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Billy Joel's Renovation Plan Gets Cold Reception At Sag Harbor ARB

At least he can walk to the bars and not drive...." Nov 10, 17 2:16 PM

Developer Files Pre-Application For 137-Unit Subdivision In East Quogue, Backup Plan To 'Hills'

Anyone who thinks the original plan for DLC would keep kids out of EQ schools hasn’t been paying attention. At other “restricted” condo and house developments covenants were in place to keep kids out of the schools. Once the homes or condos don’t sell....the covenants are lifted. Just look to Quogue Village for the perfect and local example of this...." Nov 12, 17 1:54 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Advances Sewer Plans

ST. Do not say WHB is anything Iike MV, C Cod or Nantucket....it’s nothing like any of those places, not even close and it never will be. WHB barely has passable restaurants and barely has a summer season nowadays. It’s not called Worsthampton for no reason... It’s tiny, has the worst traffic and should be designated a real estate office and retirement zone. Have you actually ever been to MV, C Cod or Nantucket? I seriously doubt it. " Nov 17, 17 9:38 AM

Still No Timeline For Ice House Repairs At Quogue Refuge

I hope the Refuges board and the insurance company keeps close tabs on the $$ paid for the fire damage.." Nov 30, 17 7:20 PM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

For Lee’s first run the big local fundraiser was held at Joe Farrell’s Sandcastle. Go figure" Dec 1, 17 9:46 AM

Quogue Police Investigating Rash Of Break-Ins Targeting Landscapers

I guess the QPD was too busy patrolling private dead end streets to put a squad car by the businesses that have been repeatedly robbed....." Dec 2, 17 10:36 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

Let the lawsuits begin!! I'll have to get more popcorn" Dec 6, 17 11:24 AM

State Comptroller: Quogue School Failed To Implement Changes To Curb Growing Surplus

Simple solution is for NYS to not give Quogue another dime till they meet State requirements. Think of all the extra funds other Districts could use! The State should also look into QSD practices of having one person holding multiple, highly paid jobs within the school system....." Dec 15, 17 5:33 PM

Paul Manafort Looks To Spend Christmas In The Hamptons

I thought Russians only hang out here during the summer" Dec 19, 17 8:05 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Canoe Place Inn PDD Extension

Don’t hold your breath to see this done. The owners project at Gabreski is basically a failure and years behind schedule. The same will happen with this project" Dec 23, 17 9:23 AM

Elm Street Residents Upset About Noise Levels From Southampton Village Club

Didn't Burke and his cronies just get a huge CPF payout for his defunct Lobster Inn? Must be nice to be Bishops relative! Loser!" Dec 28, 17 1:00 PM

A Familiar Face Is Leading Quogue's Volunteer Firefighters

Chris Osborne belongs in a mental hospital, not in a leadership position. What’s he going to do? Scream at and threaten fires? What a joke. No wonder the QFD has the lowest rating with insurance companies...." Dec 30, 17 1:46 PM

UPDATE: Newly Elected Bridgehampton Fire Chiefs Get Sworn In

Foster and Dumbkowski should be removed as Comissioners and barred from having anything to do with the FD for life. They are a disgrace. " Jan 9, 18 12:06 PM

Public Hearing Set For Discovery Land Subdivision In East Quogue

Um, if this meets current zoning regs then they can build it. What part of that do people not get? " Jan 11, 18 7:23 PM

Westhampton Beach Brewing Company Officially Moving Into Business Park At Gabreski Airport

Isn’t this the same group that wanted to crowd source their startup costs? Pathetic..." Jan 12, 18 12:07 AM

Isn’t this the same group that wanted to crowd source their startup costs? Pathetic..." Jan 12, 18 12:07 AM

Southampton Town Seeks Feedback About Good Ground Park In Online Survey

Be careful what u post as comments. I made one that stayed up about a SHV Restaurant that was catching flak. A day later I got a email from the restaurant inviting me to come to one of their "events". I'd never had contact with them before and the email address was one I only use for the account here, not my primary one by far... Clearly someone at the Press gave them my email address. " Jan 21, 18 1:56 PM

I appreciate the response Bill. But how do you explain the email I got from a SHV restaurant/Club....one I’ve never had any contact with...to a email address that is not even my primary....and a day after commenting here? " Jan 23, 18 12:07 AM

Tsunami Alert Was Just A Test, National Weather Service Says

Well, I guess it’s a good thing this ain’t Hawaii! " Feb 6, 18 3:26 PM

State Lawmakers Join Call To Bring Offshore Drilling Hearings To Long Island

Drill baby Drill!" Feb 10, 18 1:08 PM

Electric cars charged by gas and coal produced electricity a la PSEG?? Lol " Feb 10, 18 7:14 PM

Former Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Discusses Drug Addiction During Opioid Task Force Forum

Brad is a total disgrace but the real disgrace is that the other "co conspirators" and drug dealers remain un-named to this day. There were over 20 people involved with this drug ring and where are they now? " Apr 14, 18 1:25 PM

East Hampton Village Board Votes To Restrict Special Events And Plastic Foam

Why doesn’t the EH Village board just declare the Village a Senior retirement community? " Apr 20, 18 5:27 PM

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