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Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

To Southampton620: So, if I am to understand you correctly, you'd like the law abiding community and the Town Inspector to "look the other way" while Mr. DeStefano does whatever he wants to make money including the illegal construction of an apartment above a garage, in a basement or wherever he wants...because John's a "good guy with a good heart"? Did this "good guy" at least install smoke detectors or how about a CO2 device, or is the death of a person from fire or exphixiation acceptable if his intent was only to make a little money? I don't think so. I value life more than money; mine, yours, theirs, even his life is more valueable than money. Everyone must be held to the same standard of safety or lives will perish from those who would take advantage of others "for a little money" doing things like this on the cheap. What Mr. DeStefano does makes no money for me either; only him. So please don't throw the net over the entire community by saying that we all do this simply because one person grossly violated the law and you think that it is okay. He knew better; he is a builder and knows the codes well. He's a bit arrogant, don't you think? A bit like Martha Stewart. The judge should throw the book at him and anyone who does the same in this Town." Jun 4, 10 10:56 AM

To Lost Tribe: I think you need a new GC...that's what I think. I've done numerous complicated restorations over the years without a single hitch because my GC knows what he is doing and does it right the first time. If he didn't, I wouldn't have hired him the second time. In fact, I had a GC on a job I did in Southampton Village. He had to come back time and again to correct mistakes. I noticed that he became more and more aggitated each time he returned. Guess what? I never used him again. We learn by life's experiences and Mr. DeStefano knows better than to build without permits because he is a builder with experience and he's been building houses for decades. That's right...decades! This isn't LInda Kabot's DWI. He either applied for a permit or he didn't. He either got a C/O or he didn't. He got a Town Rental Permit or he didn't. What are we waiting to see...Elvis at K-Mart?" Jun 4, 10 11:32 AM

Southampton Post Office's au naturel lawn turns heads

You can't be serious?

The parking at Nugent Street was only tolerated, hardly celebrated. Or did we forget that we actually parked in "the bank's" parking lot next door? The truth is, there weren't any on-site parking spaces at the old Post Office; just a few spots on the street.

I've observed those using the parking lot at the new facility and the problem is primarily with the driver, not the lot. Yes, there could be more spaces but those who use the lot act like "parking virgins" or worse, "parking idiots". You have to have patience, especially when seniors with limited mobility and summer residents with limited manners are present; we can't change either as much as we would like.

As for the lawn...the USPS is practicing responsible stewartship of our environment. Given the enormous amount of land that the government owns, the practices that they apply, including those prescribed by LEED to reduce water consumption, can have a positive impact on their expenses and our environment. It's time to embrace change as being part of our future and stop living in the past, as hard as it is for all of us to do so.

Only those opposed to LEED have opposed the Post Office's gardening practices and, from what I have heard, it primarily involves local architects who can't be told what to do by anyone, much less the government.

Got ego?" Jun 8, 10 10:50 AM

Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

Regretably the reservation is fraught with drug dealers and associated crime. It would be impossible to open a casino and draw people with money. Who wants to be in a casino in the middle of such a mess? Although, I don't doubt that Atlantic City is the same." Jun 15, 10 4:15 PM

Village Unity Party sweeps Westhampton Beach election

Congrats to my friend Toni Jo and her colleagues. It is difficult to see a village go through such strife. I wish you the very best luck in restoring the image of your government and providing an honest accounting to re-build upon." Jun 19, 10 9:44 AM

Town Board hears from 'Tuckahoe Main Street' developer

Is there a connection between the Town's planning consultant, a former Town Councilman and the developers???? The Town planning consultant is the guy whose opinion will "officially" carry heavy weight with the Town Board. If they say that the plan meets all the requirements, the Board could easily approve it with no legal recourse. So does one of Anna's political supporters carry enough weight to have her hire these consultants to work for the Town? And just how is it that a planner from Reno, Nevada got hired to work for the Town of Southampton in the first place??? Of all the planners in the country, they had to hire this one??? This could turn into "Planner Gate" for Anna if some cleaver person connected the dots. Should someone ask the Attorney General for an independent investigation into the facts leading up to the hiring of the Town's planning consultant? We don't need Brookhaven's problems here in Southampton. Anna is too eager to please her campaign contributors; she must learn to say "no". She has yet to learn that it was a broad array of supporters who voted her into office, not just a small group of developers eager to have her grease the skids of project approval. Did she sell out to the highest bidder? If she did or is even suspected of having done so, her political career and reputation are finished in this community. Government should not shame the people it represents. It should represent its people with pride and dignity. What will Anna, Malone & Gabrowski do? They all received political contributions. They're all in this up to their necks." Jun 19, 10 10:12 AM

Developer made campaign donations as project came before board

We must all consider the actions of our elected officials in this application and take them to task the next time they run for office. This is not about "one person" or "one party"...this is about Southampton and its people. Area residents are outspoken..."No Big Mall"...period. It brings "nothing" to the area that they need or want. Not a single person spoke in its support. If it is approved, our Town Board is working soley for the interests of the developer, plain and simple. Just down the street an entire mall sits empty, except for Sleepy's which was looking pretty sleepy from the day it opened. No matter which way you drive, you see more of the same. Follow the campaign money and you will find the answer. Malone is pro-development...he got paid a "contribution". Gabrowski is a puppet in the last days of her reign...she (or her party) got paid a "contribution". The supervisor is "(too) eager to please"...she got paid a contribution. Same with "developer friendly" Nuzzi. Voters have to stop lining up to vote for "people they like". You must vote for the "people who serve" our community's best interest. Can any of these officials tell us how this mall serves the community's best interests when the entire community has said "No Big Mall"? " Jun 19, 10 10:25 AM

Police: Westhampton Beach Village Trustee Joan Levan trespassed on former candidate's property

Shame on you, Mrs. Levan. Are you so deperate? " Jun 24, 10 4:27 PM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

It is far more likely that a crime of violence would be committed against one of the Latinos or the Sisters of Mercy who aid and assist them and their families. A community-spirited friend of mine who assists them in finding jobs reported that the Latinos and the Sisters are verbally abused on a regular basis and that it is this same abusive group who carry the flags and signs. Occasionally their abuse borders on physical threats as well and the police have been called numerous times. Worst of all is the language that these white American zealots are said to direct toward the Sisters and their helpers, spitting on them and calling them the worst things imagineable. I doubt that those of you who might otherwise support their public demonstrations would like the same said of your sisters and mothers; all of whom have the same inalienable rights. I think that such behavior says volumes about those who now cry foul to gain some attention, so would it come as any surprise that one of them would meet foul play? If you run with dogs, surely you will end up with their fleas." Jul 1, 10 10:36 AM

Southampton Town PDD process upside down, critics say

TRAFFIC??? WHO CARES ABOUT TRAFFIC??? You are taking a stance that will result in "negotiations" and that is exactly what the developer would like...to negotiate his way through the application process. What doesn't the Water MIll CAC understand when residents and businesspersons in the "immediate area" of the mall, say "NO MALL HERE". If you think there's a traffic problem, you're going to have to hire a traffic expert, pay for his services, and enter his report to the Town Board as "evidence" for their hearing. Otherwise, kind gentlemen and ladies, you are "not a qualified authority" on the subject of traffic. You may just as well report that you think Martians will one day land next to the Windmill!" Jul 1, 10 10:43 AM

Southampton Town planner defends Tuckahoe planned development district

This PDD will do more destruction than any hurricane we've seen blow through this Town. First Throne-Holst wrote that rediculous Viewpoint to start to soften up the public for their own slaughter, and now her "hired gun" is starting his act of "justification" for what Throne-Holst has essential said will be a mall that "Tuckahoe needs". Tuckahoe residents don't spend enough money to support a mall, so the business has to be "stolen" from Southampton Village and all the businesses in that vacinity. For God's sake, there's an entire mall sitting empty across from the OTB.

Did Throne-Holst hire this Murphree guy? At whose recommendation? Perhaps a former politico who is quietly invested in this mall project and "coaching" her on the side? Funny how a Reno, Nevada planner was hired by the Town of Southampton...that didn't happen "in a vacuum". Was this guy the only planner on this planet or is there a connection between the Supervisor, the developer, the politico and this Murphree guy that needs to be looked into very carefully? Maybe by the AG's office in Albany? We will "connect the dots" sooner or later. We don't "shoot peas" in this Town, as Dan Rattiner said of Spota's failure to bring the East Hampton big spenders to justice. WE SAY NO and we mean NO." Jul 9, 10 4:12 AM

Southampton Village Police investigation discovers porn on department computers

My hat is off to the Chief. I wouldn't want the job of having to speak to the guy or gal who was doing this. How embarrassing; they know each other's families. Maybe these officers have "seen" just about everything by now, so a little embarrassment is nothing to them. Imagine the stupidity of a veteran Seargent getting caught in this situation; his pension was put at risk for a look at someone's privates. Bad judgement there. Perhaps this is an indication of just how regressive the American culture is when it comes to the topic of sex and the naked body. If we had a more mature attitude generally, I think that there would be less of a need in the first place and certainly in the work place." Jul 9, 10 4:42 AM

Kabot DWI hearing kicks off, will resume Tuesday

What on earth were they doing to poor Linda during those 4 minutes when the tape wasn't recording...oopsy...woopsy..." Jul 9, 10 4:51 AM

Southampton Town drops use of preservation money after outcry

Define "we didn't understand what we were voting for". Move over East Hampton, just as I predicted. You get paid to "understand". At any time that you do not, please stop the voting process and table the vote until you do. You can't all be in a fog, can you???" Jul 9, 10 4:58 AM

Southampton Town planner defends Tuckahoe planned development district

So, I don't see any dissent in these emails...we all oppose the huge Tuckahoe Main Street mall. Now, let's get out there, spread the resistence and keep up the opposition. Keep the letters coming to the Editor and be sure to attend all public meetings on this subject. Make sure your voices are heard by the Town Board and make your message simple: No Mall Here. You can easily send them an email. Just look at the bottom of the WE SAY NO advertisement in this week's SH Press. All emails are posted there along with phone numbers." Jul 12, 10 9:26 AM

Kabot hearing concludes with no decision on arrest tape

Johnnytax makes a good point...why would Kabot's attorney fight the use of a tape that would exhonerate his client?

Clearly the tape is damaging to Kabot's defense. That's what happens when "good cops" do a "good job"; the defense challenges the evidence that is incriminating and everyone pretends it never happened just because their arguement was better than another or the judge had a particular slant in making his decision.

Right now Kabot just wants to be able to say "I told you so", to her charge that there were political motives involved in her arrest, even though she admitted drinking wine at a nearby party. And she thinks that her lawyer can build a case for that defense by challenging the tapes that got her busted. She's already busted by her own admission.

But if you read some of the comments here, you'd think her lawyer's work was 100% effective at casting doubt upon the work of our police. Don't buy it. That would be a horrible charge if it were true, as it suggests that the police can be bought, and I sincerely doubt that is the case. Do they dislike Kabot? Maybe. Nobody said they have to like someone; only that they have to "protect and serve" the public. But to suggest they were in colusion with a "candidate" for public office? That's a stretch that goes beyond my imagination.

Town residents should not forget how certain former supervisors specifically hired retired police officers and put them on Town payroll; police officers that they used for their own benefit to spy on citizens of this Town. Officers who could have your phone records pulled (illegally, I remind you) and who had connections within their old departments to have just about anything done to you if ended up on the "short" list of certain paranoid Town Supervisors.

Who can forget that bald-headed guy who would appear at fundraisers for opponents of Republican candidates, write down their names of people who made contributions, count the number of drinks they had and then call the police when they left the restaurant to be sure they were "punished" for being there in the first place. Sound like the Goulog to you?

We need to be rid of that kind of person and that kind of governement offical; elected or hired. I don't think such behavior would be tolerated by today's Town Supervisor.

But I have no sympathy for Kabot. She learned everything she knows from her predecessor who has "skipped" Town to a high paying County job for which he is not qualified and the huge salary for which is paid by all taxpayers.

That's enough to make anyone drink! " Jul 20, 10 10:02 AM

New proposal for religious boundary on public roads spurs questions in Westhampton Beach

How is this different from the mosque proposed in lower Manhattan? Aren't people offended by the preference being given to one religious group? As Mayor Bloomberg said, no religion should be placed above another or given special rights. Isn't the eruv in Westhampton exactly what Bloomberg was referring to? Why must a boundary be marked for all to see? Can't they hand out a map to those involved? What next, a gated Westhampton? Mark my words, this is start of something much larger that has nothing to do with the Sabbath and everything to do with keeping people "in" and keeping people "out"." Aug 26, 10 4:03 PM

If "signs" weren't regulated in one way or another, every "nut" in this country would have crosses and what-all-else dangling from trees and wires outside his house proclaiming who-knows-what is coming next. And that's exacly what these are: signs. There are local laws on the books of virtually every hamlet, village and town that say you can't have more than 3 signs in the front lawn of a business; and that includes churches which are tax-exempt businesses. So now you want them to decorate every phone pole in town with a littel black marker this year, then a big who-knows-what next year? Keep it in the synagogue, the church or wherever you pray and not in the faces of the community. That's where it belongs. " Aug 26, 10 4:35 PM

Pat Lynch continues lawsuit against town

If you know Pat Lynch, you will better understand why she was banned from the shelter. I wouldn't want her in my home. She is a trouble maker who thrives on stirring up problems between people. This law suit isn't about "access" to the shelter, it's about "revenge" and "making money at the taxpayer's expense". She won the first law suit and was handsomely PAID BY TAXPAYERS and now she's out to put her hand in our pocket once again. Any wonder why they won't let her near innocent little animals who seek affection and love. Pat Lynch has made a name for herself. She has no reason to blame it upon others and PROFIT in the process. Money that would have otherwise been used to help the Animal Shelter or reduce the indebtedness of our town is now being spend to defend another nuisance lawsuit from Pat Lynch. She does not have any community spirit. It's all about her and she brought it on herself. If you know her, you should tell her, as she is an attention seeker. Perhaps a little pressure from the community will do her some good. " Sep 17, 10 10:57 AM

Arts Harvest Southampton faces backlash from local merchants

This was a project put together by the Southampton Village Cultural Center and Tom Knight, the board's chair. It was a nice idea, but it flopped the first weekend. Everyone was looking for something to happen, but it never did. If Main Street was going to be closed for something, it should have been for "the arts and artists" about whom this whole fair was created. I also think that the vision for this festival was far too narrow. Americans are not "that" into art and it is arrogant to think that they are or that you can force feed them. Palin didn't get much right when she ran for office, but she knew when to say "Soccer mom"...that's what our country loves; a little more "home town" and a little less "up town". Learn from this and move forward with a "fun" mix of music and festival that "everyone" can relate to. Hey, "Pumpkin Town" had a much better showing than our Arts Harvest Festival. What does that tell you?" Sep 23, 10 8:49 PM

Court dismisses Konrad's claims of defamation

Ms. Konrad's actions have required that our village spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to defend her self-directed law suits. She has not won a single suit though that has never been mentioned in the self-promoting stories that she obviously prefers be written about her in the newspapers. Bravo to Mr. Brown for telling it like it is and to Judge Carol Edmead for having the spine to rule against one of her own. Brown should be given a Proclamation by the Mayor and Judge Edmead the Keys to our Village! Let September 28th be known as "Brown Day" going forward. It's high time that this rascal got squeezed as hard as she has squeezed our village taxpayers.
" Sep 28, 10 11:22 PM

Despite Objections, Southampton Town Board Appoints OTB Official To Top Management Post

The Republicans are running a "government within a government"...why did we bother to vote for a Supervisor last year? It's high time that Town residents give this board an earful...we want leadership to come from our elected leader. If they can't manage to work with her, then get off the board and we'll put someone there who can." Nov 30, 10 12:28 PM

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