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Governor Signs Into Law Measure Allowing Voters The Opportunity To Overrule East Hampton Taking FAA Grants

This IS for the people and by the people legislation. We have a choice. Isn't that what GOOD governance is? The Town Board had nothing to do with this legislation. It was co-sponsored by State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle and Assemblyman Fred Thiele. This directly impacts thousands of people and we should have a right to decide if we want to be subjected to the FAA for another 20 years. As long as the airport is managed properly, which it is by the current Town Board, but lacks in reasonable rules and regulations (curfew for one) it will continue to be self-sustaining. There is no need for funds from the FAA due to the Town Board's implemented means to obtain funding from leasing and parking, etc.
" Oct 29, 17 7:49 PM

East Hampton Republicans Take Stock While Democrats Line Up Their Ducks

Residents were able to vote for 9 trustee candidates: Francis J. Bock received 3783 votes, Bill Taylor, 3147, Richard P. Drew II, 3400, Brian Byrnes, 3077, John Aldred, 3219, Dell Cullum, 3244, Susan McGraw Keber, 2792, Francesca Rheannon, 2381, Rona Klopman, 2517, James Grimes, 2837, Gary Cobb, 1816, Willy Wolter, 1489, Joseph Bloecker, 2561, Michael Havens, 2172, Lyndsey Hayes, 1871, Diane McNally, 2586, Susan Vorphal, 2936, and Julie Evans, 2126." Nov 18, 17 12:44 PM

Contested School Board Races In Southampton, East Hampton, Sagaponack, Amagansett And Quogue

Of the candidates for East Hampton Town and all other towns of the east end, we should know what their position is about armed guards at our schools. This is an important question to ask of each of the candidates and I don't believe it has been addressed of the candidates. " May 15, 18 12:48 AM

East Hampton Village To Try Removing Litter Bins From The Beach

Carry In and Carry Out....simple. Don't leave garbage for the birds and wildlife - it's ugly, dangerous, and unnecessary. East Hampton Town has a beautiful beaches that responsible adults should care for. " Nov 9, 18 6:53 PM