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Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

Chief Wilson called it "some sort of Political deal" The PBA head called it "political patronage" and SHTGOV is divided along party lines. It does not matter if Pearce is stand up or not - there is obviously a ever growing divide both within the ranks of the SHTPD and the SHTGOV. Even the old PBA head - also known for missing paperwork..........has expressed his displeasure. Is anyone in charge @ the SHTPD? Or is it a leaderless free for all? " Mar 14, 12 10:54 AM

Southampton Town PBA Requests Whereabouts Of Personnel Records In Light of DA Investigation

I'd call the PBA asking for the paperwork progress!! In the past, the PBA head would simply steal them out of the Chiefs safe. " Mar 17, 12 2:31 PM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

Could we outsource SHTGOV, Congress & the Senate? People in India would probably do a much better job than these fools. It would also cost us a lot less in taxes. Worst case - could we send our elected officials to offices in India? We might not get quality work, but we would still see the savings on our taxes." Mar 28, 12 6:23 PM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

I hope they take a close look at his associates in Law enforcement. Especially his good friends in the western Village Police Depts." Apr 20, 12 6:40 AM

New East End DWI Task Force Nets Many Arrests Over Memorial Day Weekend

Too bad the local Judges will just give anyone arrested a slap on the wrist. What a waste." May 26, 12 7:48 AM

UPDATE: Water Mill Man Charged With DWI After Police Chase Ends In Single-Car Crash

3 Police Depts responded and we do not have a name? Who are the cops covering for this time? A fellow cop? A PBA donor or friend? Regardless, the local judges will just give the offender a slap on the wrist." Jun 6, 12 8:13 AM

Kiernan Suspension Is Extended By Two Months

If Kiernan is out for 2 more months, who is handling the disposal in Tiana Bay of confiscated guns? You know, if a friend of the Dept gets caught w/ unregistered guns they were splashed by Kiernan. What is being done with these guns now?" Jun 13, 12 7:05 AM

Please don't be so hard on EE68. He is just doing what any good County Employee would do..... He has a book - I believe it's title is A Legislatures Aides Guide to posting yourself drunk in FinnMcCloseds on YouTube. Great post too!" Jun 14, 12 9:32 AM

Village Parts Ways With Westhampton Beach Police Officer Over Missing Gun Incident

On the upside, Bruetsch has a bright future with the Quogue PD. They hire all the rejects." Jun 15, 12 6:27 AM

UPDATE: Driver In Water Mill Rollover Crash Charged With DWI

Guess he's not one of those drunk correction officers getting special treatment by the Press & the cops." Jul 3, 12 5:59 AM

Southampton Town Board Suspends Second Police Officer; Police Union Stands Behind Cop

Another dirty cop? What a surprise. He will probably keep his pension & benefits while our schools are overrun by drugs. Were his busts simply personal resupply runs? What else is the SHTPD hiding? Worst case - this dirty druggie will end up working for the Quogue PD with all the other rejects & druggies. Superior officers at work!" Jul 10, 12 7:15 AM

On Tuesday one of the first lawsuits was filed by someone who dated one of these dirtbags daughters. This will be the first of many lawsuits - get ready for SHT to be bled dry! Thanks to the SHTPD for being so Superior! Our taxes will reflect that Superior work & attitude, while our Schools are overrun with drugs.

Where is the SHT PBA? Not here or in the article singing their members praises & making excuses? Sickles will be portrayed as a victim of drug abuse - pathetic!" Jul 11, 12 6:26 AM

Gwinn expressed his shock at the Town Board bringing charges 9 months after hero Sickles came forward with his problem. In another article here it says hero Sickles is now in rehab. Has he been in rehab for 9 months? Or did he just go last week when he realized he was getting suspended. Shocking!" Jul 12, 12 2:40 PM

Long Delays For Traffic On Scuttle Hole Road

This was a mess all day. There were no less than 3 SHTPD at the roundabout. Not sure what they were doing, but they looked like they were having a good time. What did that cost us taxpayers?" Jul 14, 12 6:51 AM

New York Knicks' Jason Kidd Charged With DWI In Water Mill

What's the fuss? It's a DWI. The local Judges will give him a slap on the wrist, a wink & a nod and that's all. " Jul 15, 12 6:30 PM

Brandt Withdraws From State Assembly Race; Thiele Will Be Unopposed

So we have another cross endorsement in the works? Will we have to listen to Freddie ranting about higher gas prices on the East End again? I'm sure he will break out all his usual empty rhetoric. All these years in Office and he has still done nothing - except for himself." Jul 18, 12 7:25 AM

Grand Jury Fails To Indict Hampton Bays Man Who Killed Cabbie

A Corrections Officer is killed in a bar fight - and it's news for months.

A drunk Corrections Officer kills a Hispanic man & it's nothing.

A punk sucker punches a Cabbie from behind, he dies and it's nothing.

Now, I don't like the Cabbies either but there are some interesting standards around here." Jul 19, 12 11:45 AM

Police Say 30-Year-Old Hispanic Man Is Being Sought In Fatal Hit-And-Run; Name Still Not Released

Zarro is quite wealthy & has parties at his estate. Does he use off duty SHTPD for private security at his parties like everyone else? Is this just another case of professional courtesy for their clients?
Either that, or the SHTPD is looking for an officer who is not high on drugs to make the arrest. Might take a while to find that officer." Jul 20, 12 7:03 AM

Rumba Owners Are Trying To Walk A Fine Line

This was the same location - under a different owner - that had State Police dealing coke out of it back in the late 90's. I think the current use is better for the community." Jul 27, 12 1:15 PM

State Legislation Seeks To Curb Prescription Drug Abuse

Will this Law apply to the Police too? Namely SHTPD Street Crime Officers." Jul 27, 12 1:51 PM

Bronx-To-Riverhead Drug Ring Busted By East End Drug Task Force

Seriously? Well done? This deadbeat was in Spotas custody and was released. He dumped pounds of drugs here in SH Town for years - yet once released it took yet more years to catch him again. I wonder how much Street Crime knew & if they were simply extending professional courtesy to this dealer by leaving him alone. This is not a victory, it's an embarrassment. Also, I see nothing in any reports of SHTPD involvement in this bust. How much of this criminals drugs flowed into our Schools while Street Crime turned a stoned eye? Pathetic." Aug 1, 12 6:48 AM

Rumba Owners Are Trying To Walk A Fine Line

Careful Chief - the BB is the Sacred Cash Cow of the PBA & GOP. Any criticism will only be met with threats & comments about what a great community place it is. You see, the GOP likes the fights, the drunks and excessive vomit all over the old KK Center. They had an anniversary party recently that went out of control and everyone got pepper-sprayed! But hey, they never over-serve right? Just this week a blotter story had a DWI that admitted drinking over 8 beers at the BB. And Hampton Bays wonders why no-one want to live there anymore.... As far as the free Police coverage every week - that costs tens of thousands of dollars per year - though the cops always claim they are simply staging out of that parking lot. Yea right." Aug 1, 12 1:30 PM

Bronx-To-Riverhead Drug Ring Busted By East End Drug Task Force

Did not miss anything ee68. While it was nice of Spota to include Lisa in the photo op - that's all it was. No other Depts trust the SHTPD, this is well known.
Why would they? For years the SHTPD snubbed the Task Force and all other outside Agencies. For years the SHTPD turned a blind eye to mass drug dealing and rampant drug use within the Dept itself. Does anyone really believe that the County or other Agencies would trust the SHTPD with sensitive case info? If our Dept has been on the ball - this repeat offender who was on parole would not have taken years to arrest again. Years that he spent dumping huge amounts of drugs into our Town & Schools. It was our own Dept Street Crime Unit that always heralded their busts related to our Schools. Pathetic, especially when the Officers were the druggies." Aug 2, 12 7:21 AM

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