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UPDATE: Southampton Voters Overwhelmingly Defeat Merger Proposal In Straw Vote Tuesday

Unity and Community are only part of the equation. Southampton has been set upon by the same people who sit on your board in the past. The complaint was the same: "Southampton is charging Tuckahoe too much". First the Fire District and now Tuckahoe. Clearly, SH said "enough is enough" and pushed back firmly. I regret that the damage this has done (community and otherwise) lied squarely at the feet of the Tuckahoe Board of Education. Bark at them, not us." Oct 30, 13 10:45 AM

I also read the Patch blog by Mr. Blaugh. He calls for "transparency" and "clarity". He also calls for "more information". HOW CAN THAT BE WRONG????? What is wrong with this picture is that you've allowed yourself to be lead down the garden path FOR YEARS. Now you say, "let's get the village to pick up the tab". The party is over. You drank the Buds, you pick up the suds! The mistrust that Tuckahoe's Board has caused, has you looking for a victim. Guess what. You're looking for ghosts. At least it's Halloween. When you go to your board meeting this Monday night, ask why THEY put you in this predicament. " Oct 30, 13 10:50 AM

Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

"On behalf of..."Martyr"...false support"...you're quite the spokesman for such a large student body that I think it would be equally important to know "who YOU are". In this way at least the students who disagree with your statements and representations here could make it known to you personally." Nov 2, 13 10:10 PM

Dear visitors to Southampton,
Please read these blog entries to get to know our local citizens, parents of students and those who teach them. It is a very sad report, I must admit, but we don't have very good movies here, so we beat on each other verbally in what is likely to become known as "Hell in The Hamptons - The Stories That The Chamber of Commerce Doesn't Want You to Know". Cordially, Local Businessman" Nov 2, 13 10:15 PM

SH was against the creation of the Tuckahoe School District when it was first proposed, but "somebody" had some "pull" and, just like the SH Fire District, it suddenly appeared. " Nov 3, 13 5:55 PM

Tuckahoe Officials Uncertain About Future Of School District

There are very few choices, but one is clear: Tuck would be better off without Gresnick and Steudte as both are clueless about finances. They want to spend more or borrow more - that's it. It's time to tighten the belt, reduce staff, cut nonessential programs and negotiate with SH for lower tuition to SHHS. And, yes, taxes may go up, too. These men made the beds we're lying in today. But I'm not getting a good night's sleep, are you?" Nov 6, 13 8:21 AM

UPDATE: BOE Now Says Numbers Are Final: Glinka And Bender To Join Board; Throne-Holst, Gregor Both Reelected

Great news and congratulations to everyone. Brad is going to be an excellent addition to the board. Good luck to all." Nov 11, 13 7:05 PM

Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

This merger WILL occur the next time it is voted on, I am convinced. The issue with the last election is that both BOEs thought they could catch voters sleeping in an off-season vote and just get this thing shoved down SH's throat. It was apparent in the lack of preparation on their part and their smug attitudes. Now they're eating a good crow pie and facing the music of their constituents and parents; it's bound to sting a little. But what next??? I'm not so sure they're bright enough to answer that question, so I hope they go out and get some intelligent help with it. We'll see." Nov 11, 13 7:12 PM

Southampton Town Trustees To Name Agawam Shorefront In Honor Of Fred Havemeyer

Well done, Fred. We hate to see you go, but we're happy and proud to have had you serve as a Town Trustee for all these years. Thank you for helping us save our Town from those who would have had it developed another way. If not for folks like you, our beaches would be in the hands of ocean front homeowners. Enjoy your well earned retirement." Dec 5, 13 12:47 PM

Tuskegee Airman Lee A. Hayes Dies At 91

Thank you, Mr. Hayes, for serving our country in our time of need with your abilities as an airman. It's folks like you who make us proud to call ourselves Americans. You were a trailblazer, that's for sure. Thank you." Dec 5, 13 12:51 PM

UPDATE: East Moriches Man Charged In Eastport Home Invasion Murder Held Without Bail

GOTCHA! The only punishment these types fear is hanging by the neck...how about that new injection that "almost" worked fast? When you shoot a person in the face with a shotgun, I'm not so sure you deserve a quick and painless lethal injection. Time to put a little pain back into the punishment. How about public stoning in a pit in front of the courthouse IMMEDIATELY following the guilty verdict? No more jaming up the courts with endless appeals. They could use a touch of this in NJ, too, where the governor's henchmen strong arm mayors for backing of private projects." Jan 19, 14 10:18 AM

Southampton Town Justice Censured By State Commission On Judicial Conduct

Lawyers have no place on the bench. Laymen with a kind heart and a firm hand would do well and deal a swift bit of punishment in fair doses. As for Burke's crime, it's about time they caught him. He steers you to his firm all the time while making direct reference to the fact he's the Judge and knowing him while working through his firm is a good thing. I'm surprised he's still on the bench after this investigation. Just goes to show that the lawyers who decide who stays and who goes are as corrupt and corruptable as those who have committed the offense. "My son the lawyer"...yikes!" May 30, 14 2:53 PM

Tribute To Slain Nun Is Flash Point For Southampton Town Officials

The sign should remain and the Town Supervisor should stay out of this. The man who hired and PERHAPS aided and abetted the killer's getaway, as has been suggested in conversations around town, would then be reminded everyday of these crimes. If either of them had a shred of decency, they would face the music like men, rather than running like children. As it was, the only music played was a funeral dirge. Instead of a sign, perhaps that music should be played from the convent on each year's anniversary of this wonderful person's death...THROUGH LOUD SPEAKERS. Amen." Aug 8, 14 2:24 PM

Jewish Religious Boundary Goes Up In Westhampton Beach

So, if you walk "within" the boundaries you go to heaven, but if you walk "outside" the boundaries you don't? Let me give you a hint...if you're good or if you're bad, you can walk where you want and you will be forgiven; Catholic, Jew, Protestant, Hindu or Muslim. Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as facts, then you are in trouble. And, my friends, as has been proven for 100s of years now by the endless fighting in the Middle East...you are in trouble. It's time to make peace and stop marking telephone poles." Aug 8, 14 2:39 PM

Bridgehampton Child Care And Recreational Center Opens New Multi-Purpose Facility

What a wonderful story. Thanks to Margo and John Catsimatidis for their generosity and foresight, these kids now have another classroom, playroom, music room, computer room...whatever. What generaous and loving prople they must be. Bless you both and the children of The Center, too." Aug 16, 14 12:20 PM

Woman Injured Onboard 34-Foot Boat In Little Peconic Bay Sunday Night

While "most everyone" knows the location of fishing nets, it should be a requirement that ALL nets be marked with reflective tape. Their wires can be more dangerous than an anchor rode, which can decapatate a person, as we have seen many times. I would ask the Town Trustess and Bay Constables to push for such legislation or encourage fishermen to do this voluntarily. It's the equivilent of leaving a loaded gun in your closet." Sep 8, 14 1:43 PM

Southampton School Board Decides To Bring Tuckahoe Merger To A Straw Vote Again

SHSD Board was NEVER transparent about the merger last year or its effects on SH taxpayers, their employer. The only win-win was for Tuckahoe taxpayers who spent themselves into a cavernous hole that they're asking SH to pull them out of with our hard earned money. The scam passed in Albany uses our previously paid taxes, slated for a hugely expensive Administrative Building (Can you imagine??? More waste!) to pay our portion of the tax increase for 10 years. Albany representatives should be ashamed of themselves for promoting this as the answer from the State to equalize taxes during the merger period. IT IS OUR OWN MONEY for heaven sake. One scam after the other - this stinks like the towns up island who now have names like "Crookhaven". And remember, Southampton, THIS IS NOT A "STRAW VOTE"...That is a LIE. This is a binding vote that take us to the next level, if passed." Sep 25, 14 11:20 AM

Southampton Elementary School Closes Wednesday For Cleaning After Student Is Diagnosed With Enterovirus

This poor child actually had the common cold, complicated by asthma. He ended up in the Pediatric ICU at Stony Brook Univ Hospital. The Superintendent was said to have spoken in depth to the child's physicians at Stoney Brook, but chose to close the elementary school anyway. He then insulted the family of the child and blamed them for the controversy. This is one superintendent who is too full of himself, to arrogant, and a poor communicator. I do not have confidence in him or the School Board sufficient to give them the reigns of the combined schools of Tuckahoe and Southampton. He owes the family of the sick child an apology, too." Oct 23, 14 1:32 PM

Southampton School District Starting Merger Information Meetings

In the past, I would have called these misinformation meetings...please tell me what has changed in a year? Clearly, this is all about taxes. I hope that the ramped up talk about Southampton residents not liking or wanting Tuckahoe residents in a combined school is behind us. Truly, the only people who were insulted by that theory were those outside of Tuckahoe. I can understand not wanting your property taxes so high, but I don't understand blaming it on misperceived class distinctions. We have enormous differences in economic groups within our little village. It has never hampered anyone's upward mobility, social or otherwise. Let's all attend the school board meetings and ask the right questions. If necessary, ask them twice if the answers aren't clear enough the first time. The school board owes all taxpayers correct and honest disclosure. Let's see that we get it this time." Oct 23, 14 1:40 PM

Voters Approve New Southampton Ambulance Building On Friday

Congratulations to all for a job well done...two to one margin - that's great!" Oct 31, 14 11:13 PM

Southampton And Tuckahoe Officials Present Merger Plans To Residents

In 10 years, Village taxes per $1 million of valuation will rise $330 just for the merger alone. Add the increased cost of operating the then larger schools AND the hopefully increased value in your home over 10 years and that number could be $500 extra per million. Our village homes are valued at $2 million to $40,000,000 ... don't kid yourself, that's a LOT OF MONEY we're being asked to pay, while Tuckahoe resident's taxes drop, drop, drop. What if this were the other way around and Southampton needed bailing out? I can promise that you'd be left at the curb by the same people who now ask us to pick up their tab. Sorry, but I VOTE NO." Nov 2, 14 10:10 AM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

I'm NOT a fan of the bull-headed Lee Zeldin, but he has won and is now our Congressman-elect. I'd like to thank Congressman Bishop for serving the 1st Congressional District with the greatest of honor and professionalism. " Nov 5, 14 11:23 AM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe-Southampton Merger Fails At Polls

Let's not be silly here. One school district CANNOT impose themselves and their costly financial situation upon another without the other district's CONSENT. Put the shoe on the other foot and imagine that Bridgehampton forced a merger upon Tuckahoe. That's not going to happen, is it? This almost passed. In fact, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that the mail-in absentee ballots be carefully examined for FRAUDULENT and unqualified voters. I think you'll find there will be quite a few. " Nov 19, 14 11:56 AM

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