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Thiele Recommends Nearly $2.4 Million In State Funding For Seven East End Projects

Odder still is that if approved $1M supposedly going to the spur is actually going to private investor owner. Spur is sole tenant of property so using state funds to build out really benefits property owner. Fred— is this really what you intended to do? This deal is squirrelly and/or misleading in press release or reporting. Exactly how is $1M taxpayer money used to improve a private investor site “creating jobs” at a start up business that is similarly functioning as a landlord to start ups supposed to benefit NY State or local community?
67crane Southampton ny" Nov 24, 18 1:52 PM

Property Owner Acts To Evict The Spur From Planned Hampton Road Location, Claiming Contract Breaches

Fred— you’d better look into where the 500K (if actually paid out) went. The east Hampton landlord must be shaking in his boots. Would be interesting to learn how much $$$ Heather and Spur “principals” put up. Seems like a full time OPM enterprise." Feb 15, 19 7:39 PM

Application For 120-Unit Development In North Sea Met With Stark Opposition

We do not need 120 units x 2 (min) occupants = 240 adding 240 cars to daily traffic flow on majors path. It’s nonsense!" Aug 16, 19 4:33 PM