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Budgets Approved In Southampton, Bridgehampton, Tuckahoe, Sag Harbor, Sagaponack

Curious, why did Southampton School District need 3 new buses? What's wrong with the old ones? Too old? Are the new ones more fuel efficient? Why??" May 22, 19 3:17 PM

Second Public Hearing On East Quogue Village Incorporation Held On Monday

Agreed. Pretty blatant conflict of interest there..." May 23, 19 7:56 AM

Project Managers Say They've Suffered Damages From State And Town Efforts To Stop Billboards; Tribe Will Continue To Ignore State Court's TRO

lol" Jun 7, 19 8:28 AM

No no, don't you know?? The REAL Hamptons don't start until you cross over the canal. Take it from someone who grew up in Westhampton Beach and now lives in Southampton Village.

I agree with you by the way, just wanted to point out the stupid technicality " Jun 7, 19 8:31 AM

First Wind Farm Hearing Focuses On Wainscott, And Climate Change

Okay...man made climate change is absolutely real bigfresh. If you spend a half hour looking at google maps, you'll see that there is virtually no land not altered by humans. These land use changes have major effects on not only local, but global biogeochemical cycles. Now we are emitting more carbon than the land can absorb and store. The earth's atmosphere acts as greenhouse glass, trapping heat within. Even oil companies like Exxon have know this for nearly a century. Do you also believe that the earth is flat?

I can understand the concerns about not knowing what the price of the wind generated electricity will be, but moving the landing site to Hither Hills making the project more expensive for the wind company certainly isn't going to help lower the cost of the electricity. Regardless, the point is that we should be moving away from the use of fossil fuels and towards the development of clean, renewable energy. Oil and gas are cheap and plentiful, but they're dirty and toxic. Not only to us, but the ecosystems that we rely on for clean air, water and good health. Not to mention the burning of those fossil fuels which puts even more carbon into the atmosphere, increasing the warming effects of the greenhouse effect.

In addition, this bogus group of Wainscott NIMBYers are ridiculous. As someone who frequents Beach Lane year round, I can tell you for a fact that there are no more than MAYBE 5 households that live on beach lane full time. Every other household there are seasonal residents. Not only that, the work will be done in the winter, having literally ZERO effect on those summer residents. The road is already torn up by all of the contractors parking on the sides of the roads to work on these summer homes. The project is projected to be finished by 2022, which is decades too late, but better late than never. Keep building windmills, progress will not be stopped by selfish, ignorant and many times older folks, who seemingly have no regard for the well being of future generations and even there own families. I look forward to the day when we can stand on the beach and see the wind farms spinning in the distance as a symbol of progress.
" Jun 13, 19 11:30 AM

Southampton Town Holds First Public Hearing On Balloon Ban

Come on knitter, balloons (other than weather & hot air) are completely useless and pointless. Sure, they can be kinda fun for decorations at events, but then they instantly become trash. We need to stop making things that immediately become garbage after we use them once, good riddance to balloons. They are stupid. There. I said it." Jun 13, 19 12:07 PM

First Wind Farm Hearing Focuses On Wainscott, And Climate Change


I won't answer your questions for two reasons:

1. Fore1gnBorn already did accurately.

2. It's pretty clear nothing will change your mind, facts & data included.

I actually don't describe myself as an environmentalist, precisely because of the reaction it draws from people like yourself. However, I do have a BS in environmental science and care about future generations ability to live comfortably on the planet.

I'm not going to waste my time explaining basic science to someone who clearly has no interest in facts." Jun 13, 19 3:08 PM

Southampton Village Elections Heat Up As Candidate Challenges Incumbent Mayor

If you're all for keeping young local people here, what exactly do you consider local? " Jun 13, 19 8:56 PM

Vehicle Crashes Into Water Mill Farm Stand

I don't know where you're getting the information that the person driving was 94?
" Jul 18, 19 7:56 AM

Southampton Village Passes Balloon Release Ban

Down with balloons" Jul 18, 19 8:06 AM

President Trump's Friday Visit May Infringe On Weekend Travel Plans For Hamptons Visitors

Care to site where you read this insane conspiracy?" Aug 8, 19 8:40 AM

Kevin McAllister Of DefendH2O Talks About Climate Change

Always a conspiracy huh Eliminator? " Aug 13, 19 8:22 AM

Serial Vandal Defaces East Hampton Airport Sign For Third Time

Seems like a bit of a stretch, no?

It was probably a bunch of bored kids." Aug 13, 19 8:27 AM

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