A run down main street with a ton of empty shops, the Black Buoy and a falling apart Long Wharf? Even during summer weeks in the early 80's, Sag was a ghost town. It picked up on the weekends but was still quiet and businesses were hurting badly. " Jun 8, 15 9:02 AM

UPDATE: Neighbor Slaps Southampton Justice With Defamation Suit Over Remarks, Wilson Withdraws Application

Setsuban. In regards to the last line of your comment - the answer is yes of course in regards to expecting.... If you are new here you will get used to it. " Jun 8, 15 11:54 AM

Sagaponack To Explore Ways To Reduce Large Parties In Village

So now we know what the disgraced SHTPD Cop McArdle is doing.... Go Charlie!" Jun 17, 15 1:55 PM

Provisional Westhampton Beach Police Chief Fails Civil Service Exam

You have to score pretty low on a Civil Service exam to actually fail...... Nice work Trevor!" Jun 29, 15 2:03 PM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Acquiring Pyrrhus Concer Property For Up To $4.3 Million

Hey - if they buy the empty property to "preserve" it they won't have to do any maintenance..... No concerns about it going to hell like Conscience Point (looks like it will fall down soon) or any other neglected properties CPF $$ & the Town "preserved".. Sounds like a win win for the SHT Board!" Jul 10, 15 5:23 PM

East Quogue Will Celebrate Founding Of Southampton Town On Saturday

Drove thru East Quogue to check out the celebration. I'm confused. To my knowledge, the Civil War happened ran from 1861-1865. If East Quogue is celebrating the 375th anniversary - what does that have to do with the Civil War? There is a large Confederate flag flying on Main Street today. Someone either does not know historical dates or this is just a push back to the Confederate Flag coming down in South Carolina yesterday. What's next? Fireworks and a cross burning tonight in East Quogue? Were we not Union, being in NY and the North? Nice work East Quogue! Do you have no shame or class?" Jul 11, 15 9:57 AM

If Po Boy knew East Quogues "history" he might have made an intelligent comment. Obviously he doesn't...." Jul 11, 15 4:13 PM

Party Bus Catches Fire On Sunrise Highway, Causes Eastbound Traffic Delays

The SHTPD said they don't know where the bus was going? Really? It was headed to the Boardy Barn in Hampton Bays with a load of soon to be puking and urinating in public drunks......" Jul 13, 15 6:31 AM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

The residents of MTK have obviously never been to Hampton Bays on the weekend in season. All the behavior they take issue with is not only standard, but it's allowed and encouraged in Hampton Bays. Maybe they should bus all the riff raff west on the weekends where they will be welcomed?" Jul 14, 15 4:34 PM

While I applaud the Barn devotees posting here (Hi Wendy!) lets look at some facts. The train station is a drunken disaster on the weekends in HB. Why else would so many cops & so much taxpayer $$ be spent having them there if it wasn't? Tons of empty stores - especially next to the Barn & try shopping there on a weekend - it's DISGUSTING, yet cops stand around & laugh at the drunks & pukers. I was in HB last Sat & Sun. Sat there was a bicyclist hit, saw the road closed & there were also drunks staggering down Mtk Hwy. The weekend before there were Barn patrons in the middle of Mtk Hwy everywhere, before and after it was open. The Barn opens for more than 4 hours - plenty of late night and extended daytime hours. And what is up with the traffic light pattern? I understand timing them to keep people in town but these lights back traffic up 7 days a week for miles. Once you hit the canal - it's smooth sailing. I know this as I drive my old pickup in my T Shirt & flip flops to work thru HB every day. I shop there on the weekends when I'm off from work. Year round A-hole here folks....... But keep drinking the koolaid & believing HB is going somewhere other than down the sewer. Good thing it pays so much in taxes - ya gotta pay all those cops protecting the Barn somehow!" Jul 15, 15 7:24 AM

Oh - you might also look at the KKK article in another local publication. It seems HB has a 300 member strong KKK presence. This has been the case for decades and certainly adds to the community. Right?" Jul 15, 15 7:33 AM

Painting Of Confederate Battle Flag Evokes Mixed Responses

On "East Quoge Day" last Sat, there was a confederate flag flying right on Main Street in East Quogue. How many of the thousands of people driving there on Montauk Hwy knew it was "East Quogue Day"? This happened one day after South Carolina.... While I understand the "historical" reference (though this is the North, not the South last time I checked) I wonder what the motivation was to display it so predominately? With the huge local KKK presence in Hampton Bays & East Quogue I found the display disgusting. Put it in a museum, but keep it off out Main Streets. Nice work East Quogue! " Jul 16, 15 8:03 AM

William R, it has been reported in this paper and even recently in another local publication that Hampton Bays has a 300 member strong KKK group. Having lived locally since the 60's I have seen & heard some not so nice things in the area. It's sad it still exists in 2015. It's sad it ever existed locally. So if reading local news, quotes from KKK members and living here for decades is "dialed in" - then sure, maybe I am. It's really about being aware of what goes on locally, live here long enough and you see all kinds of things...same as anywhere, but this isn't anywhere - it's here. " Jul 16, 15 1:01 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Rejects Freedom Of Information Act Request

It's more than time to put the HBFD"s books under a microscope. The residents would be amazed at the expenditures. " Jul 31, 15 5:47 PM

Southampton Town Will No Longer Fight Establishment Of Religious Boundary

Let Quogue go it alone. They have a long & storied history of racism and anti- semetic behavior in Quogue Village. Anyone else remember the payout when then Mayor Decker Orr wrote a nasty comment about Jews on a residents building application? He was the head of the Village political party till he died a couple years ago...... Is that Quogue Village cop off probation for breaking into a Woman's house yet?" Aug 28, 15 5:52 PM

Hey HHat. The incident with then Mayor Orr is well documented, resulted in a huge payout to the homeowner and actually happened. What Orr wrote was "deny these Jews everything" on the front page of their building application.

Sorry you never heard about it. But just because YOU never heard about it (maybe it was well before your time out here?) that does not mean it didn't happen. Are you aware of Quogue's long history of KKK activity? Are you aware a Trustee was the local KKK leader for decades? Are you aware his son is now also a Trustee in Quogue? Or is all that beyond even your hat size? " Aug 29, 15 7:48 AM

Youths Participate In Makeshift Police Academy

A makeshift Police Academy to prep the next generation for service in our makeshift Police Dept. How nice!" Aug 31, 15 12:53 PM

UPDATE: Westhampton Beach Village Board Postpones Hampton Jitney Decision

Now the original headline is correct! " Apr 21, 16 3:44 PM

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