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What Happens To Our Recycling, Part Two: The Work Of Recycling

This is a wonderful report on decades of failed recycling efforts here on Long Island. We only have ourselves to blame for its ineffectiveness for the simple reason that we have not made any effort to change our methods. Everyone else is doing it, why not the East End? Moving away from single-stream hauling will require initiatives by Brookhaven,Southampton and East Hampton Towns. Volunteering as a self-hauler is a failed enterprise. It's like the plastic bag fight. Expecting busy folks to volunteer is a fool's dream. It's time for government action within our local communities. Let's start sorting high-value commodities and make this work for all involved." Dec 5, 18 12:30 PM

UPDATE: Amos Goodman Arraigned On 20 Felony Counts Over East Hampton Election Petitions

No one's election to office is worth cheating to win. This is such an idiot's folly, as to be almost unimaginable. This man needs to be punished lest no one learns by his actions or thinks they can get away with cheating the voters of a fairly and legally presented candidate for election. If you can't follow the law leading up to an election, how on earth would we expect you to honor your oath to uphold the law after your election. "Go directly to jail".
" Dec 5, 18 12:42 PM

Princess Diner Owner, Manager Plead Guilty To Stealing Wages From Workers

Employees of any local restaurant or business should make note of the outcome of this case and report business owners who hold back wages or tips to New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman's helpline at 1-800-788-9898. “Employees deserve fair pay for a fair day’s work,” Mr. Schneiderman said in a press release. “Companies that scheme to exploit their employees and stiff them of the wages they earned should take note: We will take you to court to win back workers’ hard-earned money.” " Dec 12, 18 11:08 AM

Residents Ask For Vote To Add Armed Guards At Eastport-South Manor Schools

DRUGS are killing your kids - their lives, their futures and their potential - but you stick your heads in the sand on that subject for how many year? How many generations? Drugs and alcohol - the dynamic duo of death. Instead, you ask for guns - the fake protector of children. Not one single school guard has stopped an attack. Not one single gun packing individual has stopped any other mass murder in America, but you think this will protect your kids? Before a single gun is permitted into a school, you should be required to show evidence of their effectiveness. IDIOTS." Dec 12, 18 11:16 AM

Southampton Town Looks At Banning Plastic Straws And Foam Food Containers

BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Paper cups work just fine and always have done so. Styrofoam is cheap, but never breaks down in the trash stream. The East End if facing a REAL garbage crisis. I hope everyone read the excellent 3-part series in the SH Press (Bravo!) about our garbage stream. It's coming to a dead end, folks. Trash is no longer wanted by China. The economics has broken down in terms of recycling values and there are few places left for East End haulers to dispose of our trash outside our area. We have a problem, Houston!" Dec 12, 18 11:22 AM

Chinese restaurants use paper containers for outbound food for year - did you ever complain? No. It's what they do and it works. Period. Reheat your food in the microwave or on the stove top. We don't need styrofoam and never did.
" Dec 12, 18 11:26 AM

Southampton Village ARB Approves Gin Lane Proposal

The neighbors certainly had no grounds whatsoever for bemoaning this board’s decision the first time or the second time. I mean, really - over 4,000 sf ON ONE ACRE??? That’s nerve. And “the other” neighbors should know better. Just a case of NIMBY after they’d eaten of the pie themselves. So typical “nouveau” Southhampton." May 16, 19 3:00 PM

Southampton Village Elections Heat Up As Candidate Challenges Incumbent Mayor

I admire any person willing to running for an elected position. But it takes more than guts - much more. With no experience, he has not realized the years the past and current government have worked with the CPF to obtain purchases of land in the village. For decades the village has worked with small village business to bring shippers to Main Street and Gin Lane and they’ve been success - very successful. And so we go with each of this candidate’s topics. This is a hallow man without a good idea or the experience to put together a coalition. He must mellow and mature. Until then, it’s just more cheese. " Jun 3, 19 8:37 PM

UPDATE: Jesse Warren Wins Southampton Village Mayoral Race

This is a man with no platform, no experience and no vision of our village. It’s the Trump Nightmare all over again. " Jun 22, 19 9:23 AM

You’re not supporting your village by shopping in it, you’re supporting village businesses of which Jesse owns two and Mark owns one. The village board has always bent over backwards to help develop village shopping traffic. The it biggest successes are the 4th of July Parade, SouthamptonFest and the Sunday Market. If business can’t make a go at it, they’re not competitive in product or price. " Jun 22, 19 10:49 AM

Jesse had to be dragged onto the planning commission. He turned down every opportunity to be placed on one of the voting boards. This is a major concern - he didn’t want to learn, he didn’t want to answer questions in the campaign - it makes one wonder if he’ll show up at the meetings! Good luck - I see Jesse as a one-term mayor. " Jun 22, 19 10:55 AM

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